Your Soul use Crises To Speed You Up Or Slow You Down Or Change Your Course A Little Bit. But Your Soul Has Its Hands Tied It Can’t Use The Tools It Normally Uses.

Your Soul use Crises To Speed You Up Or Slow You Down Or Change Your Course A Little Bit. But Your Soul Has Its Hands Tied It Can’t Use The Tools It Normally Uses.

Peak Experiences And Crises Is What The Soul Uses, It Uses Inertia, Either The Inertia When You Are Stopped That Won’t Let You Move Or The Inertia As Your Moving Let’s You Stop. Your Soul Uses Inertia.

New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Tuesday, Aug 17

Another reason the soul seems so vague and so harsh is the tools that it uses have been denied.

The soul uses crises to speed up or slow down the rhythm of your growth or change the pattern of your growth. You see growth is continuing but it’s not constant it waxes and wanes and flows and It has cycles. Sometimes when you get on a going cycle it’s voom voom around and you think it has to go like that for the rest of your life. It can’t it has to slow down and it has to change course. Take for example you want to go to the next city and you like it is south but as you drive the road curves and goes east, north a bit, west a bit and then south. It’s not a straight line south. There are stoplights, roadblocks, construction work, there are curves and variables.

Your Soul use crises to speed you up or slow you down or change your course a little bit. Even if you need to go south you may head east for the day before you can go south. Plus you stop and explore along your way. It’s not a straight line. Crises are what the soul uses, it uses inertia (a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.). Either the inertia when you are stopped that won’t let you move or the inertia as your moving lets you stop. Your soul uses inertia.

Your Soul also uses peak experiences. Peak experiences have been plucked out and told to use a woo woo you have once in your lifetime and that’s it. In the mountain top on a moon lite night or when you are particularly drunk or stoned and you will have one of those and that’s it. That’s been taken away and at best sanitized back to you as an inferior experience. Crises and inertia are bad things, taboo. Don’t do that don’t have them or have one of those again. Go to the therapist and get a drug or be talked out of it.

Now we know many therapists work differently than that but you also know that psychology which is supposed to be the study of the soul, very seldom do you hear the word in your years of growing up. If it was covered it was in of course 101 something about soul and that’s it.

Mostly it’s about getting normal or getting mediocre and certainly if go in and say I am having an experience or crisis with my soul it’s yep okay that’s odd. We will figure out what complex this is later.

Crises, peak experience and inertia have been denied. What is left of peak experiences is an important little thing that is nothing more than a momentary high.

So your soul has its hands tied it can’t use the tools it normally uses. There was once upon a time that people had crises it was a time of great announcement and celebration and a tune to turn inward. Inertia was a, tune to work with the patterns, rhythm and cadence and peak experiences of major importance. But now it’s so yay ya what ever.

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