To Refuse To Let The Ego Handle The Context And The Form Of Your Life And Reality. Take Back That Function.

Step 2 is

To Refuse To Let The Ego Handle The Context And The Form Of Your Life And Reality. Take Back That Function.

When Your Ego Gives You Information Stop It There. The Ego Just Will Receive And That’s It No Interpretation. I’ll Decide What To Do With The Information And I’ll Decide How To Respond To This.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Friday May 27

Your ego gives you the information. A Scary thing is happening I’ll decide what to do with my fear. Every other time when I get scared, I get defensive and every time I make a mistake I beat myself up. But this time I’m going to choose what I do and not let my ego decide for me. Every time I get scared I attack and every time I make mistakes I give up and blame. That’s what my ego has learned to do and that’s how my ego handles it but this time I’m going to decide whether I’ll attack or give up or not thank you very much.

Doesn’t mean I’ll do the opposite I’ll decide for myself. Maybe indeed the fear is that roof support is going to collapse after I made it wrong you bet I’m running out of here, that’s just what my ego would have done would have headed head-on, no. My Ego would run but I’m going to decide I’ll head out but it’s my decision rather than my ego response of fear, blame, guilt trip, victim, etc.

In more of a real sense, there is something I wanted to talk to you about and I hope it doesn’t upset you. My Ego says they are going to talk to you because of this and because of that, totally wrong they don’t know what they are talking about, dumb stupid idiot anyway and you shouldn’t listen to anything they say.

Yes, what did you want to tell me? No, I’m not going to do that this time. I have something to tell you I hope it doesn’t make you upset. Okay, my ego wants me to but I am going to do it differently this time. Or I’m going to choose let me assess now, this person I have learned to know, loves for me and cares for me and therefore I will say, yes I said the same things but for different reasons.

So I am going to start taking back the context and content the form my reality. We have said in this way before. If someone gives you a compliment, wow you did a great job, now that is a piece of information, that’s content, so and so said you did a good job. Now I can give it to my ego okay ego you process this at which point the ego is going to say I’m better than, I am superior too or I know I did a great job I always do or the ego is going to say they are just saying that to butter me up, they are trying to use me, what do they really think, they probably think I did a lousy job, or the ego says no it’s not a good job, I could have done better, must fix mistakes, make it right, don’t do it wrong, either way, that’s giving to your ego.

Or you can take the content you did a fantastic job and you can give it to your adult. Yay, I can look at it and realize I did a really great job I am also pleased with the job and thank you very much for the feedback. Or we’ll I didn’t think I did a good job I made many mistakes but I learned from them for next time. I hear you and I appreciate that but I am having trouble seeing that I did a good job, could you elaborate on that for a bit, tell me specifically what you saw and liked or didn’t like that made it a good job. There is a difference, you see. But the content is you did a good job.

Now your ego can not take it you have to give it you either give that content to your ego or your adult. It can not snatch it away. Here is the piece of information it gobbled it up before I had a chance to decide what to do with it, no. You’re the one giving it to either your ego or to yourself. You really are wonderful person content. Now, are you going to tell your ego you figure out what that means or are you going to decide ill figure out what that means?

To understand yes I use to always give that stuff to my ego but now I am not going to. Ego can’t take it I’ve got to give it and I will not give it to it I’ll give it to me. So this second step is to be much more conscious of the content and who gets to process it me or my ego and as you know and understand that is a conscious choice make it consciously. Realize my ego can never take anything I have to give it. So now I am going to give it to me.

With this second step of refusing to play the game, we are refusing to use your rules you got to decide it.

Also to develop a closer relationship with your higher self. A closer relationship with your unconscious and subconscious mind.

That is why we are talking so much about the unconscious and we will do so much this year with write up’s dealing with that underworld and dealing with the inner world, dealing with the spiritual ancestry, dealing with the unlimited powers dealing with that depth of your unconscious and subconscious and of course always dealing with your higher self. As you heal you will have a deeper relationship with your higher self. Let go of Codependency so that intimacy with your higher self will exponentially increase.

So as you work not only to take back your own responsibility for the context and the form of your reality but also to work with deepening the intimacy with your higher self with your unconscious and subconscious mind. That gets you off the game board, that says the dance is over and I am not only moving back I’m getting off the dance floor. I am not going to wait for the next number to begin in getting off the dance floor.

Chris Parr
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