Fear Is Also A Grand And Glorious Teacher And A Great Motivator.

Fear Is An Instinctual And Automatic Response Of Survival.


Fear Is Also A Grand And Glorious Teacher And A Great Motivator.


Fear is sometimes your first teacher and it teaches with the whispers, the warnings, the reminders, etc. Fear teaches with delivering communications of the wax and wane of trust. When trust waxes over you fill automatically with fear. If you process your emotions with guilt you fill with guilt goo and you automatically fill with fear. If you suppress unhealthy anger for long enough, you can then not trust your actions and instead, you fill with fear. If you feel like a shame-based person who can never do anything right, is constantly making mistakes, is afraid of change, growth and expansion you Will automatically fill with fear. Where there is a lack of trust fear will fill the space


Fear is a messenger and communicator.

When trust wanes, approaches an end, decreases in strength, declines in power, etc., you fill and feel fear.


Fear is bringing you messages as a teacher and a motivator around the wax and wane of trust.


Fear is a communicator, teacher and motivator to communicate messages around love, when it expands and when it contracts, when it flows and when it ebbs.


As well fear teachers and motivates by delivering messages about the faulty function of the stuff of reality, the faulty function of your raw material, of attitudes, thoughts, feelings, decisions, of your tools of imagination, desire, expectation, sustaining energies as well.


When there is faulty or friction when there is a contradiction in the areas of your stuff in reality.

Fear communicate and give you messages of such faulty function which serve as teachers, serve as motivators.


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