What Is The Common And Unfamiliar Common Senses When You Are Crafting Your Reality Through Your Common Senses.

What Is The Common And Unfamiliar Common Senses When You Are Crafting Your Reality Through Your Common Senses.


Everyone Perceives And Creates Their Reality Through Their Common Senses , From, Infant To Child, To Teen To Adult, We All Use Common Sense To Create Our Reality.


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Hi Loving Friends, today I would like to talk about how we can create the world around us, our reality through our common senses. Not the common senses that we may think are common but the common senses we all universally innately have that some but not all actually use to feel and create their reality. So what are these universal common sense we all have but so many have forgotten?


First I would like to look at and discuss the familiar and unfamiliar common senses of a child, an adult and then the common senses that most but not all have forgotten.


You ever have your mom, dad or grandparents say hay you, can you get some common sense. Well, what is common sense for an adult is different from a child’s?


Let’s look at common senses in Adults, okay sight but there are blind people, hearing but then there are deaf people, feel and touch but there may be nerve damage, taste but no taste buds, the five common senses most familiar to everyone but are not the most common after all. So what is the common senses?


There is an unfamiliar uncommon sense we have all used but forgotten as well. As we aged from newborn to adult we forgot the common senses a child uses to senses and create their reality. A child senses light but does not see light. You see an infant cannot see that well, not very clear at first, an infant can also not hear that well either or understand what it is hearing, the infant also can not fully understand everything they are feeling either, the nervous system is still forming. These are the common senses a newborn or child has.

A newborn does not fully hear their mother but can sense the voice of their mother, not by hearing but by feeling the voice. The child also senses the mother moving, the sense of movement, not the movement its self but the sense of movement even if nothing is physically moving. The infant, senses warmth, senses substance, sense light, senses the voice, etc., of mother and life, not the actual fact but the sense. When a child enters this world, all the child does is eat, sleep, dream, etc. Sleeping and dreaming repairs, rebuilds, those response systems.


This is how an Infant learns about first love, through the infant’s senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, etc. An infant as it grows can sense its surroundings and its mom very clearly. An infant is emotionally not physically connected to their mom. Forex, A newborn baby can sense if the mother truly wanted the baby or not. Through The newborn’s senses of what their mother is thinking and feeling. If this type of wound happens to a newborn, from the lack of love from mom, this child will grow up to an adult and then go all life in relationships with the attitude of give me, give me, more love you, owe me. However, this give me, give me, more love type of attitude can never be fully filled later on in life as an adult. Why, for the lack of love came from the newborn’s common senses of sensing their reality , not the Adults five basic senses to sensing their reality . Trying to fill a void on adult senses will never work for you. This is a deep inner child healing.


So the common senses of an adult are not so common and the child’s common senses fade away as the child grows into an adulthood. So if an adult’s common senses are different from a child’s common sense then what is the universal common sense that a child and adult both have in common. What does it really mean have some common sense.


The common senses we all have is imagination, dreaming and desire. Yes, sure everyone uses these common senses but are they consciously using these common senses. When we consciously use these universal common senses then we fill with power, and these common senses become powerful tools to create your reality. Indeed. Imagination, dreaming and desire are tools of creation. Everything around you was created from these common-sense tools. Truly creative people have unlocked these universal common senses of imagination, dreaming and desire and that means you can too. They are not more talented than you, more special then, more gifted than you, etc., All that has happened Is you have become weaker in your true innate common senses, you have just shut down your innate common senses, blocked your newborn senses and now operate on the five basic illusionary common senses. No biggy. You can remedy this. You are now conscious of this. So be it.


Everyone perceives and creates their reality through their common senses, from, infant to child, to teen to adult, we all use common sense to create our reality.


So be it.


Chris parr

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