I Want To Explain Everything So You Are Not Left With The Scraps In This Library Of Knowledge. It Is The Art Of Deliverance That I Intervene.

I Want To Explain Everything So You Are Not Left With The Scraps In This Library Of Knowledge. It Is The Art Of Deliverance That I Intervene.

I Want You To Understand That If You Are You Are The Only Candle Lit In The Universes, In The Darkness Of Space, All Of The Darkness Of Space Is Not Enough To Put Out The Light Of One Candle. There Just isn’t. All Of The Darkness Of The Void Can Not Overwhelm One Flame Of A Candle. A Candle Lights Up The Darkness.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sat July 10

Free will, predestination, and where you are going in your future, knowingness, I’m telling you, every generation needs to have a touch with God-Goddess, they need some divine intervention and divine interventions come as the wind does. But coming in the winds of change.

There needs to be something that awakens the people to great probability possibility besides otherwise it just starts collapsing because it is all physical and it’s all tribal, it’s all success and failure. There has to be this. And do give that, nothing but scraps that were left before and they have fundamentally changed generations incarnating generations, war upon war, savagery never ends.

I am determined to explain everything for I know your not listening to me. And I will do it over and over again, because I have people who would care less what I say. I have war mindset and trauma mindset patients. I am determined to go over everything, recording here, a book here, etc., that somewhere along your evolution you’re going to hear me and you’re going to seek me. I want to say it in a way that you hear it and I want to say it in away. That knowledge to one as it was, predetermined, about to reincarnate and there is free will, it is the art of deliverance that I intervene.

I want to explain everything so you are not left with the scraps in this library of knowledge. So that you can go to this knowledge library and really know books on reincarnation, books of the void, books of the journey of evolution, etc., so clear, so simple, that as you get more brilliant you will be in awe of my geniuses, simplicity and how I will deliver it. You will marvel.

I want you to have books on how you have a relationship with your brain, and how it operates, I really want you to know what consciousness is, not to just fabricate it off your tongue like some furry word. But in a way, you really know it. You will really know about frequency, that energy is not positive of negative like the silly people talk out here , don’t talk like that again. Be evolved in spite of your circumstances, talk intelligently. Understand frequency has information on it. Understand it.

Even though it did not come out of your mouth doesn’t mean that when your bombarded from space that you’re not getting bombarded with information. We the Sirians want you to have books on these topics.

I want you to know why you reincarnate, I want you to know why you die, I want you to know why your divine, I want you to understand that if you are the only candle lit in the universes, in the darkness of space, all of the darkness of space is not enough to put out the light of one candle. There just isn’t. All of the darkness of the void can not overwhelm one flame of a candle. A candle lights up the darkness.

I want you to know that at the end of this work, this life that we did together, that you have a great deal of knowledge at your fingertips. I took my time to explain everything. Because had you understood it we can go onto greater things. How do I know you didn’t because most but not all are not willfully applying it. Should have been enchanting enough, to work and to apply it. To solve your dilemma, on your own terms, in your own will, in your own way.

I have intervened by taking up your time and I have not withheld the mystical from you at all. I have given you all the keys to the kingdom of heaven. We the Sirians have pointed the way not just by how I talk. There is some much to bring back to life here. We have not even started to decorate yet. Look at what you have seen, look at what you have been taught look at the amazing moments you have had in this school. Why are you off searching somewhere else? Nothing can duplicate this. Why are you not living it? That is my divine intervention.

Chris Parr
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