Know That Your Conscious Will Become More Because As Much As You Are Conscious Of, There Is More In Your Subconscious And Unconscious That Will Work Its Way To The Surface.

Know That Your Conscious Will Become More Because As Much As You Are Conscious Of, There Is More In Your Subconscious And Unconscious That Will Work Its Way To The Surface.


The Key To That, Is Letting It Be Real Because If You Shut It Off Before Or During As It Tries To Rising To The Surface Then It Will Stay Dormant And Continue To Create Unconscious Unhealthy Patterns In Your Life.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Monday July 26


Now all of you, to some degree or another are conscious of I remember this, or I feel this change, I am conscious of those things happening, etc., and that’s beautiful, do not diminish that.


Know that your conscious will become more because as much as you are conscious of, there is more in your subconscious and unconscious that will work its way to the surface. Law of resonating causation as you work on your self the hidden gems within will rise to the surface.


The key to that is letting it be real because if you shut it off before or during as it tries to rise to the surface then it will stay dormant and continue to create unconscious unhealthy patterns in your life.


Let the subconscious and unconscious be real. Let them rise up. Know that it is there deep within you, right now, just waiting to come to the surface, look for it, watch for it and know it will come from deep within to be loved, revealed, healed and transformed.


Not necessary for factual imperial information that I remember something specific about a certain incident or past life but rather instead watch for and look for changes that will be the result of you facing your self, unencumbering your self and diving into your subconscious and unconscious mind. Look for the effect of that which is remembered of that which was lost.



Pieces of your future as beautiful and as wonderful as you imagined. The future can be and as much as you created beacon futures, future that resonates, that draws and attracts you to them.


As much as you have expanded the ranges of possibilities, moving it more and more to a brighter future. You are aware of the negative too but instead giving more realness to the bright side of your futures.


As much as you have done till pieces of that future, aspects of it, metaphysical threads of it, of that future that are missing are integrated. The fabric, the weaving, that is my future has holes in it. It’s not all that it could be.


That state of mind, that state of being because yes Lemuria is land but it is so much more than just land and the more that it is, is so much more important. That state of Lemurian mind and Lemurian being, the essence of Lemuria radiating from you is what is most important.


With no Influence of Lemuria or remembering that you can weave and continue to weave as you grow, in whichever way you grow and change, the potential of what future can shift and change as you face your self.


In the remembering, some aspects, some threads, of that weaving, of that tapestry, of that fabric, however whatever metaphor you want to use, will all of a sudden be there and change your life forever.


As you think about your future, as you dream it into reality it will be different.


Chris Parr

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