Come As A Child But Function As An Adult. 

Come As A Child But Function As An Adult.

Your Soul Shows Its Self In The Faces You Can See And Therefore For Many It May Be Frightening Or Dark Because That Is How You See Yourself.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Tuesday Aug 3


Your Soul is a feminine energy, it’s not a woman it is feminine energy and many women compete with feminine energy. Even though Supposedly you have never been taught how to compete and many men are frightened of their feminine energy therefore competitive and frightened of your soul, your soul’s light and darkness and new form and old form.


The soul presents its self in faces you can understand and therefore if you only see yourself as dark, bad or wrong your soul’s faces will be frightening. You know it says in all spiritual end ours to come as children but you see coming as a child doesn’t mean remaining a child.


To get Into the kingdom of heaven, to get through the pearly door and to get into the soul’s realm you must come as a child. With that wide-eyed imaginative innocents, willingness, that humility, as a child, not your lolly Pop or stuffed teddy bear.


But once you get there as a child you need to become very quickly a Spiritual adult. For to deal with your soul as a child can be a very frightening experience. Come as a child but function as an adult. For your soul shows its self in the faces you can see and therefore for many it may be frightening or dark because that is how you see yourself.


As you peel back your own layers of negativity it gets more positive and positive but at first, it appears darker and frightening.


How do you see your soul and how does your soul see you. See With the eyes of your soul and see with child’s eyes of love.


Chris Parr

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