Willingness Is All That You needs To Meet Your Soul. 

You Have Given Your Soul Voice. It May Takes Time To Develop That Voice But You Have Given Your Soul Voice


Willingness Is All That You needs To Meet Your Soul.


New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Weds Sept 1


You each have your own cadence, your soul guides the rhythm and pattern but you each have your own cadence. Some of you have a really fast marching cadence and the information comes lickity split and comes so fast you can barely keep up with it, oh boy this is too much.


Others of you have much more of a slower cadence, takes its time, some of you need to sleep on it or go for a long walk, some need to go back later and re due the meditation, or exercise in order to understand it, heal and have a revelation. You each have your own cadence, give yourself that. No need to rush, go at your own pace and remember that.


Your soul does speak to you though, maybe you didn’t hear it yet but the patterns have been set and the messages have been laid. The morphogenesis where it is done once and then it is easier the next time has been put into place.


You may dream tonight and have dreams like never before. You may wake up in the middle of the night with a realization, a smile, or a gentle sleep and wake in the morning, or maybe when you are brushing your teeth, or in the midst of traffic all of a sudden oh my gosh it’s loud and clear as a bell. I understand now. Revelation. Done may take two or three days to understand, that’s okay.


It has begun. You have given your soul’s voice. It may take time to develop that voice but you have given your soul’s voice.


You do not need to get a soul meditation from someone to meet your soul you can do it on your own. Enter the underworld, whichever method you have to go to the underworld, any method is fine as long as it works for you. Follow the road, then leave the road and cone to a safe place such as the temple of soul’s, it is a very sacred place, others of you don’t do it this way, that’s okay. There are no prerequisites, this isn’t a union shop. Grow at your own pace, rhythm and cadence. Willingness is all that you need to meet your soul. You don’t have to be skilled, just willing in that regard.


Go to a sacred and let the shadows come, comes in shadows if that is what you are familiar with, that’s what you know, the shadowy figures. Let them all converge, all the dark lights come together, let it take form, let it in time show its hands, lower its head, maybe its head will be bowed, tops of heads are less threatening, see it there, them as it lifts its face is it a man or women. Here we usually have a mixture of every face we have ever lived into one face. What does your whole soul look like after many lifetimes? Then sit with your soul and let your soul speak and then return.


Chris Parr

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