How Does Ego Operate? 

How Does Ego Operate?


If I Could Only Control My Ego I Would Be All Right, I Got To Control My Ego’s Behaviour, I Got To Keep My Ego From Coming To Work With Me, I Have To Keep My Ego From Coming Out Of Me, etc.


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You see what has happened is that you have become Codependent now. Your ego has taken over the context. You go to someone’s house or they come to yours and they sit down and in their enthusiasm, they bump over an antique. The content the antique got knocked over and broke that’s content. The context they did in an active state, they were this and that and the other. The form is who are they, what are they, what’s going on here.


You decide the response. Yes, you can purchase a new one, don’t worry about it, let’s not let it ruin our good time, let’s go on, or move on to the other room, let’s talk some more, accidents happen, etc. When the ego takes over it says they knocked the vase over because they are hostile, because they hate you, they did it on purpose, always wrecking my stuff, leave my shit alone, they are jealous of you and all the wonderful things you have, they are jealous that you are the most loving giving person that there has ever been in all of humanity, they did it to try and punish you, to get even, yes they said it was an accident but was it, you did it on purpose didn’t you, leave my shit alone, they did it to try and make you angry, to try and get an attitude and defensiveness out of you, don’t say anything, just smile and say it’s fine, I don’t care, we will get them later, wait till we go to there house.


All ego is supposed to do is tell you the vase got knocked over and broke your suppose to do the rest. But when you give ego the job it does the rest with that kind of self-pity, blame, victim, martyr, struggler, anger, guilt trip, anxiety, etc. Then you go to their house oops quite accidentally, my ego did it, your right, your ego did do it. To get back them because six months ago they broke something in your house. I better not invite them over again they might do it again so.


All this ego stuff and that is exactly how it operates. But primarily it sees you as the enemy and all it wants to do is destroy you and you develop a codependent relationship for it Lys down strict rules that you must adhere to. You can not openly communicate and it diminishes your capacity to love.


How often have you found yourself wanting an intimate relationship and as soon as one presents itself you got all thumbs, all thick tongued and you said the most stupid things you ever said, you got totally arrogant. How many of you in that sensing, such a pattern particularly those looking for the ideal, you meet this person, you start to like them, you really want them, you find out they want you and all of a sudden your ego says you could go better if they like you someone better than her would Like you, don’t get intimate with this one, don’t commit to this one, just use it to get to someone else. Do you blow the relationship waiting for the next better one in that sense and maybe for some reason someone more wonderful comes into your reality and then you could do better. It works the same way with both sexes. Got to have a woman, got to have a man. You finally engage in a relationship and you could do better. If this guy likes me probably that who is better would. You miss judged yourself, you downplayed yourself, don’t settle for this, you can do better, maybe you can maybe you can’t but if it is your ego in that sensing it can ruin a relationship over and over again. Your pit of a relationship and You look and look and finally then bang right in the guts once again in that sensing. The ego gets you over and over again because it doesn’t permit you in its capacity and the dependency you have on it you are not permitted to participate or initiate in a loving relationship and how many of you find yourself in a place. If I could only control my ego I would be all right, I got to control my egos behaviour, I got to keep my ego from coming to work with me, I have to keep my ego from coming out of me, I have to make sure down ego, lock it up and send it home, I got to meditate 45 times, to bust and break it, lock it up and twist it around, this, and this before I can say hello. I got through that one all right. Now they ask me how I am oh God what am I going to do, I got to bust my ego, I got to smash it apart, I got to do this, that and the other. You would get exhausted, you couldn’t possibly.


But my life is a mess because your ego is in control. My ego is controlling me and I got to control my ego to change. I could grow to accept my ego, I can’t visualize because of ego, and I can’t talk to my higher self because of ego. Yes, you do let it interfere etc but you’re letting it’s not doing to you your doing it to it.


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