Maybe You Just Started To Crack This Egg, Of What You Are Really Doing Here And You Are Beginning For The Very First Time To Get An Awakened View Of Reality It’s Self.

Maybe You Just Started To Crack This Egg, Of What You Are Really Doing Here And You Are Beginning For The Very First Time To Get An Awakened View Of Reality It’s Self.

You Are Starting To Understand What It Means To Be A Spiritual Being And The Unseen Actions That Create The Fruit Of An Unseen Mind That Is Creating. This Is The Pursuit Of The Spiritual And That Is Why Your Here.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Thursday May 19

You may for the first time on your journey be putting it all together And then the light starts coming on, aww, I get it, as goose or angel sparks fill your being. Suddenly in the lights, the lights are brighter for you have mined and discovered a solution that you have been seeking for.
It Starts to be seen for once it was locked and uncertain. Solutions begin to be seen throughout your life because you are connecting you to possibilities and you have the capacity to make it possible for you are possibility and capacity.

It is all purposeful, divine and good. Maybe you just started to crack this egg, of what you are really doing here and you are beginning for the very first time to get an awakened view of reality it’s self. You are starting to understand what it means to be a spiritual being and the unseen actions that create the byproduct of the fruit of an unseen mind that it is creating. Like a vivid beautiful picture, it’s entire life we don’t see the source of the creator and this is the pursuit of the spiritual and that is why you’re here.

Spiritual then, the kingdom of heaven, divine being that you are. Is it possible to inspire, teach and initiate spiritual beings such as your self into your own possibilities without erasing the uniqueness of what they are? Yes indeed.

The more the student becomes assured of their remarkable possibilities the more colour you get for your painting of life. The more beautiful you become and the more powerful you are. Yes absolutely.

If you were to be washed of all your colour if you had to remit, meltdown and make new all your sins. If you were to give up all your experiences, if you were to give up all your failures, if you were to give up all your so-called mistakes, errors and wrongdoings. If you were to give up all your loss of love, pain and suffering. If you were to give up all your adventures, trials and tribulations you would lose colour.

The intention is why are you here in this mystery called life because you are a creator and through the lens of your mind you adjust reality according to the way you see it. In other words, you are painting and adjusting constantly life just because you are here. And what I say would diversity be if there were no dreamers that were diverse. What should a diversity of species flower and fauna, microorganisms, the appearance of viruses out of nowhere, The appearance of new species by morphing into new species? How does this happen? Is it an accident, is it some wicked treatment of nature or is it some morphing field with some presence within it. It is a morphing field with a presence within it. This is what ascension and transforming from dense 3d to 5d is a cacoon of defining moments of love, with a divine presence within, metamorphosing into a new species. You awakened master of unique expression and individuality.

Why diversity? Diversity happens from the mind of God-Goddess, Your mind of God-Goddess. You see without you and without all of the other divine beings and star seed beings here, there would be no diversity. You are diversity and you add to the unique diversity of this ever-expanding ongoingness of isness. You see there would be no evolution without diversity. There would only be the collapse of nature and its subsequent death without diversity to adapt, to change, to evolve to expand in forever.

You see, only when things are in momentum do we call momentum life. If that which is not an action is not a life. Consciousness and energy into a God Goddess into this physical form is active, God Goddess in action. Consciousness into mobility, the action is called life. You are life, ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-evolving, ever-expanding into the ongoingness of life it’s self.

When you are no longer alive your environment parishes right underneath your feet. Where you walk the sheds or landscape you created parishes and falls apart, and the strawberry, blueberry and raspberry bushes get crushed and the sweet-smelling never comes back that is an being no longer diverse. No longer rich in colour, no longer, no longer unique. If you lose that then everything dies.

Let’s come back to why it’s important that life in action is the experimental process of human beings. Enriched by an innate presence. Alpha omega which has always been. To the creation of life through you. God-Goddess in man and woman, whatever you want to call it, that this is the clothing of something Awesome. That’s working the face, that is the spark of life in the central nervous system, that is the pulse of the body its self, is the invisible that is occupying it. That is what we are you.

It is through the beauty and the gift of life that everyone begins to develop colour. Individuality from zero point on the forever platform came you and me and at first glance, we began to change. To began to modify and define our selves as uniquely different. How could that ever be right or wrong, it can’t. How can I be better and the other less, not possible. There is no such thing. You are a unique expression of life it’s self.

There are only degrees of our selves. So life spent in regret, self-pity, shame, guilt, fear, addiction, etc., how many lives is that going to take, how many more lives do you need to suffer? How many more? How many more times do you need? How many perfectly good bodies are you going to run through before you shine like a diamond and bring forth your unique expression of life? To bring forth, to realize that if you are an intentional and purposeful being. To define wisdom, one is not born with wisdom, one earns wisdom in lifetimes. Wisdom is learned through the creation and experience of reality and at the other end, we call that truth. If it goes right or wrong we then get stuck in the addictions of emotions and then never complete truth. How long do we take before we come to the truth, it is failure, success, it is the perception of right and wrong, best and better, in all of that does one experience the colour of polarity. Extreme good brings extreme bad, extreme positive brings extreme negative, extreme high is encountered with an extremely low. We only know that when we have tinkered in an environment that rewarded us with the reality we live.

Wisdom and colour are built through the richness of life. God-Goddess adjusts reality, mistakes, efforts again, renewal, we are always adjusting life. We never get wise and have truth in till we do it and our job is to do it. Colour then is to come into a body as a ball of light, swirling in a metaphysical soap bubble of bands of consciousness and energy in a code of bands that we have achieved a thought through the bands of light all the way up to our heavenly host to zero points. In those magnificent bands, we have called thought from streams of consciousness. That we have utilized and put in front of an observer in our head, to collapse energy, modify, and then ignite an environment.

When we come into a body, that code is already in us, we come to this body computer and turn it on. Then express our selves through all the central nervous system. That we are alive and vital, yet we are the force of vitality itself but we are invisible, we bring with us our colour, how much we have developed of impossible thoughts we have reached and put them together with possible thoughts and pondered them and then let them go into the environment and see what they do. Everyone here reading this, every one of you is that ball of Light, you all are. And at the heart of the orb, is the mystical being in every one of them, that’s you.

You will learn and your God Goddess or we should say the presence of you, till we better define you, and a divine presence that is always stationary it simply looks at what you put in front of it and then creates reality. You are a ball of Light, you have always been that and you are wearing your human skin suit. Your body is the fruit of your spirit and the outside environment is its work. How are you going to use it? Or create from it?

Our essence can never be seen by human eyes we only get glances or feelings, phantoms, clues, every now and then. We see the greatest in our chosen incarnation and the fruit that it bares. We are all this divine ball of light that has set the standard of time don’t you know. It is that pattern that we come into the womb and set the pattern and the code and how we modify the brain and body to fit our colour and we make this bodywork according to our will and then we wear it and through this instrument, we take nothing and make it into something in every moment.

At the best of our ignorance, we take what’s already there because we are not densely coloured and we simply move what is already there slightly, to feel off of it, to be a whole magnificent creator is knowing the truth and connecting the mystery of your body to the environment. When we don’t work with the environment we either recoil from it or we engage in. If we fall and if we make mistakes if you are right or your wrong, we can only be judged after the effect. When you become enlightened you will not do right and wrong ever again. That concept is a concept of antiquity, Ancient, never ages, etc. . That when we are fully coloured we no longer think in those terms.

Therefore, we are never casualties of our past. We are not casualties of uncertainty or ignorance to which once was we were dreaming with colour. We made all kinds of mistakes. We are embellished. Enlightenment and truth colour us. As a result, we do not do right or wrong anymore. So we can be assured of never failing, never falling, never suffering, never dieing. How is it then that good prevails, that the good in our life somehow rewarded when it is not anchored with bad. Then it is not good or bad it is an evolution, it is an adventure, it is an experience that life is thrilling and we connected it, that we made it, we have the beautiful pleasure of experiencing fauna, the flower we make, the sunset we created.

In this body, this instrument, in this beautiful body we get to do exactly that. Then we look at what we created, we have the truth from it, then we come back at the beingness of it, we are compelled to change. Change and evolution are the same things, we are to make known the unknown. We can not simply do something then leave it alone. We will do it, experience it then we will think about it. In our thinking, we can not help but evolve to the next possibility of what we just thought about. A brand new experience, life alters and changes and improves.

So what is better than the other one. It is the pulsing of life, through evolution that is what we do when we are enlightened. We never fall, we never fail, we are never right because of course, we are never wrong.

We are holily invested, incarnate, waking up, being of Light that is seeing the world in a drop of dew and God Goddess in every face. So what is it then in this part about the enigma of the lights that come while here, some times more, some times less, that appear extensively, sometimes around you, reminders, but they are beings. If you take that being and put it in your head you would feel a difference if you were still there.

Chris Parr
Sirian and Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings
Galactic Council of Light And Love
Agartha Shambhala