The Exploring Ego Is Am I Learning Enough And Happens In Adult Hood. 

The Exploring Ego Is Am I Learning Enough And Happens In Adult Hood.


The Positive Ego Says I Am Enough.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Friday, May 13



Then you add in the third phase in that regard what we call the exploring ego. Which happens between day 14 and 21 years old when the second have to belong phase ends. Until you grow up, some grow up very quickly they are 14yrs old and they grow up at 18 yrs old, some grow up at 16 yrs old some don’t grow up until they are 35 or 40 yrs old and you know people like that.


Some were between 14 and 21 years old and when you grow up, not adults but grown-up. “Functioning on your own in the world”, grown up.


That’s what we call the exploring ego am I learning enough and that’s a time my job am I having enough opportunity, am I growing enough, am I learning enough, go to further advance my education or get a job, the right choice on my career, etc. Not am I getting enough that’s the first phase but in the 3rd phase am I advancing enough, am I being a good enough mother, am I being a good enough father, am I being a good enough friend, in that sensing in terms of being enough, learning enough, changing enough. It’s often the time people wake up in grown-up good and say I didn’t do it good enough, didn’t get enough, I’m not learning enough, I am not growing enough, I’m not changing enough etc., that stage of the exploring ego.


Now, what is supposed to happen somewhere between the grown-up hood and adulthood from between being a grown-up someone who is functioning in the world by hook or by crook or whatever means and being a truly spiritual adult? Somewhere in that phase, you reach for what we call the positive ego.


The positive ego that says I am enough, I am Enough I can get things, I can be things, I can make mistakes, I can learn new things for a position to want to know more not wanting to Have to learn more and therefore I am enough. A sense of harmony to balance a sense of wholeness becoming more.



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