What Kind Of Ego Do You Got?

What Kind Of Ego Do You Got?

Release Your Ego And Allow It To Grow Up.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sunday, May 29

What we mean by that is to identify which stage your who is in Infantile, teenage image-based or adult did you get enough opportunity in life.

Is your ego an Infantile Ego is that what your ego measures everything by am I getting enough or is the answer no I am never getting enough. Is that what you do or are you one of those people that can’t help to see if you got the biggest portion, can’t help but see if they talk to you as much as they talk to them, can’t help but wonder if you’re getting enough attention, time, energy, am I getting enough, you look at your salary don’t measure it by is it enough for me but is anybody getting paid more than me. Is your ego Infantile did it stop functioning in that time from 0 to 7 or 7,9,20,11,12,13,14, in that Infantile stage?

To know whether your ego is in the image stage ego. What’s important to you I don’t care what’s true how do I look, am I impressing people whether I know anything or not do I look like I do, do I have the right stuff, the right car, wife, house, tools, clothes, the right attitude, do you use the right thing, or am I doing everything properly, to look good, to look smart, to be enough am I being enough in that sensing with my image. Am I performing right, walking right, talking right, is that where your ego got stuck? Is that what your ego is constantly assessing. Is that the context, the backdrop against what you measure and compare yourself? I got this but they got a bigger, poor poor me. I should have been the first, I wasn’t good enough. I just got a promotion but why didn’t I get it a month ago, why not two months ago. I got one but they got something they shouldn’t have gotten anything it should have been only me. Good enough am I getting enough or am I good enough.

Or are you in the adult ego did I get enough opportunities in life? That place of being the panic like you are running some kind of race that you got to be perfect, you got to be performing To grow enough, change enough, fast enough. Ate you constantly pushing yourself in that regard. Are you ever letting yourself appreciate and value and trust and love and be intimate with your self or is it always a mad dash, oh come on I have to get this workshop so I can get to the next one, I got to finish this so I can move onto the next one? Yaya I got that now let’s move on. Let’s talk about the next topic. I have to grow faster and faster. Can’t explore in any depth I just got to skim the surface. The kind of person that just reads the digest column of the paper and that’s enough. So I can say two words on the topic whether money, global, war, etc have to have a quick response on them but no time to look at them in depth because I have to go go. In that Sense doing everything or at once in that grown-up but immature ego.

Do I have a positive ego, no you don’t but you don’t have to assess it to that end that’s not the one you’re trying to break from, that’s the one you’re going to let grow into and you will in time have a positive ego? Even the negative ego won’t be so negative as it used to be that’s for sure. But I got to let my ego be what it is. I would hate to think I have an Infantile Ego. What kind of ego do you got. You got an image-based ego well so do I. Because I don’t want to be less than my Infantile Ego. Let it be what it is

And to that end work with the child or the adolescent or what we call the young adult the one that is the grown-up you it’s not really a spiritual adult yet but the grown-up you.

Mainly you’re going to find it fits into the categories 1 am I getting enough am I impressing enough or good enough if working with the child or the adolescent and sensing its ego and letting it have its ego and letting it develop. By releasing it. Don’t demand ego know all the answers.

You’re an infant or but a mere child. I’m going to let you be what you are and just let you deliver information so you can grow up. Take the responses so that it might grow, so that it might become more and function appropriately.

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