The Future Creates The Present On The Backdrop Of The Past.

The Future Creates The Present On The Backdrop Of The Past.

Meaning We Throw Our Past Forward And The Past Energy We Throw Forward Creates Our Future As Well As Our Present .

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Monday Aug 3

So many but not all live in the past regrets, resentments, fears, unhealthy anger, shame, guilt, grief, frustration, pain, etc., of the past. We may have even experienced pain, hardship, loss, scarcity, abandonment, hurt, etc., In the past. Therefore, we create ghosts of the future through the ghosts of the past, even though those vestiges of the past would not really hurt us anymore.

However, the past does haunt us if we let it, why, because we give them life through the future of worry, anxiety, stress, uncertainty, to unpredictable, etc.

Do your best to not let the ghosts of the past stop your dreams from manifesting. Pick up your mirror of broken dreams and weave together new sparks of dreams, hopes, visions and inspirations.

These false dilemmas disguised as practicality are not serving you anymore, they only eroding your future dreams, not feeding your dreams, they are not real.

Break Free from the scares, pain, vestiges of the past and rise great one.

Chris Parr
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