The Backdrop Of The Past Creates The Future. All The Responsibilities You Are Ignoring, Passing Onto Other’s , Or Blaming Will Now Be Tossed Into The Future And Then Will Come Back Around After You. 

The Backdrop Of The Past Creates The Future. All The Responsibilities You Are Ignoring, Passing Onto Other’s , Or Blaming Will Now Be Tossed Into The Future And Then Will Come Back Around After You.

The Static Past Sticks To The Future And Trips You Up. Even Now In The Expanded Moment, You Are In, The Past Has Created A Resonance That Is Creating Anxiety, Overwhelmed Feelings, Tension, Skepticism, Caution, etc., To Your Present Moment.

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If you haven’t taken the responsibility then you will.

The issues of responsibility remain and are to be dealt with. If we do not deal with our responsibilities now then they will come back around at you from the future. You can’t stop life from happening, responsibilities will knock at you every day.

The practice is over and it all counts now. The residue and vestiges of the past will definitely get tossed into the future like one big salad.

There is a couple of impacts I would like to discuss. The first impact is the impact when you get there and the other impact is right now.

You see your future does not influence you till you enter that future, when you step into your future you have the future and you also have the past lurking around, the residue, the stuff you never quite had the time to get around too or deal with.

We can say the past is over no need to look at it, all that I have before me now is the future and that is all that matters. But you see it in the past that dictates and creates patterns we will face in the future. If we do not heal the past then the past rolls over into every nook and cranny area of our lives in the future.

A bit of whatever from the past gets tossed into the future and then it seems to go backwards. Maybe it was a wound or a trauma from ten years ago but still keeps popping up, you wonder if you are stuck in karmic loops but it is just unresolved patterns you are running from.

You see if 19 to 20 years ago you ran from your self, geographically moved, changed relationships or changed jobs the wound and pain you are running from will pop up no matter what relationship you are in, no matter what job you take and no matter where you move too, the unresolved past will lurk into your future. This pain you are running from directly and indirectly influences your life whether you agree or not.

So if you plan on running from your past just know it will be waiting for you in the future with patterns of impact.

The future influences you now, the fact that the future is out there no matter how many years down the road it has influence, it has resonated influence, the backdrop of the past has an influence on the creation of your future.

You see the unresolved past creates the future that bashes and crashes up against you, not a colliding impact but a resonance impact. The static past sticks to the future and trips you up. Even now in the expanded moment, you are in, the past has created a resonance that is creating anxiety, overwhelmed feelings, tension, skepticism, caution, etc., to your present moment.

Now history and practice are over. You can’t play the same games of excuses, martyr, the victim, tired, worn down, life’s stuff, I’m not bright enough, smart enough, good enough, don’t have time, get around to it later, etc., to get away with it as you use too.

Traditional failure has its own place in the past when you fail today, you each have your own technique, etc. To look at your past and say yay that is where it comes from and mend it. Then we self dialogue and put it back together. I see that I understand that, oh that makes sense now, oh I have a tool to heal that, I see why that happened now, that makes more sense now.

The backdrop of the past creates the future. The procrastination demands attention, the responsibilities of the past demand you to face them, the residue of the past needs clearing or if you don’t, all the responsibilities you are ignoring, passing onto others, or blaming will now be tossed into the future and then will come back around after you.

Turn now and face your past, journal your past, face it, be in the moment you ran from, love it, observe it and transform it by love not by avoidance. Take responsibility now for the past that is lurking around every corner and tripping you up. You have the time and energy to face your past.

Chris Parr
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