The Third Thing That Really Opens The Door For Negative Ego Is The Fear Of Responsibility And Accountability. 

The Third Thing That Really Opens The Door For Negative Ego Is The Fear Of Responsibility And Accountability.


The Pressure Is As Everything Is Going Faster You Don’t Ever Want To Be Wrong Or You Never Want To Make A Mistake.


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And again your society in its technological advancement and its speed is in such scary now to make mistakes. It is scary enough.


We have used an analogy of those high-speed races.

Bonneville Speedway is an area of the Bonneville Salt Flats northeast of Wendover, Utah, that is marked out for motor sports. The speed racers can go 900 km an hour or as fast as they want to. They draw this line with paint and then they are driving these cars as fast as they can and they have to stay right on the line. Because if they vary even the slightest little bit, the variants of the speed are such that they crash. They go way off course. Well, when you are driving your automobile when you driving 120 km an hour you have to be more alert than when your driving 50km an hour and indeed when driving 50km an hour you can make the wheel go back and forth and correct very easily. At 120 km an hour, such a move like that would be a disaster or at least scary as hell.


Well, the same is very much true in your reality it’s going faster now, it is going faster and we would suggest here part of that is because of the conscious intervention in the evolution of consciousness. But nonetheless, it’s going faster. Therefore it is scary to make mistakes.


The answer is to increase the amount of willingness not to deny it. Whereas you are dealing in your reality, you are going to make mistakes and what might have been fifty years ago a little mistake in this and this time may be a large mistake. Whereas fifty years ago if you blew it you could start over again more easily but you can still do that today but it’s not as simple.


The point here is that mistakes can be more departmental but they are going to still happen, but the answer is not to deny the existence, to pretend it won’t be there, to deny the responsibility and the accountability. But rather to be more quick and alert to them. To be faster to respond to a mistake. A mistake can cause you a great deal of damage now that might not have occurred previously. Therefore, you need to be more aware of mistakes now than ever not less. You have to be quick to catch them and correct them now.


Then again there is a trade-off there because just as it is going faster and you can make more mistakes so it is things can go right and the rightness affects you more quickly also. Therefore, the benefits of your reality happen more rapidly just as the mistakes of your reality can happen more rapidly. Therefore, to be more attuned and alert is what is perhaps required or rather asked but the lack of that opens the door wide and invites the ego In a Big neon sign saying enter here.


Because it can cover, that is one thing ego is good at, covering, rationalizing and denying anything you don’t want to believe or hear or understand.


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