Our System Initiations Have Nothing To Do With The Adulthood Of One’s Soul And Spirituality It Has Lost That Meaning.

The Systems Initiations Of The Naming, The Responsibility, The Puberty, Or When You Enter The World Or Wisdom Is Not An Initiation Experience Of The Soul.

Our System Initiations Have Nothing To Do With The Adulthood Of One’s Soul And Spirituality It Has Lost That Meaning.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sunday Aug 15

There is very little room for spirituality in your world.
The very initiations of the soul have become ravaged and meaningless or social events. The first initiation of the soul is the naming, the Christening it is called in the Christian world. The naming of the child is the grounding, that is the rooting, that is making it physical and it is incredibly important and once was and seen as such but now what palm Sunday herd them in splash them a bit. Have a big naming party and see how many gifts you get. If you can you try to get the most popular entertaining clown or puppet show on the block and invite the best of people on your invitation list and put out the fanciest invitation.
The naming has lost its meaning if it has any meaning left at all.

It’s not about grounding and naming a child it’s about a social event or a Sunday activity to hopefully draw in a lot of people and collect as much as possible on the collection plate. The naming has lost its meaning if it has any meaning left at all.

The second initiation is the reason. It’s a time when parents are supposed to take their children and teach them right and wrong, good and bad, consequences and responsibilities. But so much in your hectic world, two incomes or three there is no time to do this leave this up to preschool, leave that up to the elementary school, leave it up to the teachers but they better not be too invasive of their childhood that is what I am supposed to teach them but I don’t ever intend to do it. Too many parents are too busy. No, not blaming them but the absence of soul and spirituality is not looked upon as a time for parents to work with their children and teach them delicately and lovingly to teach them the difference between right and wrong. Give them that sense of reason.

The third initiation is the coming time of puberty, the time of adolescents, which is called the wounding, that initiation of adulthood. Indeed you are to be born new of your Spirituality where you are severed from the soul and from your relationship with God’s Goddes that was given to you, severed from your parent’s image of you and sense of what you ot to be. Severed to have a chance to be born in your own self man or women. But now the time of wounding is considered to be something to be ashamed of not something to celebrate and announce to the world proudly. Yes, I’m in the Jewish faith there is the bar mitzvah but again this is about getting the proper cater and proper hotel and get the better one than the neighbour did. Far more Who cares what these thirteen old boys learned or didn’t learn just don’t embarrass mother and father. It’s not a sense of manhood celebration. For young girls is virtually missing at the best its sweet 16 which is about a fancy dress and fancy restaurant and can you get stoned or drunk after. Has nothing to do with the sense of adulthood of one’s soul and spirituality it has lost that meaning and what is left is social gatherings.

The tone of responsibility when you enter the fourth initiation. When you enter the world went you enter trade school or school or college or university or whatever. You enter the world now supposedly as a responsible adult. Again you might get a computer or a new car but that’s about it Nothing more. High school graduation for some is more eventful because you might get to get drunk. It is not an experience of the soul. Now it is such ridiculous such old fashion.

After the initiation of responsibility, you enter adult life comes the crises of midlife which is something you are to be ashamed of, something you better get to your therapist and get drugs for really quickly, or you better behave, keep yourself at home and don’t be floundering about sort of thing. Mid-life crises have come to be nothing more than she starts wearing mini skirts again or gets a facelift or he gets a sports car and a new girl. Just watch I am in my mid-life crisis, everyone is glad for you and proud oh do t admit it. Good grief. Prozac that’s the answer. Lithium if you really need it.

The initiation of wisdom which comes in the later years when you are considered to be wise but are shuffled off and not listened to anymore. Very few old people are allowed to be wise. They are met with rolled eyes and grandchildren too eager to get away from them. Then shuffled off. I don’t like looking at old people. Looking at all those wrinkles and they walk so slow. Because they have nowhere to go.

The initiations are not seen as the soul.

Chris Parr
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