When We Have Two Hands Ready To Form A Prayer One Hand Is God/Goddess The Other Is You. 

When We Have Two Hands Ready To Form A Prayer One Hand Is God/Goddess The Other Is You.

 Then When The Hands Come Together You Join God/Goddess And Man Together. Poof, We Manifest Or Dreams Or Unlimited Thought.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Monday Friday, Aug 27


Just like We have an absolute storm coming off of us of radiating energy. That radiating energy is not just going anyplace it’s going to a specific place. It must to even order to exist. Have one other point of consciousness and we call that God. When we hold the focus we have a storm coming off of us of energy, subatomic energy and it’s hitting the other level of consciousness and when it does it collapses. Same as hands coming together in prayer, the energy collapses and we manifest.


If we took one of those particles and unravelled it put it through a series of lasers and turn them on we would see the hologram image that was just in your brain right outside of you ready to manifest.


Imagine the storm of electrical thought that is coming off your frontal lobe when you want to manifest something, the energy storm is coming right from your current state of consciousness to your God. Imagine a snowstorm heading to one central point, can you see that in your mind.


Imagine the great white silence falling from the sky and you’re the sky and it’s all being collected and it is all being collected in a vessel. Can you see this in your mind? It’s coming from you into this vessel.


If we take the vessel and pour it out you will have liquefication of a dream.


If you understand this and we go analogical with it we become that moment, the exquisite hologram utterly and completely. when we separate like taking the prayer hands apart, like fission, splitting apart, the snowstorm Goes backwards. It goes back to us.


So when you pray you put your hands together, you ask and visualize what you want or desire. The thought and energy go from us to our God of understanding when we pray and focus. We fill the vessel or increase the charge as we pray or visualize what we desire for ourselves or another. Then we breathe and separate our hands, the prayer now manifests back to us. The vessel that held the energy of our prayer comes right back to us like a liquid manifest, then we put into action and poof we manifest. We now have the energy to create the reality you desire.


From God /Goddess colliding into us. Very beautiful to see and witness this. The prayer goes to point zero then falls from point zero to us on whatever level of consciousness we are on. The energy rises and falls in an undulating formation, a wave-like rhythm, smooth rising and falling of waves. Like a sail on a boat or a sheet on a clothesline in the wind. Then when the wave hits our time it coagulates and manifests into a particle again.


Imagine beyond count how many snowflakes can fall over a two square mile of an area in one hour.


Are there enough snowflakes to take and roll them up and make a snowman on two square miles? Is there, yes. Is there enough to make a house, is there enough to make life, trees, animals, anything, all that you can dream of and manifest. Yes


Take a single snowflake of the same thought and put them together and build a snowball then man they are what we dreamed them to be.


Chris Parr

Sirian and Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings

Galactic Council Of Light And Love

Agartha Shambhala



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