How Many Recognize A Full Grown Adult Person Stuck In an Infantile Ego.

Now What Happens Here Is Often The Ego Stagnates And It Sticks In A Particular phases And Doesn’t Ever Grow Beyond.

How Many Recognize A Full Grown Adult Person Stuck In an Infantile Ego.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sat May 14

You see people in your reality who are stuck in the infantile phase of ego. You serve dessert or pizza they want the biggest piece even if they are not hungry. They look but they have but they check what everybody else has to make sure they are getting enough or the biggest amount. They sit down and look around and see did I get the best seat do others want this spot will I be happier in this spot over there or here. They look happier over there maybe I should be sitting over there. Or they are absolutely convinced they never get enough love, attention, money, sex, time off, or play, and never get enough of anything tangible or intangible. Never enough

You look around and you see full-grown people and they are caught in their infantile ego even though their bodies are chronologically much older than that zero to 7 yrs or 14yrs. They are still at infant age ego-wise. Stuck in an infantile ego of I never get enough and Am I getting enough. They Always want the most, they want the biggest helping, the biggest amount of attention, the biggest amount of love, the biggest amount of notice, the biggest amount must be there, they always want the biggest amount and any less than that is never enough.
am I getting enough time, enough cuddles, enough toys, enough play, enough sleep, enough hugs, enough space, enough food, enough sleep, enough protection, enough security, enough belonging, am I getting enough.

Even if it is it is never good enough. Complain and compare to others about it never being enough even if they have the biggest piece. They never ever get enough.

Chris Parr
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