Consciousness And Energy Creates The Nature Of Reality.

Consciousness And Energy Creates The Nature Of Reality.

Are You the God Goddess That Denied Its Own Existence.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Saturday July 17

In the time flow of mass.
IF you created something so beautiful before it can even make its way to you. What is it that is in you that would destroy it? What is it that is in you that Denys miracle? Your Doubt Monster. Your image

People you will have to work all of the days of your life than to be greater than the limited persona you label your self in. You will have to work all the days of your life to transmute what has been the common, the image or something you can identify with as self. You will have to work all of your days and turn it completely around to where the dominant consciousness in your life is Christ.

I am oneness is aligned with God-Goddess. That oneness is ever-present now.
It is that voice that cries out to the wilderness. It is that eternal spirit. It is which is the original light. You all have a little bit of it in you. Some of you hardly any.

Yes, you have to work. You have to want this spirituality and ascension. It is you who best do all of those things for you.

It has to be pointed out to you. How small you really are and endless you know your that small you will never get large. It has to be pointed out to you how dare you doubt that which you have no comparable too. How dare you undermine your God-Goddess. And if you persist in doing it you will be stuck on limited patterns and feel not worthy.

I have another news flash for you, much to your dismay. If you do not create this kingdom in consciousness, if you do not do all that you can to create in that void, with those threads of thoughts, will remain there forever. Create a place to where the eye is not which is termed this image, the eye is not this physical being, that eye is the superconscious self. Endless you switch roles you will not have any place to come back too. Because you create your reality. Whether that reality is creating a single cell in the void than manifesting it. Whether it is creating the option of joy out of misery, whether you keep creating the monster of doubt by duplicating it every single day. However, it works straight across aboard. The only thing you are going to come back to, hopefully, if you can find one, is another physical body and it may not be as pretty as the one you have now. And if you can’t find one of those you are lost.

Because consciousness and energy create the nature of reality and if your consciousness is only earthbound, physical bound, reality bound in the material world. If that is all you know. Then the only thing you have created then you will have no place to come back to.

What gives you the right to go through the golden gates of consciousness. Just because your God-Goddess. That doesn’t mean anything. You’re the God-Goddess that denied its own existence. How could you go there? You are the God-Goddess that did not bother to create there. If you do not bother to create there do you think someone will let you Into their consciousness? It doesn’t work that way.

Chris Parr
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