Don’t Kill Ego You Don’t Pluck Out Your Own Eye Or Nail Shut Your Own Door. 

The Function In your World’s, Your Under World, Subconscious Mind, Unconscious Mind And Higher Realms Each Of Them Have An Eye On Which You Can Perceive And Each Of Them Has A Doorway Through Which You Can Conceive


Don’t Kill Ego You Don’t Pluck Out Your Own Eye Or Nail Shut Your Own Door.


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Now you have more than a physical world, you have this world what we call the inner world. The inner world of your own programming, of your own ideas, your own beliefs and your own attitudes that have been planted there since childhood and all through that beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, choices, decisions, precedence you have set, platitudes, etc., it’s all there.


Now, who delivers this information. Well, this information is delivered to you by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the one that lets you know what content it has, what’s the content of this world, what beliefs are there, what attitudes are there, etc., and this is delivered by the subconscious.


You however are still in charge of the context, you are still in charge of the form. maybe In your subconscious, you have beliefs and maybe one of them is that if you are sick or weak you should die. That can be lying there in your subconscious mind. Now as you bring that up as the subconscious delivers that to you, you know that you hold a belief that people who are weak and sickly should die. You may look at that and see you suffering from a disease your self and you may be weak and sickly, oh no. In this context of my own weakness and sickness that’s a belief, I want to change, well I may just go ahead and die. So for you take that and put it into the context of your reality and form of your current reality and deliver back a message reprogram that. That’s changed that belief. Let’s change it fast.


It’s the subconscious that delivers the information. Tap tap by the way just wanted to let you know, in your meditation or days dreams or night dreams, in your awareness, the reflected mirror that reality is to you your subconscious is delivering all kinds of information and you suppose to take the context and the form consciously and then decide what to do with it. Then redeliver that information via, the subconscious the roll of normal meditation.


Beneath that you have this place called the underworld and the context of religion that sounds like hell or some terrible offal place, we don’t mean that, we are meaning it as the room and roll of the place of the unconscious mind of the underworld and that has information Also. That is where all your time bombs are located, you know these beliefs such as, as soon as you make it you got to crash, as soon as you are totally happy you got to die, as soon as something wonderful works out then something offal must happen, bad things happen in threes if I am a healer something will try to take me out always paranoid who to trust, anxiety deep scared feeling, knock on wood in that sense, if you should ever brag about your self knock on wood. All these kinds of things are not really beliefs and attitudes but they are instincts you see. Your instinctive response in that particular regard. To cringe when someone raises a hand to you, or to get jumpy of a hand is raised to you, or to bring when life is going great and wait any min life will turn backwards or the show will fall off, or I’ll break a leg, etc., whatever in that sensing deep within that unconscious mind.


In that sensing of the underworld and its your unconscious mind that is supposed to deliver that information for you to work with the context and for you to put it into form and then to deliver back information to that underworld to replace the instinct if you will with new responses.


Beneath that is the higher realms on that sensing even though it is some sort of contradictory term the higher realm which in that sense is the realm of your Spirituality of your relationship with God Goddes of all that is and it’s your higher self that delivers the information, that gives you insight and information but your suppose to still give it meaning by putting it into context and putting it into form and then you deliver back to your higher self what you want to do about it. Your higher self tells you this is your dream, or this is a piece of your vision, you have to put it into context and form to be assessed and understood. In that sending deliver back to the other higher realm delivered back via your higher self what you want to do about it.


That’s the function in your world and each of them has an eye on which you can perceive, each of them has a doorway through which you can conceive. And in your highest of high worlds that your higher self which is your eye and it is your portal so that you might conceive and perceive respectively. In the underworld, it is the unconscious mind that is the eye to perceive and a door in which to conceive. And in your subconscious inner world, it is your subconscious mind that delivers the information, it is in the eye to perceive and the door to conceiving and in your physical world it is your ego that is your eye so that you might see the content of your physical world, without an ego you couldn’t see it. What would your eyes register, what do they register now, Light. It is the brain that turns it in, it is the ego that is delivering the brain in a sense the meaning of that light content and then you are to give it form and context and respond and your eye is the ego, the door is the ego in the physical world. That’s why we have always said don’t kill it, you don’t pluck out your own eye and you don’t nail shut your own door. You’re cutting off yourself from your world to do so. Any more than we would suggest. To kill your subconscious or unconscious or your higher self, no, not to dismiss it or to ignore it all needs attention.


This is how it is supposed to function and this is what you create and this is why you created it so that you could go through all of this you needed a door here.


Chris Parr

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