Ego Is Part Of Your Personality, That’s Why To Kill It Is In A Sense to Lump Off A Chunk Of Your Personality. 

Ego Is Part Of Your Personality, That’s Why To Kill It Is In A Sense to Lump Off A Chunk Of Your Personality. 


The Ego When Threatened With Being Killed Does Everything In Its Power To Go Under Ground, Or Rise To The Occasion To Over Come And It Has. 


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To see what the ego looks like, how it functions and to get a grip on handling it. Either through releasing it or through busting it


To look at ego what is its nature, what is its origins, what is its messages and we will go from there. There is personality, characteristics traits and temperament. That personality is the interaction between temperament and character.


We would suggest here to go further and talk about the temperament in terms is set and you determine your temperament which you will have with you throughout your life.


 There are four basic character functions or four basic character types, which are both positive and negative output and you can change that, you can change from the negative components of your particular set of characters to the positive or you can change one set to another. You have that option. 


But as far as temperament is concerned you will approach it similarly and you will keep that temperament through the rest of your life. It was chosen that way by yourself.


We would suggest ego is part of your personality, it most definitely is part of your personality that’s why to kill it is in a sense to cut off a chunk of your personality. We do not encourage nor does your ego. We would suggest it does not think Kindly of you when you talk about killing it and things like that. It won’t stand still for you to get close enough to even attempt to kill it. So why don’t you just stop trying to kill it and rather get rid of it and have it function properly either through releasing or busting?


A rather easy approach is to talk about killing, It is rather a simpler approach to talk about killing the ego most definitely and very much think of it in that particular regard the part of you that in your reality is functioning and realizing that there are things your doing wrong and things you want to change about your self, etc. As a result of that of wanting to change, well we will succeed by cutting this part off of you. If you walk funny, take your legs off that will solve that. You wouldn’t very much like that nor go on for a cure. Simply the ego, when threatened with being killed, does everything in its power to go underground, or rise to the occasion to overcome and it has.


Whereas in a sense if you were to approach your own broken leg for example that is a disability that you have with the idea of let’s harness it, set it in a cast, that’s cause it to heal, let’s change it do it can be healthy again. Indeed You would want to do that similarly the ego will cooperate more fully if you indeed go after it to correct it rather than to eliminate it.


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