You can use your Brain To Quantum Jump To The Apex Of The Great Pyramids.

You can use your Brain To Quantum Jump To The Apex Of The Great Pyramids.

It Only Takes Less Then A Twinkle Of An Eye To Conceive The Apex Of The Great Pyramid And Quantum Jump There But It will Take You Two And Half Days To Get There By Travel Because That Is The Only Concept You Accept.

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Now I ask you these in a language. I verbalized a potential concept with what you have been able to experience and gather intellectually. You gave surmised what leaving your body would be like. You have borrowed information from others who have had that experience but if you have not had the experience in there is the potential but that potential is no less as real as the trip that you take to the Pyramid and sit on the apex.

However, it’s a thought verbalized. Your brain knows how to say it because you have heard it and you have stored it up here. It tantalizes you. The ability to heal yourself of any injury which you don’t give a lot of thought to until you have an injury. Then you see how helpless this big lump of flesh becomes. It struggles for its own self-preservation and you are struggling to find someone to make it better. That thought never occurs to you to have that ability to have wellness continuously but it’s there you heard the word but you have never experienced it so it stores as a memory. The concept exists because there are beings who do that. So it exists but not for you because you don’t believe it. Why not for you? You’re blocking it, doubting it, scared by it and you don’t accept it. It’s a memory and you don’t accept it. It’s potential but you don’t accept it. Healing is a potential it’s built-in you but you don’t accept it. You haven’t been cultivated that way and you haven’t been trained to think that way.

Are You going to die you know everyone is doing it a d sooner or later you will too? But that doesn’t please you that evokes some sort of sensation of you. It causes the bank of your mouth to become acrid and salty. It evoked an emotion for you have just touched the ukeleles heal of the image. That emotion has been called fear it’s also rebellion. You’re not going to think about it your not going to look at it and you’re not going to embrace it. Enough enough enough. That’s how the controller keeps everything in control.

You don’t believe in the void. That’s a difficult assumption for me to say. Since you have been out there focussing day and night you have been out there doing nothing falling asleep, you been out there suffering in your bodies. What do you mean I don’t believe in the void because you don’t believe in the void. It’s a conjectures thing ( an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information). It’s a maybe principle.

But don’t you find it interesting that you do not take the trip to Egypt via with your brain. Your body has to get up and go through all these actions to appease this concept. Yet the concept already exists. It is already up here in your brain. The void is the thought that unfolds and infolds. Your brain entertains that thought. It only takes less then a twinkle of an eye to conceive the apex of the great pyramid and quantum jump there But it will take you two and half days to get there by travel because that is the only concept you accept.

Chris Parr
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