Your Ego Is Suppose To Mature, It’s Suppose To Become Wise, it’s, Supposes To Gain A Certain Level Of Positive Growth And Maturity And Get Strong.

Your Ego Is Suppose To Mature, It’s Suppose To Become Wise, it’s, Supposes To Gain A Certain Level Of Positive Growth And Maturity And Get Strong.

Some May Say I got A Strong Ego. No, You Don’t. The Point Is You Tell It, You Pretend And You Try To Convince Everybody Including Yourself That It’s Strong But In Fact, It’s Still Very Weak.

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The second thing that goes, wrong. Why does this or your ego go askew here is what happens. When your ego is brand new when it is young when it is first in you, it is weak like an infant, it is naive, it is immature and it is ignorant. The new ego, the young ego is weak, naive, immature and ignorant.

From that vantage point, it sees the enemy as the world. The world out there is the enemy just like a child, much like a child. When they first encounter that world out there it seems very frightening, very terrible, they want to climb behind dad’s like and hold on, cry and don’t want to be let go of. I’m. Just going to put you in the sandbox next time, no don’t let go I am terrified of everything, don’t let go of me. In their ignorance, in their weakness and in their immaturity, the sand is a threat, the grass is a threat, tress is a threat, the wind, the Thunder, hear a clap of Thunder and children burst into tears, they are scared to death of Thunder. Why Thunder, but because you see the ego is the same way. In its weakness, its immaturity, its ignorance, everything is a threat. Ego is scared of the world and sees nature as the enemy.

Now what is supposed to happen here just as it is supposed to move from Infantile did not get enough to an image-based too am I enough based on an exploration-based ultimately to a positive base. Your ego is supposed to mature, it’s supposed to become wise, it’s, suppose to gain a certain level of positive growth and maturity and get strong, some may say I got a strong ego. No, you don’t. The point is you tell it, you pretend and you try to convince everybody including yourself that it’s strong but In fact, it’s still very weak. It’s supposed to get strong, mature and be wise.

Then it would realize nature is not the enemy. I don’t have to be afraid of this world out here. That this is my friend, the forces, the electromagnetic weak and strong and gravitational, that the elements air, water, earth and fire they are not my enemy. It would do that normally, the ego would do that normally accept something goes askew and here is what happens?

As well as delivering the context content you give your ego the responsibility of the context, you give the ego the responsibility of the content and form. It is like the CEO who welcomes the mail person and says fine give me the mail, since you have sliced it open go ahead and read the letters, since you have read the letters you decide what to do about it and write back, leave me out of this, that is in a sense what you have done to your ego. You said leave me out of this. I don’t want to have to deal with the context I don’t want to deal with the form, since you deliver it, you decide what, you interrupt it and decide what to do and then do it.

Now, what happens when that goes on. Using the mailroom example if the mail person has to stop in your office and open the mail, read it, figure out what to do, and write back a response they are not going to be able to deliver much mail aren’t they and they certainly aren’t going to have a chance to mature, to become wise, to grow strong or to handle any of things they are supposed to be handling.

So the first thing that goes askew is your ego has no time to become anything but weak, immature, naive and ignorant because it is far too busy trying to deal with a job that you are supposed to be handling and so just as in you if you got a job to do and done one says here, come here, do this job instead of your not going to get your job done, are you. clearly Not. That is exactly what happens to the ego it doesn’t get to do its job of maturing because it’s doing your job interpreting.

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