Masters This Is How You Create Reality, This Is What Makes You Preservable, Who’s Going To Preserve You, You. 

Masters This Is How You Create Reality, This Is What Makes You Preservable, Who’s Going To Preserve You, You.


Now The More You Open The Door The More Psychic And Sensitive You Are Going To Become And The More You Are Going To Be Able To Perceive What Others Can’t Hear Or Know.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Weds June 8


It’s that attitude that will close the door to these greater realities that are going to come about because it judges everything. The reason that it does is that is why you got up and left what you were doing it was a judgment instead of a master.


If you master the dream you master opening the door and keeping it open to the being behind the door. Projecting the dream and allowing the dream to dissolve into its pool of mind.


The more you are capable of doing this the more fantastic the dreams your going to have and the more fantastic the realities.


Masters this is how you create reality, this is what makes you preservable, who’s going to preserve you, you. But how you do that is that you have to be and must be the creator of your own destiny. The list you write up on what you want to change in your life maps your new life.


When all of these things have come to pass you are going to upgrade that list. Your going to add to it your going to find your weaknesses and your going to dig them out of you. Because they inhibit greatness, they inhibit greatness and cause arrogance, arrogance and pride a body’s mind consciousness is a tragedy.


Fools are fools who hold on to their small little self that says it determined themselves. Get rid of them and now you know how to do it.


If you are lazy you put it on your list I am full of energy I do my work swiftly and completely and thoroughly. Add that to the list and I assure you on a matter of hours you will be inclined to do everything. Everything you want to be able to do you will have the capacity to do.


Now the more you open the door the more psychic and sensitive you are going to become. The more you open the door the more you are going to be able to perceive what others can’t hear. You will be able to know what others can’t know because you are making with the deeper mind that the deeper mind is the dream state and the dream state creates the reality. The more you focus into dreaming and preparing your list and creating reality the greater your sensitivity will grow.


Do You understand?


Chris Parr

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