The Soul May Seem Harsh Or Too Subtle Because It Deals, With What Is Real Even When You Are Not Willing To. 

The Soul May Seem Harsh Or Too Subtle Because It Deals, With What Is Real Even When You Are Not Willing To.


Your Soul Shows Its Face To What You Are Willing To See In Your Self And It Deals With The Real Truth Of The Real World.


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Your Soul is concerned with the real truths of the real world. Though it allows you illusions and it allows you all the illusions you want. All the fluff and silliness of your physical world. However, Your soul is more concerned with what is real. Therefore, your soul’s agenda may appear to be different than yours.


Yet for example, your soul is more concerned with the essence of success than with the trappings, (the outward signs, features, or objects associated with a particular situation, role, or thing.) You can have all the trappings you want. Your soul is concerned with the essence and the access to resources, spirituality, the Intimacy, with your talents, gifts, Abilities, spiritual powers, knowing the wonder of fun and of power with feeling deserving.


It is far more important for your soul that he/ she faces and learn the lesson of failure and that he /she was still worth loving and the people he /she loves would still love him her even when he /she fails. That was far more important than some real estate deal. But once he /she learned that lesson, not just in him /her head, not just in him she expression but instead in his she heart, gut, expression and bowls of he she being. Then he /she can have all the fluff he /she wants.


The lesson about failure from the compassion of his/ her soul is far more valuable. You can sell and buy real estate any day of the week but you can’t always learn a valuable lesson.


The soul may seem harsh or too subtle because it deals, with what is real even when you are not willing to.


For these reasons from the fact that your soul is denied, that its tools have been stripped, or taken away, or diminished, that it can only speak through the darkness that its vocal cords have been removed and your soul’s realm denied and its food taken away and its life force repressed, that it speaks of the light and the dark and speaks of the old form and the new, that can be frightening to someone not use to this.


Your soul shows its face to what you are willing to see in your self and it deals with the real truth of the real world.


As you begin to understand, let it in and understand that. Then you can open up to the possibility that just maybe your soul can communicate in different ways it would not have to be so harsh or so subtle just maybe you can give your soul’s voice then you wouldn’t have to create cracks and crevices such as pain, fear or darkness to find it. You would not have to create that to communicate to your soul.


Touch and be touched by your soul. That if you could give your soul voice not just face but voice then you can have a co-creating relationship with your soul. You and your soul working together as partners with an alliance with love rather than whatever way you are working now.


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