I Got To Kill My Ego. Haha Now Tell Us How Would You Feel If Someone Took A Contract Out On You? All Kinds Of Love You Would Want To Get Them Before They Get You. 

I Got To Kill My Ego. Haha Now Tell Us How Would You Feel If Someone Took A Contract Out On You? All Kinds Of Love You Would Want To Get Them Before They Get You.

Your Ego Will Destroy You First Before You Get It Especially When You Say I Want To Kill Or Stop My Ego. Now Your Ego Not Only Thinks Your The Enemy It Knows You The Enemy.


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So ego takes over the content. If I can write the letters to myself certainly I can respond to them too. Right. So I’ll take over the content of that higher world and while I’m at it the content of the underworld and the content of and I’ll just take the content I started within this conscious world and I’ll take over the whole bloody system. If I can control the input and the output then I can control it all.


Then you go into meditation, what’s in my subconscious mind, why am I getting all this ego yamma yamma because that’s what is there and it’s taken over the content. Well then I’ll go deeper into my unconscious mind Booga Booga there it is again, then I’ll just go down and talk to my higher self who tells me I am the most evolved person on the planet and the evil forces know this and that’s why you were fired from your job. Because the Illuminati is after you. The Dark Forces know that you can save the whole planet and therefore they must get rid of you. That’s why you censored and blocked, That’s why you got that disease, that’s why this friend of yours betrayed you because they are jealous because they know you’re the most evolved. You know you are the highest in all the worlds. No your not your the evilest the most malevolent force, your the worst of low, you are a slug in the human spiritual race, your wart of disgrace on the face of humanity, your a failure, your not working hard enough, do better, it’s all ego crap because your ego has taken over this, and this and this and the subconscious, unconscious and higher realm interpretations.


Of course, your ego is not mature or wise or strong or smart and it’s still miserably failing and now you decide this is intangible, I got to kill my ego. Haha now tell us how would you feel if someone took a contract out on you? If you knew there was murder out there a hired assassin is going to kill you would you March with glory, Are you kidding, you would make yourself scarce, you would come as visible as possible and how would you feel about the person who put the contract on you? All kinds of love you would want to get them before they get you. Personified a lot more to make the point but that’s the point when decide I’m going to stop my ego, kill it it not only thinks you’re the enemy it knows you are the enemy and it’s going to get you before you get it.


This is why your ego turns negative because of the demands you make upon it and the reason it’s sole and singular is to destroy you because it not only sees nature as the enemy it sees you as the enemy.


Therefore its primary and only role now is to destroy you. With its negative ego fantasy of destruction or negative ego fantasy of illusion either way it’s going to get you and that’s why your ego always lies to you. When you do something dumb it tells you it was the most brilliant thing ever done and everyone else is wrong. When you do something beautiful ego tells you it’s ego, arrogant, that was terrible do better.


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