To Release The Nobility And What We Mean By That Is to Stop Hiding Behind Your Own Negative Ego.

  1. To Release The Nobility And What We Mean By That Is to Stop Hiding Behind Your Own Negative Ego.

Your Ego Is Weak, Your Ego Is Naive, Your Ego Is Immature and And Your Ego Is Dumb But Because It Has One drive To Screw You Up And It Does It Well.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Monday May 30

You don’t understand my ego is so strong, manipulative, controlling, sneaky and it’s so crafty, if I don’t tippy-toe and watch everything I make my ego will get me for surely. That’s your nobility.

Your ego is weak, your ego is dumb, your ego is naive and your ego is very immature. Well, what are you saying I’m dumb, I’m naive, I’m immature and my ego can outsmart me? No. To answer that question before your ego has a chance to answer it? No. We are not saying that at all. What we are saying is your ego is weak, your ego is naive, your ego is immature and your ego is dumb but because it has one drive it does it well.

You see if you take a dumb person. Way ever you define that as. A very immature, a very naive, a very weak person you can teach them one task and they can do it very well. There one task is to screw you up. And that after these 20,30, 40, 50 or 60 years it has, learned to do very efficiently but still dumb, still weak, still immature and still naive.

Now you on the other hand you are doing thousands of tasks, you are much more intelligent, much more mature, much more experienced and much more strong. But you’re trying to do all these tasks and your ego is doing one.

Therefore, to you appears and besides that, you want to use your ego you want to pretend it’s a wise, crafty, evil force that can outsmart you at every turn that’s the nobility and that’s the lie.

You need to start telling yourself the truth my ego isn’t doing it to me I am using my ego to do it. Just as it’s important, or the spouse of an alcoholic, to realize that your alcoholism isn’t destroying my life I am using alcoholism to destroy my own life and when I’m ready to change I will.

So with your ego, I am ready to stop pretending it’s running my life, it doesn’t run my life anymore but you see those of you who want to say when you hurt somebody, oh it was my ego that hurt you, it was my ego that got arrogant, it was my ego who went into a martyr, it was, my ego that got punishing. Cut the nobility. I did it, I got arrogant, I got punished, I got manipulative, I got controlling and when I got caught all of a sudden I saw it was my ego. Funny I didn’t see it was my ego when I didn’t get caught though, funny that didn’t occur to me when I am getting away with the manipulation but as soon as I got caught, it was my ego. That’s it yes that’s it it’s my ego who is running my life. My ego did this. This isn’t me it’s my ego. But I would have kept doing the manipulation as, long as I didn’t get caught.

In that end to recognize I’m using it, my ego is weak. Yes, it got in the way of my meditation, yes it kept me from my visions, dreams and advancement. I am who is a mature person sitting around with the air-conditioning, my ego did it again but guess what I can move. Recognize your ego and it’s weak son of a got me again. Recognize it’s a game of a weak ego because it plays the same game. That’s another thing to realize. The same dialogue that my ego tells me when I was a kid is the same I say now. Maybe a different vocabulary but it’s the same message because who only knows one trick or two or three.

To cut the nobility and realize I am using my ego. Yes, it may be there and that works once clear it out and get on with it by cutting the nobility, admitting the truth and recognizing that it’s weak. You are all going to have a negative ego from time to time. The Ego is limp, spent and has no more, like a teabag, once it’s deluded throw it out. See your ego on other formats such as this tiny little thing, rather than having your ego have this deep voice that speaks to you, this giant of energy shrinks it to the chimp monk voice, tiny. Just a tiny ego. But if you see it as this massive force that days these things Inna deep scary voice. Well, come on shrink it down to a little pipsqueak of a thing. A subtle voice that you can blow over. Snap it in that sense out of the park.

My Ego got in the way. My ego is starting to churn up, who is starting to pester me like a woodpecker let it flip into its little voice and then get out of here, blow it away, snap it away what ever.

Chris Parr
Sirian And Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings
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