Your Ego Is Not Capable Of Doing The Job Of Handling The Context And Form Of Your Life, But You Demand That It Does And So It Tries To Do It And It Fails. 

Your Ego Is Not Capable Of Doing The Job Of Handling The Context And Form Of Your Life, But You Demand That It Does And So It Tries To Do It And It Fails.

If Your Ego Can’t Do The Job But Tries Anyways, Your Ego No Longer Just Sees The World As It’s Enemy Now It Sees You As The Enemy.


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So the first thing that goes askew is your ego has no time to become anything but weak, immature, naive and ignorant because it is far too busy trying to deal with a job that you are supposed to be handling.


Just as in you if you got a job to do and done one says here, come here, do this job instead of your job your not going to get your job done, are you. clearly Not. That is exactly what happens to the ego it doesn’t get to do its job of maturing because it’s doing your job interpreting.

How well is it going to do that job? Poorly ego is not equipped. How well would a mail person do as CEO oh maybe the first few letters would be alright, receive your correspondence of such and such date and we will consider what to do about it. We will get back to you. Signed sincerely, not bad. Can’t object to that the first few weeks but pretty soon you got to get back to it, we will sit on the reply for another month, you can’t keep doing that. Have to come up with a decision.


Your ego is incapable it can not do the job even if it were strong, even if it were mature, even if it were, it’s not capable of doing the job of handling the context and form of your life. But you demand that it does and so it tries to do it and it fails.


Now, what happens when you fail do you walk away and say well I failed at that so I am not going to do that again. Hell no I will try harder and then you start faking it, that’s what ego does. It doesn’t say ha here master I can’t do it says will do it even if I have to fake it and have to make it look good ill do it.


But what ego also does is it gets pretty angry at you. How would you like it in that sense if someone came to you and said do a job you were totally incapable of doing. You would at first feel scared then you would feel a certain sense of you know I can’t do it then it comes back to you and get pretty angry at the person who insisted you do the job.


So what happens in that sensing is

1.Firstly your ego doesn’t get to develop maturity

2.Secondly, it can not do the job and therefore it fails

3rdly it starts to fake it and make it look like its doing the job

And 4 th fourthly it no longer just sees the world as its enemy now it sees you as the enemy.


Okay now you have said to your ego handle the content, bring it to me and interpret and respond for me and so it does but it fails and doesn’t do a good job.


So what does it do, well it decides to take over the context and form of your subconscious, of your unconscious and of your higher conscious mind. It’s going to interpret not just this physical stuff but it’s going to interpret subconscious stuff and this unconscious stuff and it will interpret what your higher self says. Thank you very much. If I am going to have the job I’m going to have the whole job and I get to interpret all of it. Maybe then I can succeed. You see if I can interpret everything then I can succeed maybe you see I can handle it. But if I just have to take one department I’ll take over everything. All the context all the form and then I’ll succeed at this. But it fails still because it is still. Incapable if doing it.


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