Forensic Healing®

What is Forensic Healing®?

Forensic Healing® combines scientific methods with intuition and higher powers to reconstruct your life’s story in order to identify and heal the root causes of both your physical and emotional pain and your psycho-spiritual blocks in all areas, including your relationships, finances and health. This potent healing technique devised by renowned healer Marisa Russo contains over 90 different healing pathways to effectively and quickly remove the blocks preventing you from breaking through to the incredible life you deserve.

Become the dynamic individual you were born to be by resolving any life situation causing you pain, stress or harm, and deleting the stubborn blocks keeping you stagnant on any level be it spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. Using a step-by- step process called “Profiling” I assess the aura field with a technique based on how a team of forensic pathologists view a crime scene. To find out what’s really going on beneath the surface, together we will collect evidence to identify what the problem is, where it lies, and which healing pathway is best equipped to remove the issue. Intuition, logic and higher powers will reconstruct your life story piece by piece, to show you the bigger picture of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. Together we will uncover the root cause, shift and release the blocks. The truth will set you free.


Forensic Healing® sessions are quick, effective, and work on real-life issues and as a result give resolution and closure.

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Please come to the session well -hydrated and ready to heal some of the issues you would like to address in your life.