The Higher Consciousness Is Interested In Helping You Develop Self-love, Self-forgiveness, Self-esteem. 

The Higher Consciousness Is Interested In Helping You Develop Self-love, Self-forgiveness, Self-esteem.

You Can Always Ask For Help. Ask Your Higher Self. I Don’t Know, What I Am Doing Here.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Monday July 12

End the addiction then let’s talk. Not as a bargaining chip but as a true statement. End your addiction responses.

I can lean upon the love not by beating myself up more. Terrible me I need more love. I need more healing will someone or something just help me already.

To be on your hands and knees crawling towards higher consciousness, to take pity on you produces nothing. You get a cold shoulder, no communication at all.

 The higher consciousness is not interested in sympathy.

 Your higher consciousness respects you too much, and where your higher conscious knows you don’t have to feel self-pity, where your higher consciousness becomes a rescuer to your victim it would in ultimately Inturn get slaughtered. Your higher consciousness respects you too much. Your higher consciousness respects itself too much to play that game.

I ask my higher self, soul, unseen friends, healing team and God Goddess of all that is to just transcend me. I’ll just lay here in the defining moments and the essence of love and I’ll let you transcend what needs to be done. I don’t even need an explanation, I’ll be in trust, joy and my own love.

You see this is a very difficult technique more difficult than just eating your past or going into the essence and intercepting it by changing the energy of the future. Why? Because you have to be totally honest with integrity. You can’t be playing games there. This isn’t about short cuts, just transcend me already, they won’t. Not endless it is deeply genuine.

It takes a greater spiritual muscle to ask in that way. You can lean on and allow more healing. It’s not a more difficult technique in that way it just takes greater and stronger integrity or character to ask and be willing to receive healing.

Ask for more love and more healing not so that you may just Handle it but instead you may deal with it more effectively.

 Approach your higher consciousness eye to eye, reaching, stretching, moving, encountering your higher consciousness your inner self with self-respect and self-esteem. To stretch up to interact, as equals on the higher consciousness level, then the higher consciousness will reach into you and lift you.

The higher consciousness is looking for a friend, not a follower. Your higher consciousness is looking for a friend, not a self-pity disciple. For your sake, for the sake of your higher consciousness, for the sake of your growth, even though you would like to call self-pity by some flowery name. The more you can touch it, understand it, recognize it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, love yourself, and change it. The more you can release self-pity. The quicker, the more smoothly, the easier, you are going to acquire the growth. That you are looking for.

So you can end the real or the potential addiction to your past.

There is no more past.

Chris Parr

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