You See All This Running From Unprocessed Emotions Is Weighing You Down In A Charged Up Power Of Unexpressed And Heated Emotions.

You See All This Running From Unprocessed Emotions Is Weighing You Down In A Charged Up Power Of Unexpressed And Heated Emotions.

If You Go Into That Failure, Pain, Abandonment, Rejection, etc., You Can Retrieve That Power And Then Use That Retrieved Power To Take The Responsibility Needed.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Thursday Aug 19

In The Failure And In The Discord Is A Lot Of Emotional Energy And The Emotional Energy You Feel During Your Disharmony, Loss, Pain, Misfortune, Distress, Sadness, Grief, Regret, Let Downs, Abandonment, Etc, Is Power.

At the time of failure, rejection, loss, let downs, overwhelmed, hate your errors, etc, if you go into that failure, pain, Abandonment, rejection, etc., you can retrieve that power and then use that retrieved power to take the responsibility needed.

I know most but not all have been avoiding and rejecting responsibility and putting the responsibility on the back burner or onto others but now we have to take responsibility for our selves.

Now let’s take a time-lapse here, twenty or thirty years or so later. I have to now take responsibility for when I was a teen, or twenty or thirty. Now we have to be crafty here, we have to recreate, reinvent, re-edit and get back in touch with what I felt like when I was, teen, twenty or thirty. Yikes, but at the same time Yes exciting and free.

You see divine ones, by diving deep within, mining deep, nurturing your self, practicing mindfulness, practicing presence, being in the expanded moment through the practice of meditation you can and will go back to the backdrop of the past, feel and transform the burdensome emotions that you have been running from and have imprisoned you for so long.

Yes, we see it would have been easier at ten, twenty or thirty, etc, to face our emotions, but we live in a rush-rush, no time to feel your emotions, no time to process the pain, got to keep moving forward and swallowing it down ever since we have been kids type of world. It’s all you knew how to do, avoid, reject, deny, blame, hide, control, express unhealthy anger, and then run to your addictions for comfort and safety when there is a pain. You see all this running from unprocessed emotions is weighing you down in a charged up power of unexpressed and heated emotions.

Go back twenty or thirty years and rekindle and recapture the emotions you ran from and are still running from, you can do this. This power of charged emotions needs you now, to take responsibility. By healing the overly charged emotions you have been running from and trying to numb with drugs, alcohol, porn, etc., will always be there till you face it head-on. You can transform this built up emotion into power to transform your life and others.

I am Living proof

So Be It Divine Ones

Chris Parr
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