How Many Of You Busted Your Ego Over And Over again And Then Beat Yourself Up Because It’s Not Gone And The Reason Is Because Of Codependency. 

How Many Of You Busted Your Ego Over And Over again And Then Beat Yourself Up Because It’s Not Gone And The Reason Is Because Of Codependency.


Ego Take Charge Of My Whole Life That’s An Oppressive Rule That Limits It From Clear Communication.


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What’s important to understand is this Mutuality this Codependency. You have set down a number of rules for your ego. Ego takes charge of my whole life that’s an Oppressive rule that limits it from clear communication. You have diminished its capacity to function appropriately in what it would be therefore in its relation and definition of its own function of a loving relationship.


It feels it’s got to control you, your behaviours, your insistence of making it run your life you will are keeping it from growing up from being wise from being anything but weak and immature, stupid and ignorant.

And in that sensing woefully neglecting its own functions.


Therefore you end up in a codependent relationship. Then when you start heaping more power on it because of a chaotic world, because you have to be perfect, because you’re supposed to function without thinking and feeling even though it’s impossible to function without thinking and feelings. Therefore, you demand more of it. It becomes a, deeper sense of Codependency. We would suggest here that’s what goes wrong.


When did it happen? What lifetime? It happened the moment you told your ego to run your life the moment you stopped being in charge of the context and the content which for some was a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, thirty years ago or 2 mins ago. Every time you Relinquish your power you are augmenting what could be the Codependency.


It didn’t go wrong in Atlantis and you have been suffering ever since it went wrong moments ago when you relinquished your power when you have your ego the responsibility for the context and for the form when you stopped being conscious of your reality.


Now if you can work with that we know we said a lot and we did so quite on purpose because your ego can’t follow everything we said. What. And we could get through to you.


What is the Codependency

What is the finished capacity

Sense that inability to communicate

The sense that being controlled by people’s behaviours and I am going to control theirs

The sense that exaggerated need Ig outside validation and control and that sense of Woeful self-neglect

And to realize you may have Codependency in your life as a physical being but you probably also have one with your ego.

And to get a sense of the ego and why it developed not bad or wrong

Humanity is not stupid, you are not stupid

You developed an ego for a very wise beautiful reason

You needed an eye and you needed a portal

But then you made a mistake demanding too much of it expecting it to take over the job function of running your life and it tried and try and failed and continues to fail and all the while getting angry and angry at you. Determining you’re the enemy that must be destroyed.

And then a codependency

As you let it in and realize it and then you can take the steps not to just bust your ego, tho vitally important but to end the Codependency.

How many of you busted your ego over and over again and then beat yourself up because it’s not gone and the reason is because of Codependency.


Chris Parr

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