It is Very Easy To Slip From A Dependency On A Negative Ego Into A Codependency Were You Slip Into A Relationship With Your Own Negative Ego. 



It is Very Easy To Slip From A Dependency On A Negative Ego Into A Codependency Were You Slip Into A Relationship With Your Own Negative Ego.

You Have Convinced Your Self That Your Negative Ego Is Controlling You And Endless You Control Your Negative Ego You Will Never Be Free.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sat May 7


You see in a world with these monumental changes with shifting paradigms, new patterns of causation, with the past that is relinquishing its power and a future that is gathering its influence. With a global community in which it is now small such as actions and reactions can not be isolated well seem to be problems that have no solution.


This upward mobility with nowhere to go, with the demands of affection and performance when you are discouraged to think and feel when at a time thinking and feeling is the only answer in many cases. In the chaotic, panicking, insanity and in the pity that is so much a part of your world increasingly.


It is very easy to slip from a dependency on a negative ego into codependency where you slip into a relationship with your own negative ego where there are strict rules to follow and you are not allowed open communication, not allowed to think or feel and express your thinking and feeling. Your capacity is diminished to initiate and participate in loving relationships because of the dependency which you have held upon your negative ego. You have convinced yourself that your negative ego is controlling you and endless you control your negative ego you will never be free. You have convinced yourself in that sense I got to control, control, I got to control it and you, and my child, and my adolescence, and the day, and the weather and the night and everything that’s is happening, or I’ll never get where I want to, I got to meditate four times in the morning, run my energy, got to do this, I got to talk to my councillor, I got to work, I got to create, I got to do 14 different meditation techniques and if I do I’ll get all this validation but I end up neglecting myself and neglecting those around me because of the dependency upon the destructiveness of my own negative ego.


Therefore, in your world now more than ever it is important to recognize and acknowledge and change to end that Codependency. In this year of exploration is not only a time to be free of your self-pity but a time to end the Codependency that you have or develop with your very own negative ego.


Chris Parr

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