Drinking The Wine Of A New Mind For Mind Is King And Power.

Drinking The Wine Of A New Mind For Mind Is King And Power.

Now What Is The Secret Of Your Vitality, Now What Is The Secret To Eternal Youth, Now What Is The Secret To Never Get Sick, It’s Not In Your Dream To Get Sick Is It.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Tuesday, Nov 16

The man/Woman goes and makes sure there is no contradiction or issues to his/her mapping of the creation and manifestation of his/ her reality because he/she knows as much as he /she tries to imagine and create it there will be a little voice inside of his/her head that will be rejecting and dismissing it. You know that little voice, you have heard it before. You can’t do it, don’t even try, you’ll fail, give up.

So he/she stays out there and dreams perhaps for days or just a night. Maybe days away from his/ her family. But dare them not to persecute or punish him/her for his/her solitude. He/she will have none of that in his/her house. Because it is drinking the wine of a new mind and when you return there is a light on your face. You return vital and energized and you’re not decaying. You are now filled like the forest and the big tree you start to wake up and everything starts to grow and you start walking through and everything starts happening exactly what you desire the result to be.

Then the mysterious was it starts to come and never never never ever do you retard back to the former self but dear one always progresses and move forward. Now your growing and blossoming into a polished beauty of uniqueness. Now what is the secret of your vitality, now what is the secret to eternal youth, now what is the secret to never get sick, it’s not in your dream to get sick, is it? If it’s not in the dream it won’t happen. Why do t you worry it wasn’t in the dream. Why aren’t you stressed it wasn’t in the dream.

You may be looking here and there for what I have created but look as you will because you will never see because you can only see with the criteria of your own mind. I see sickness around me, I drop into the fear and get sick myself. Why because you have it in your dream to get sick. You can not see the fabulous mind that I have enlisted. Look as you will you won’t see it till it comes and does its work. What mindset do you have, to get sick or to stay healthy? You choose with the power of the mind and talk to your immune system.

Then you will see the result because you can not fathom my mind endless you become my mind.

And she/he comes back from solitude and she/he has an enlightened mind. He/ she blooms everything he// she touches blooms, all ideas, dreams and visions bloom. He/ she can also envision them self-healed.

How did he/ she get that way? He /she dreamt it. He/ she created it in a mind and consciousness and energy creating reality. Reality is the process of the mind unfolding. If it is unfolding then the mind is power but the creator has to map and guide the power. It can be destructive or eternal. Lower man woman is destructive, to your current state of lower consciousness it can be destructive. You can make a choice and remap it and you will be changed and like magic, it will happen.

Do he she comes back from solitude and he/she is vital. He/ she is a strong mind body and soul. His/ her bones, muscles are strong, their jaw is firm his her brilliant mind is coming out of his her head. There is no decay in his body with an open mind and there is no sickness with an open mind. He /she is dreaming a new. As long as he/ she dreams he/ she will not die or get sick. He/she will never die. That’s the secret of nature this is what the veils of mystery are about, this is what all the secret societies talk about. They know what the secret is.

The tree will never die as long as it has the winter sleep, the tree will never die as long as it has a pause to dream. No matter where it is. It will never die. It dies when it is uprooted and moved around and dies not to have a chance to dream again. If the tree is not given the opportunity to dream again and it has to be awake fighting for its survival or it will wither and die just like you will if you don’t pause and dream.

I will say to that every man and every woman will know eternal life if they create eternal mind and if they create eternal mind. The eternal mind is the process of life that every day a mapping has to occur and that every day it must be remembered and that every day you must have eyes closed, you must be in silence and quiet. You must break contact with everyone you know. You must be a stranger in a strange land. You must be a mystery so you can break contact with all of these and have the freedom to dream a dream in which you have created. When you come out of the dream and you will start to grow.

When the tree wakes up one fine morning it starts to grow and pushed out its little fingers, new shoots and then purs on the outfit the season, sap green. Let’s the wind rustle through its branches, sensuous as they are.

Don’t you see that’s what we do?

Chris Parr
Sirian And Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings
Galactic Council Of Light And Love
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