Indigo, Star, Crystal, Rainbow, Lightworker, etc., Children Do Not Go Where They Are Unequal Too. Star Seed Children Only Arrive When There Is A Frequency Match. 

Indigo, Star, Crystal, Rainbow, Lightworker, etc., Children Do Not Go Where They Are Unequal Too. Star Seed Children Only Arrive When There Is A Frequency Match.


Transform Your Limitations And Rise Into The Expression Of The Star And Blue Body Genes.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Thursday Aug 12


When asking a child later on in life to hold a thought for 5 min, it is no big thing for the child, teenager or adult, for the child has had Spirituality growing up. The child will say easy I can hold a thought for five mins, I can actually do it with my eyes closed while standing on my hands for 15min.


To teach our kids how to be present and to maintain a focus of manifestation for more than five mins is the greatest gift of all we can give our children.


The Star children or some may say the myth of Star Children. The name Indigo, Crystal, Star, Rainbow etc., is a fact and Star Children are the Special Gifted Children including my self.


Most but not all will think they are the offspring of UFOs. How people’s imagination runs to think and feel the Star Children come from UFO. The Star Children came through the Cosmic Womb of creation just like everyone else.


If there are Star children then they would be here for there is no place else. The parents learned over the years of initiation and /or acceptance of a Star Body and Blue Body. In your genes right now divine one is the Star Child and indigo blue body expression. The Star, Rainbow, Crystal, Lightworker, Indigo frequency vibrates at such a high level within you. The ultraviolet light frequencies ignite and activate your Star body genes.


You can not go where you are not equal too. You can not appear in an odd place and be out of place. You only appear in place When one transverses limitation in their mind then they are welcomed to go there where the Star children reside. This is where I am.

Transform your limitations and rise into the expression of the Star and Blue body genes.


You are the parents of the Sirian blue, Lyrian, Pleiadian, etc., From Lemuria to Atlantis, to Egypt dynasty to Mayan, etc., is the birthing and evolving of the Star Children genes, Gifts, Abilities, Spiritual Power and wisdom. We are the children of the Galactic stars.


The Star children are the ones that learned in lives prior, who are eager to learn this life. Welcome.


You are the children who entered the labyrinth of Galactic love, the womb of mother Sophia Gaia


You are the children the Galactic Members put in the forest and said complete your mission here Star Child.


The children’s growth and Spirituality is just as important as feeding and clothing them


It is common to think about greatness as it is to go out and play with your imagination.


Even as adults we say when I am done focusing can I go play?


Star Children are brave, fearless and ready to carry out their mission.


You are the children who found the void and have expanded from that void into Galactic love.


We are here to enter the field of change, ongoingness and to enter a rare field, A cosmic field of defining moments of love. From the labrythn of Galactic love your birthing and healing place to carrying out your Star and Galactic mission.


The excellent work of what you are is in your seed your Genes and DNA. Break free, transform your limitation and rise into the genes of the Galactic, lyrian, Pleiadian and Sirian blue body dance.


Chris Parr

Sirian and Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings

Galactic Council Of Light And Love

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