I Am An Initiator Of The Mysteries. 

Am An Initiator Of The Mysteries.

It’s The Fire Alchemist Don’t You Know, It Is What An Alchemist Seeks, Grinding Away The hard Matter, In Order To Free Its Self Forever And Ever And Ever.


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It’s the fire alchemist don’t you know, it is what an alchemist seeks, grinding away the hard matter, grinding away the doubt, self-pity, unhealthy anger, shame, guilt, etc., applying the discipline to do so. In order to free its self forever and ever and ever.


You can not teach christ it must be unchained. But you must teach a student what a student is and pull them from the depths of ignorance, superstition and fear.


The journey is painful, long and it is hard. The body is sickened by it, the body has to change and metamorphosis its entire genetic code in order to facilitate the changes in consciousness. The whole being must change here, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Why is it there is Christs that never have to be reincarnated again because a christ takes the body and all with it back to the source. The apex of a great, great righteous and moral consciousness. A great soul that great soul a christ lives in every single one of you.


Jesus of Nazareth lived the principle of God in man and expressed it beautifully.


Yeshuwa is not responsible for saving you or anyone else. Rise into your power through fire Alchemy


The kingdom of heaven is within. This is what christ came to teach. We all have the kingdom of heaven within. Awaken the kingdom of heaven within.


Maybe your not getting it because you are bound up in a cocoon of self-doubt, guilt, fear, shame, unhealthy anger, addictions, etc., unbound your self and rise into your holy christ self.


It’s always been there, little by little it has had leakage, those moments you did something and you felt it, you felt it deeply and profoundly, even for a second, you wanted to laugh all over the place, God-Goddess oozes out in that expanding moment into consciousness, you can do this and nothing can stop you, then doubt comes it, and then we say oh you got the wrong person.


Is it too hard to come to my daily school, you know what I teach is not heard enough, it isn’t even here enough, the learning isn’t here enough, there are not too much of my teachings, there isn’t enough of it? The school progresses according to human energy, human will, and human ability to change and learn.


You’re all strapped with the limitations of this physical life and its burdens but I tell you this it can be made a lot simpler when unlimited thinking fills your being, when the mind is free, from the tormentor of limited self and its own doubtful ways. When it is released the power that goes with that will do wondrous things.


When I speak of joy, I do not speak of it in terms of having everything you want, there are people who have everything and still die wretched, miserable and lonely people. I’m talking about having everything you want, the fullness of self, the deepness of soul, rich in an attitude and knowing by God Goddess which is right.


The righteousness of the view. There is a joy in the freedom when it realizes it can never be chained again. There is a joy in an attitude that knows it is hungry and it is going to be fed and is going to be filled, and it will rest but only to wake up to be hungry again. This is because to live a peaceful life is to live a boring one. Do you understand the message?


May my messages touch you so deeply and so profoundly you understand. My beautiful advanced people that are here my teachings Will touch you too. For when you go back to do the breath again you will engage it with such power and such freedom that it is the most awesome, discipline of the breath you will ever have.


Jesus of Nazareth lived the principle of God in man and expressed it beautifully.


Jesus became his own saviour which in turned he taught others how to be come their own saviours. I to have learned from christ,From living on the streets, to drug addictions, institutions, prisons, death,etc., to rising In to my own salvation, by understanding the principle of father is within.




Love the beautiful entity that you are and love the God /Goddess that you are.


Everything is life, everything is the God /Goddess.


God is everything, and I mean everything. All around you sweet loving child is the unknown God. Just take a breath and breath in God /Goddess. Goddess gave breath to create the space and God and goddess filled the space. So be it.


I am An initiator of the mysteries.



Chris Parr

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