When One Has Great Limited Thoughts It Is Because Of He/She Environment. The Consciousness In Which He/ She Has Subjugated Themselves Too.

When One Has Great Limited Thoughts It Is Because Of He/She Environment. The Consciousness In Which He/ She Has Subjugated Themselves Too.


You Are Different And Unique Than anybody’s Else. That Which You Have Been accepting Your Reality Is Because You Have Accepted The Consciousness Around You.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sat July 24


If we are images and light within then what has made up the images that cloud the being, the level of consciousness. A Consciousness of whatever togetherness you happen to exist within. Consciousness has many levels divine one, the lowest level which is termed limited consciousness which most but not all people in this world and cities live and thrive in. In this very expanded moment, limited consciousness is the lowest frequency consciousness there is.


Divine one if the outer glimmer of our selves only receives what is limited here in your cities then that will be your life and that consciousness has regulated limitations to which you will exist under. By living right here in this limited level of consciousness, without reaching for more, without learning the unlimited virtue of a greater consciousness then you will never progress because you shall be the victim of this mass historian that does not permit unlimitedness of the realms of mankind.


If You live in the city you shall be receptive through the auric field that surrounds you and your body to the wave of consciousness that forms around the city. When you enter into the city or town, you become victimized by the consciousness of all who live here and think here.


Not only do they think it and take it Into their being to feel it to provide emotion. That emotion is also equated back through the auric field and given back to the same consciousness. This Is all you are feeding off of is wastes of others’ thoughts and emotions.


When one has great limited thoughts it is because of he/she environment. The consciousness in which he/ she has subjugated themselves too. You are different and unique from anybody else. That which you have been accepting your reality is because you have accepted the consciousness here. You become victimized by it.


To advance forward you always have. In this moment of life. You have advanced into the next moment with restrictions of limitation from your being rather than unlimitedness.


Master, when you become the lord God Goddess of your being and the films that have filled your being, has been removed. The fire That shines brightly from your being is indicated by the auric field that surrounds your body.


If you remove all of that, you shall be in all parts operative.

The only way to do that is to transcend consciousness and master it.


Chris Parr

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