Free Will And Divine Will

Free Will And Divine Will

If You Merge Your Will With God’s /Goddesses Will You Will See You Are One Will And God /Goddesses And You Have Always Been, You Have Never Been Separate.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sunday Dec 12

There is the will, the divine will and we can ride this divine will by being fully present in what is unfolding and basically just watch in excitement.

We can add to the course of direction of the divine will by our own innate passions, creativity and imagination that ignite the divine will we are on. You see creators will have a divine plan, a plan that works. A plan that may require patients but always works out for the best.

Now there come times in our life we lose focus of the creator, or we are taught from an earlier age creator is outside of us so we feel we are separate from God/Goddess and then it is only our own will. This is a battle in life, a tiered battle to do this thing called life on just our own will and seeing God/Goddess as separate.

Say you are going on a vacation, maybe a healing retreat vacation and you know it just feels right, everything is lining up, all things are coming together, you could say this is divine will, it just flows. Now say your partner gets upset and tries to convince you not to go on your healing trip, and your partner gives you dozens of false dilemmas and false fears to convince you and make you feel guilty. Now you decide to not go on the trip at all but instead stay and attend to your partner’s fears disguised as practicalities.

Well, you are now on your own will and going off the course of the divine will. God/Goddess wants you to go on the trip, all doors are open but your partner’s fears, who probably feel God/Goddess is separate from them self convinces you to not go and so you go on your own will. You find out later it would have been best to listen to your intuitive instincts and go on the trip and not stay with your partners guilts and fears disguised as practicality.

Another example is your instincts, say you do not want to go into work today, you feel it is not right, this is God’s /Goddess will. Now you say but I need money, I will be broke, I will not be able to pay my bills, I’ll be homeless, your fear kicks in, you lose trust and faith in creators will and then you use your own will to get you out of your fears by going to work but when you arrive at work it ended up being the worst day to possibly ever work and the day cost you more in input then you made that day. That is your will going against God’s/Goddess will.

Now if you merge your will with God’s/Goddess will you will see you are one WILL and God/Goddess and you have always been, you have never been separate. If you see God/Goddess is inside of you and God/Goddess is a loving God/Goddess and you can now trust God/Goddess and ride the divine will and dance with God/Goddess as you create the ever-expanding moments called life with the Mother and Father and You divine one as one. “TIS the Father within me that does these things as it is the father in you. Yeshuwa Ben Joseph

Now you can never make a wrong choice. Even if you take your will and try to make it separate from the creator, the universe will still line up what you have to learn, do, meet on your new course of the direction of your free will. It may be a rougher route for you but the universe rewrites everything to work with your free will.

Surrender now into creators will, you and creator are one will. Be that will. Merge your will with God’s Goddess will and see you have always been one. Trust God/Goddess wants the best thing for you and merge your will with God’s Goddess will.

You are one.

Chris Parr
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