This Coronavirus Has Become A Gateway, A Portal, A Gateway To Fulfil That Desire That Desire Of Wanting Out And That Desire Of Wanting It All To End. 

This Coronavirus Has Become A Gateway, A Portal, A Gateway To Fulfil That Desire That Desire Of Wanting Out And That Desire Of Wanting It All To End.


Others Of You Want To Move Through This Coronavirus Destructive Phase As The Old Ways Are Crumbling, You Want It All To End But There Is A Difference You Have Visions Of A New World And You Have Wisdom In The Face Of This Turbulence, Violence, Injustice And Inhumanity.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sunday Aug 22


Few among the many that have and will die have made peace with dying and have come to see death as the ultimate healing. They are ready to die and with their higher self and soul are using this virus as an easy and for some an elegant way to leave the physical behind. Few among the many who are dying for most among the many are ripped and torn by these undercurrents. The desire of wanting out, the desire of wanting all of this Coronavirus to end. The desire has become a petri dish that attracts and allows this no living energy, this virus too to grow like a crowning ring. This Coronavirus has become a gateway, a portal, a gateway to fulfilling that desire of wanting out and that desire of wanting it all to end.


The Petri dish has attracted and allowed this virus. The virus has become a gateway it has opened it has continued to open and it had grown fierce and violent it has festered and people are dying, but wait you want the current world to end?


You want to move through this destructive phase as the old ways are crumbling, you want it all to end But there is a difference you have visions of a new world and you have Wisdom in the face of this turbulence, violence, injustice and inhumanity. Even in the face of this virus you see a bigger picture and you have imagination and you have dreams. Yes, you want it to end but you are articulate of what that means you know you belong and you know you are in the right place at the right time to deal with all this and you resist dogma and you reach and search for dialogue and if the chance you don’t you should, search for dialogue are your core.


You have compassion and compassion is what you need to close this particular gateway that this Coronavirus is offering by infecting the world.


You see this virus is not the only mystery it is complex its presence not only offers an opportunity to exit, but it also offers an opportunity to step back and to pause and to assess what it offers an opportunity to choose new directions with new choices and new decisions.


Even with the community spread of this virus as people and as you study home and retreat from a time from your routine and spending time alone or with your family there is an opportunity to assess your relationship with your community of family, your community of spiritual family and with your community of friends. As people out of choice, or necessity disrupt their daily routine as you disrupt your automatic routine. You have an opportunity to reevaluate to how you reevaluate how you live your life and assessing what you do and who you are being and with that assessment you have the opportunity to make new choices and new decisions and to define new directions.


The presence of this virus doesn’t give you new choices, or decisions or directions it gives you and offers you an opportunity.


Chris Parr

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