Is Everything We See Around Us A Direct Reflection OF The Pain, Violence, Hurt Within Us Or Is Everything That Is Happening Around Us A Direct Reflection Of How We Respond To Love.

Is Everything We See Around Us A Direct Reflection OF The Pain, Violence, Hurt Within Us

Or Is Everything That Is Happening Around Us A Direct Reflection Of How We Respond To Love.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Weds Sept 15

Hi, Loving sweet friends of the expansion of The Great I Am. Dearly beloved sweet ones. Good Day

We have this concept, that everything that happens in and around our world that we see, say we see violence, hurt, pain, lying, cheating, stealing, etc., is a direct reflection of us. Every one talks of reflection but every one simplifies it. When in actuality reflection is more complex than, when I see violence, cheating, pain, etc., that must mean I’m violent, I am a cheater, or I am a liar, etc.

We feel mirroring is always a one to one reflection of everything we see and encounter in our lives. If we see violence then I must be a violent person or I must still have violence in me that needs healing. This concept is okay when we first start working on our selves when we first start waking up, sure we can put it all into one straight line, everything I see means it is something I have to work on inside my self. It’s easy and makes sense that everything we see around us a direct reflection of us, since we already feel worthless, like a nobody, hurt, pain, etc., sure it’s easy to see it this way. But what about after You heal your self.

You see this is where most but not all trip themselves up and fall flat on their face. We grow, we go to healing School, we see healers, we heal our selves, we rise into our dominion, claim our domain, etc., but still when going outside, around friends, family and the world at large we still see violence, robbery, lying, cheating, pain, etc. We say I thought I worked on my self, why am I still seeing violence. Ugh, I must still have violence in me, cheating in me, liying in me, etc., but I can’t, I have done so much healing on my self. Then we beat our selves up, go into hiding, do more healing, then come out again, but still more violence, more pain. What’s going on here? We heal ourselves but we still see violence. We know we are not violent anymore, why am I still seeing violence. Ugh……

When we look at everything as a direct one to one reflection It’s simple but as we grow we see it is not like this. I have healed my self, I love my self, why am I still seeing violence and thinking it is my own violence within. We even get to states of I will not tolerate any more violence in the world. I have healed all my violence within so the violence of the world should now stop being violent.

When we see violence we start to say I did not see that, I’m not a violent person anymore, I am going away from this violence. Violence get away from me. We turn off the news. If someone is violent around us we say why are you trying to bring me down. We state I am love, Light, airy, fairy, etc., and violence is no more in my life. Negative friends, family and people out of my life. I have worked on my self and healed all my violence. I’m not violent, I do not see violence, we turn a blind eye. We even state I am going to surround my self with loving friends, friends who are not judgmental like me. We say toxic people out of my life, no more violence around me, I healed my violence. We may even see people lying and say that is not lying that is the creative truth, I healed my lying, so if I see someone lying it’s not me that is a liar it is the person using creative truth. We get crafty with excuses to the pain we see after we think we have healed all our self. Many but not all stuck here.

Yes, everything is a reflection but it is not always a straight up reflection of your own pain, lying, cheating, violence, etc. Once we get past the linear way, if I see violence then I must heal my own violence within, to an expansion way, such as everything is a reflection about something, not just the reflection of my own pain within, Then we expand. How do you react to violence, you see at first If we see violence well I must have violence within but after you heal our selves, you still see violence on the news and the world at large.

The next step is to see that everything is a reflection of something. For instance, if we see violence, say a child being beaten, do you run and ignore it or how do you react, respond, think, feel and assist. You see the violence is not showing you that you are a violent person, the violence is showing you now HOW DO YOU RESPOND TO LOVE. How do you respond to distress? When you see violence how do you respond and react, do you freeze, flight, run, respond, turn a blind eye, or do you call for help, jump in, assist in some way. The situation now reflects how you are as a person. The child being beaten is not reflecting the abuser in you but is now reflecting how are you going to react to this violence, to stand up, go out on a limb, to risk or run.

Furthermore, The violence is now showing you something beautiful. How deep is your dignity, love, caring. The violence is showing us how to respond with love. How are you going to assist in violence or are you going to say no that’s not me, I’m not violent, violence get away from me. Or do you grow wise now and transform dear ones of the expansion of isness.

In addition, Do your best to be kind to another. Alot of times when we are talking to some one else in a negative way, we could be coming from their limited subconscious beliefs and programs that they are emitting to us from their subconscious mind. In this situation, we are mirroring to them the blocks they have, so they can then heal them selves. Vise versa. Alot of times we are unconsciously doing this. So in turn, just be kind to another and know your reactions could be a direct mirror of their subconscious blocks. In time you will discern the difference between your feelings, beliefs, patterns programs and their feelings, beliefs, patterns and programs and in turn respond accordingly.
I know what it feels like to respond instead of react.
I see the solution to every situation.
I speak and listen from compassion.
I know the vibration of my feelings, beliefs, patterns, emotions etc from another.
I know what it feels like to live without taking on another persons blocks but if I do I transform them to light and love immediately.

See every one as God goddess, God Goddess discovers his her self through you. Love the God Goddess of their being

Every opportunity is designed to grow and learn something about your self. Now look at negativity with eyes of love and jump in with God’s love embrace.

We love you

Chris Parr
Sirian And Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings
Galactic Council Of Light And Love
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