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My name is Chris Parr, and I am an empowered, intuitive Lemurian and Sirian Light Healer and life Coach. I represent Creator, the alliance of light, the Lemurian council, the Sirian Council and together we will heal each other home. You have been brought to me today because, I have a unique gift, in that my life’s calling, soul purpose and innate passion is aligned for healing and empowering others. I assist with unencumbering, healing and coaching people to reveal the greatest versions of themselves. I enjoy a whole, blissful and exciting experience in this lifetime and I will help you achieve this too. After years of dedicated training, I am certified in Forensic Healing®, Theta Healing®, and I am a Reiki Master in several styles of Reiki, Usui Reiki®, and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki 1®, and 2®, as well as I, offer a unique healing blend of all my modalities, called Lemurian light Creator Lead Healings, that I developed with Creator to offer my clients. I am not here to change any one’s mind, I’m Only here to offer the wonderment, beauty and bounty for those that desire them, that come to pass. Let me find the blocks in all aspects of your life including your finances, health, relationships, business, intuition, creative power, and more, and release them so that you can live the gift that is a life lived in your power, with purpose, joy, and infinite abundance. To All  that you are. You are a defining moment of love  now active now real.So it is

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Merakilight Healing
DIVINE AND FREE WILL.... EACH CHOICE IS BASED ON FREE WILL DIVINE ONES. MERGE YOUR WILL WITH GOD'S /GODDESS DIVINE WILL AND YOU WILL SEE YOU ARE ONE WILL.You tube link youtu.be/p1K1OqbOpV8YOU SEE GOD /GODDESS IS INSIDE OF YOU AND GOD /GODDESS IS A LOVING GOD /GODDESS THEN YOU CAN NOW TRUST GOD /GODDESS AND RIDE THE DIVINE WILL AND DANCE WITH GOD /GODDESS AS YOU CREATE THE EVER -EXPANDING MOMENTS CALLED LIFE WITH THE MOTHER AND FATHER AND YOU DIVINE ONE AS ONE. "TIS THE FATHER WITHIN ME THAT DOES THESE THINGS AS IT IS THE FATHER IN YOU. YESHUA BEN JOSEPH There is the will, the divine will and we can ride this divine will by being fully present in what is unfolding and basically just watch in excitement. We can add to the course of direction of the divine will by our own innate passions, creativity and imagination that ignite the divine will we are on. You see creators will have a divine plan, a plan that works. A plan that may require patients but always works out for the best. Now there come times in our life we lose focus of the creator, or we are taught from an earlier age creator is outside of us so we feel we are separate from God/Goddess and then it is only our own will. This is a battle in life, a tiered battle to do this thing called life on just our own will and seeing God/Goddess as separate. Say you are going on a vacation, maybe a healing retreat vacation and you know it just feels right, everything is lining up, all things are coming together, you could say this is divine will, it just flows. Now say your partner gets upset and tries to convince you not to go on your healing trip, and your partner gives you dozens of false dilemmas and false fears to convince you and make you feel guilty. Now you decide to not go on the trip at all but instead stay and attend to your partner's fears disguised as practicalities. Well, you are now on your own will and going off the course of the divine will. God/Goddess wants you to go on the trip, all doors are open but your partner's fears, who probably feel God/Goddess is separate from them self convinces you to not go and so you go on your own will. You find out later it would have been best to listen to your intuitive instincts and go on the trip and not stay with your partners guilts and fears disguised as practicality. Another example is your instincts, say you do not want to go into work today, you feel it is not right, this is God's /Goddess will. Now you say but I need money, I will be broke, I will not be able to pay my bills, I'll be homeless, your fear kicks in, you lose trust and faith in creators will and then you use your own will to get you out of your fears by going to work but when you arrive at work it ended up being the worst day to ever possibly work and the day cost you more in input then you made that day. That is your will going against God's/Goddess will.Now if you merge your will with God's/Goddess will you will see you are one WILL and God/Goddess and you have always been, you have never been separate. If you see God/Goddess is inside of you and God/Goddess is a loving God/Goddess and you can now trust God/Goddess and ride the divine will and dance with God/Goddess as you create the ever-expanding moments called life with the Mother and Father and You divine one as one. "TIS the Father within me that does these things as it is the father in you. Yeshuwa Ben JosephNow you can never make a wrong choice. Even if you take your will and try to make it separate from the creator, the universe will still line up what you have to learn, do, meet on your new course of the direction of your free will. It may be a rougher route for you but the universe rewrites everything to work with your free will. Surrender now into creators will, you and creator are one will. Be that will. Merge your will with God's Goddess will and see you have always been one. Trust God/Goddess wants the best thing for you and merge your will with God's Goddess will. You are one.IT'S EXTRAORDINARY ACTS OF KINDNESS THAT ARE MEASURED BY THE DIVINE.You know Where something inside of someone just wants to help another. This person who helps another does not do it because they feel they have too, or is keeping score of what they did, or how much they did it, or is upset for the help they offered is cutting Into their personal time , or that if I help others they will finally approve of me, that if I do this act of kindness God/Goddess will let me into heaven, that I will spiritually grow if I sacrifice my self, etc., not this, but an extraordinary being offers his/her free will for the betterment of all, for the betterment of humanity, for the betterment of all life, to hold them, to comfort them as a being suffers through the night, not because they have too but because they want too. When someone does this from their innate God /Goddess within, To care, to touch, to hold, to love, to be beside while the other being is in need, with no hidden agenda, that is God /Goddess. This is what is measured by the divine and who the galactic council of light, Sirian Council, heavens overseeing the ascension here are interested in. When one helps another this way this is an extraordinary evolutionary advancement of free will ever acted upon.Usually, in acts of kindness most but not all are working an angle, having a hidden agenda, maybe not wanting it to be returned right now, but they keep notes, they keep score and they wait for the same act of kindness or another to be returned to them from the same person or another.Then there is the amazing being who comes in for service, keeps no scorecard, no tally, no you owe me next time, and does not act on kindness because they are obligated or compelled to do it. An extraordinary being acts on kindness because they want to, they desire to, they love to, etc., from their own free will, From their own heart space to yours, no obligations, no hidden agenda, no ties, no commitments, no better get me later, no ill call you later to repay the debt, no not that. An extraordinary being helps another with no regards to payment, gratitude, or you better pay me later. Not this. The free will you offer to humanity is what the higher brothers and sisters, heavens, council of light, angels, etc., are seeking for the divine intervention that is taking place in this realm. What are you going offer during this major transitional period? Are you offering your service to get approval, to get accepted, to be loved, to get into heaven, to make up for lost time, to make up for all the so called wrong doings, or are you offering your free will because you love to, want to, the desire to and or just helping another just feels right? This is God /Goddess within you. GOD GODDESS IS WITHIN YOU CARING, LOVING, AND HOLDING ALL WHO ARE IN NEED. WE ARE BOUND TO BE HERE BY GOD /GODDESS BUT WE CAN STRETCH , REACH, AND GO AS FAR AS WE WISH ON OUR OWN FREE WILL AND FREE CHOICES . WHAT CHOICES WILL YOU MAKE DIVINE ONE? You have free will and the Sirians and other galactic council teams around, in and on our planet have free will too. If the Sirians are keen on the evolution of humanity, keen on the wisdom that awakens within me each day this is their free will. My free will is to meet up with them to relearn, to be retaught, to re-experience the Sirians TEACHINGS and WISDOM each day and every day and to be open to receive this information. I am open to conception and reception of the wisdom of Sirius. I meet the Sirians by my own free will and free choices. However, We have a paradox here, exhibiting apparently contradictory nature, we have free will and we have predestinated or preordained will. You have a preordained life to live this life, this karma, these patterns, to live this life the soul dictates. So be it. Now if we are living a predestined life then We are predestined to start somewhere and no One can take this away from you. I am predestined to bring awareness to the masses with the galactic team of Sirius. However, it is my free will to carry this out. You see, God /Goddess predestined my unique frequency, personality, gifts and abilities to align and match up with the Sirians frequency and wisdom but it is my free will and choice to meet them every day. I am fabricated from the light of Sirius a predestined approach to the work I am to carry out with the Sirian Council of light.One must have an unconstricted free will now, allowing the dictates imposed by others on you to be released, to be vented, to be healed, to let go. Such beliefs are that you are a born sinner, the beliefs of you being second class, not enough, unworthy, you got the wrong person for the mission, etc. the beliefs that cover up your free will and lock you into fear, guilt, unhealthy anger and shame. One way we are predetermined to work within the parameters of what we know, the parameters of the soul and the personality and the great Almighty that made it all so. So be itThen there is our will to the rise up, to make choices, to show up, to carry out what we want to create. IF we are to start somewhere predestined then no one can take this away from you. It is your choice to carry out what you set forth to create while you are here from your predestined starting point. My preordained life lets me know God /Goddess is always there ready to assist me. God /Goddess gave me life and predestined me to be here. My preordained mission and the journey is creativity, passion, imagination and making the unknown known. So be itWe are bound to be here by God /Goddess but we can stretch, reach, and go as far as we wish on our own free will and free choices. What choices will you make divine one? Where you are now is where you left off last time. We are bound to come back again, and again, and again preordained to carry out what we set forth to carry out. The law of predestination, you are bound to come back again. Welcome back divine one. Be unique, be free, be original be an expression of life. You may have left this life last time by old age, cancer, diabetes, pain, suffering, hidden agendas, unprocessed fantasies and thoughts, etc., but now you are back divine one, in the innocence of it all, the innocence of your creativity to explore again and make known the unknown. We welcome you. To release and transform all that withered you away last time and last life. You are back preordained. So be it Now Look at a child-free, flying, fun, don't care if they are bare feet playing in the mud or not, free to create with their unique personality once again. You are given the gift of life, take as long as you wish, it is your free will but it is preordained that you will return again till you set forth into motion, what you are to set forth into motion with God Goddess once again.Such compassion and love from God goddess as you make know the unknown once again dear beloveds. You are preordained to be here but it is your free choice and will to carry out what you set forth to carry out before you came here. Stretch far and wide with your will. You can never fail, you are destined for success.MY JOURNEY HERE WITH YOU IS TO UNENCUMBER THYSELF, MAKE THE UNKNOWN KNOWN AND TO DISCOVER THE UNKNOWN GOD /GODDESS. We know we are all predestined and predetermined here and that you are predestined and predetermined to be the way you are. So be that. To who you are from the reincarnations before, This is the liberty (freedom from control, freedom from arbitrary, freedom from external, freedom from captivity, etc., ) of being born in the flesh and what life gives you, life gives you a second chance and Life and the unknown God/ Goddess gives you as many chances as you need even if it takes a million chances. Know you are loved divine ones. You all have the ability of free will and the mechanism to change the way you are right now. No one is more special here than the next, we are all equal here experiencing life in a multitude of ways and We have all lived a life before in a multitude of ways. Blessing divine ones in your path of self-discovery, your truth, your passion, your imagination, your bounty, your love, your future sparks of dreams and visions are all welcomed here. When you have a vision you have a purpose. To your visions and to your dreams, dream weaver of loves embrace. THE HIGHER BROTHERS AND SISTERS HAVE COME FROM THEIR OWN KINGDOMS OF LIGHT AND LOVE TO BE OF SERVICE TO HUMANITY. Those who respect the free will of another human being no matter what they believe in. A being that is Fighting for liberty and the betterment of all people no matter what they believe in. To be able to express your truth while being able to be strong, courageous and fearless in your own truth but at the same time respecting another's truth no matter what it is, is what is most important and welcomed here and is the side the higher brothers and sisters are on.However, Those that want to enslave, postpone, control, restrict, captivate, confine, hamper, and control etc., another free will, thinking, speaking and right to life. Those that take away one's liberty to be free, takes away a person's lifetime and does whatever they can to enslave another is what will fade away here. These are the beings the higher brothers and sisters take down and bring into the light. This is about integrity now, anything that lacks integrity will fast fade away now. Anything that takes from Life instead of nourishes life will fast faded. The higher brothers and sisters are searching and navigating for the ones that want to be of service now and offer their service to the betterment of this world and its beings as a whole.Now is the time of impartial judgment, to be fair with your judgment. To look at another with eyes of love, compassion, hope, faith, care, etc. If you wish to intervene with another human being then do so by helping them unconditionally with no hidden agenda. That act of genuine help is a God /Goddess natural raw organic act, to help another is an evolved you act and when we see this evolved act set into motion, a motion of generosity, to assist another for no other reason but to help and assist them is what the higher brothers and sisters assist with.We are not here to harm another, not take from another, to miss lead, or steal from another, no not that but instead to give and receive love to another unconditionally.The greatest reward of all is you did it, you assisted another with no blame, racism, neglect, hate, anger, expectations, negative ambitions, etcl., no you put it all aside, looked within your self, activated the God-Goddess within you and then offered your light and love to assist another. How beautiful. Just because you wanted to and loved too is what the higher brothers and sisters are After. You see the highest form of wisdom is compassion, compassion for all life divine one. Now if the higher brothers and sisters are keen on seeking out the ones that want to assist with the betterment of this world and humanity just imagine for a second what level they have evolved too. To assist with the evolution of free will. To think in the betterment of all, the larger picture, not short term but long-term evolution. The higher brothers and sisters are looking at the larger picture here, Kind of like what the first Nations do, they look at 7 generation lifetimes forward and back for the betterment of all the families. The higher brothers and sisters have a huge appreciation for all life for we are all connected. This is like the higher brothers and sisters, who are looking at all eternity and the advancement of our planet thousands of years from now.Just think how evolved they are to come here from their part of the Galaxy to assist Humanity.To all the loving beings who have come to this realm to offer your loving service and caring assistance with unconditional love, we welcome you.WHAT EVER CHOICE YOU MAY BE EXPERIENCING RIGHT NOW, KNOW THAT YOU ARE PREORDAINED AND PREDESTINED FOR SUCCESS. You are Compelled To Secure and Bring ABOUT Divine Intervention You are PREDESTINED and PREORDAINED to be who you are destined to become. It is written within your dna, blueprint and in your heart. You have the free will now to mobilize your self with choices in your reality, to bring about a powerful and irresistible effect for life times to come. You are dreamers and magicians of loves embrace who are here to dream, create and imagine to bring about a course of action that benefits all life in this realm. You are an inventor, a tactical strategy specialist who has the ability to utilize and unite forces around you to bring about a desired outcome. You are compelled, to secure and bring about divine force, to drive together, many other like-minded individuals like you for a divine intervention.Our natural innate ability is to make the unknown known this is what we the vision makers do. We are the pioneers of a brighter healthier tomorrow. We welcome you. We are to make a conscious effort now to imagine a better way, even when the unknown is overwhelming us and we are filled with anxiety, we are to use our passion, character, drive, motivation, creativity and imagination to envision a better way.All evolution was created by envisioning a new evolved way. What new evolved way do you wish to create? You matter so much to God /Goddess that you are so predestined and preordained for success that we have been granted reincarnation to do it again.What ever your choice you may be experiencing right now, know that you are preordained and predestined for success.To your life and your creationsHOW CAN WE INTERVENE AND CHANGE THE DIRECTION WHERE A WHOLE WORLD OF PEOPLE ARE IN COMMA LIKE STATE UNCONSCIOUSLY CREATING A WORLD OF DESTRUCTION. Say they are destroying the earth right now, what do we do.? How do we step in, how do we intervene? What actions if any do we take to alter the course of the divine will, a group of God-Goddess all heading in a technology desire-driven WORLD disconnected from spirituality. IF the whole group of society or humanity is all heading in one direction, who are we to say "NO" that direction will not work it will only lead to destruction?If a whole world of people are unaware of what they are all really fully doing. Where Most but not all are just allowing while others are unconsciously creating. How can we assist.?How can we change the direction of the consciousness of an entire planet heading towards destruction? Say they are destroying the earth right now, what do we do.? What actions if any do we take to alter the course of the divine will, a group of God-Goddess all heading in a technology desire-driven WORLD disconnected from spirituality. As conscious individuals or as a conscious group of people do we prevent or even stop the unconscious from their own destruction? How do we step in, how do we intervene? For one important matter is you can not stop a large social group from doing what they are all doing or going to do, for they are all on the same page. Divine will is at work here, a large group of God/Goddess a whole planet you could say, of God/ Goddess that have all developed a consciousness that is heading in one direction.IF the whole group of society or humanity is all heading in one direction, who are we to say "NO" that direction will not work it will only lead to destruction. How do we intervene, how do we as consciously awakened individuals and as consciously awakened groups of God/Goddess start to shift the mass consciousness into a direction that feeds, nourishes, replenished, renews, restores, etc., everyone including the planet? For one thing, is we can not say NO that is the wrong direction that just does not work, the motion is set and billions are all going in that direction. Anyone who says that is the wrong direction is quickly alienated, blocked, ignored, boycotted, shamed, pushed aside, stoned, hanged, or crucified, etc. One way to look at this, as being higher conscious beings, is we understand the natural laws of the universe. We know of preordained law, that you will come again and that your needs are taken care of this life and we know free will is each and every one of you chooses and makes choices every day that contribute to the whole then there is divine will where the whole group is heading in one direction.What is happening on this planet is your affairs but how can we as star indigo children, who are fully conscious beings, ready and willing to shift consciousness. For one thing is we as healers, dream weavers, and planet mentors we must let go of shoulda, coulda, woulda or else mindset. This just pushes the unconscious away. We become the critical parent that pushes people away not unites them. The whole unconscious group is heading one way then a consciously awakened teacher, such as my self, says no you should do this and that will not work, the pre-divine will of the group is already heading in one direction.Now divine one within you is a God-Goddess and your free will. Let this be real and know within you is your free will to choose. Your free will to be wrong. Your free will to make a mistake. Your free will to change. All beautiful indeed. You have the ability to choose and if you wish to choose to follow. All is perfect all is well. We are the seeds of change the "DIVINE INTERVENTION" you could say, full of conscious beings who use their FREE WILL to assist in shifting consciousness by being fully conscious Beings. Which is One person tapped into his /her vortex of creation, their own God /Goddess self is more powerful than a billion that is not. This is how we become a conscious creator who subtly changes the direction through conscious awareness and free choices. We the conscious beings are also creating from a collective divine will of fully conscious beings hundreds of thousands of us, creating a new world, an evolved world. How? This is where fighting the old does not work but creating a new does. The war on GMO labelling, for example, you could tell people all day about roundup, DDT, agent orange, side effects of GMO foods, tumours, cancer, health problems, birth defects, etc., and don't eat that, should not eat that, etc, but will this work, it will NOT work. Instead as conscious beings we create a new platform that offers healthy eating and lifestyle, for example, permaculture gardening, education for children in schools on healthy eating, doing classes In a garden setting, cooking classes, how to garden, how to seed bomb vacant lots, how to read grocery labels,what foods feed the body which ones deplete the body, how to preserve crops, sharing non GMO seeds, having GMO free seed banks, community gardens with no GMO, demand labeling so we can make conscious choices for our selves, etc. This is how we shift consciously. Are you ready divine ones. We trained lifetimes for this. We are the seeds of change the frequency of 144,000 spiritual warriors of this golden age, all United in divine will, as each of us uses our own will to feed the fire of change. We do not fight the old, that never works we instead allow and then create the new and as the old paradigm system falls, as more and more get alienated, displaced, middle class eroding, bankruptcy, hardship, major health problems with cancer and disease, etc., we the seeds of change will be creating a new platform, a thriving platform, that adds longevity, health, wellness, and expansiveness to who you really are. GOD GODDESS of creation. HOW CAN I OFFER MY GUIDANCE, SERVICE, LIGHT , HEALING, COACHING, HEART ON MY SLEEVE, AND APPLY MY OWN FREE WILL TO THE BETTERMENT OF ALL AS A DIVINE INTERVENTION? How can the destruction of another God Goddess sit with you God Goddess ? You are both God/Goddess and God/Goddess is a giver, not a taker. Your innate human gift is to give and recieve love. How can you assist another in need today? How can you assist another to rise into their power? How can you assist another in remembering they are enough, they are pure, they are loving, they are needed, they are valued, they are seen, etc., How can you uplift another today?As you move along the spiritual journey, you may have used the shame you carry to get your own way, used suppressed overeradicted emotions to win, used your unhealthy anger to control, to be seen, to be heard, to manipulate, to punish, to be acknowledged, and to get your own way. Maybe you hold on to resentment to punish and make someone learn. Maybe you walk around judging others for being different. Maybe you only help and assist the ones that others approve of or fit in your box. These payoffs and suppressed emotions you hold onto to that seem to give you life, but don't. I wish to Inform you they will no longer serve you in the new energies we are all rising Into. These stagnant energies you hold onto and that you have found a reason to hold onto, aka payoffs, are only clouding your judgment and your ability to fully apply your self to assist others. A grand being sees beyond their own judgment and has risen in their own divine union within themselves. A non-judgmental being looks past their own judgment and says hey, how can I assist and help another human being in need. How can I offer my guidance, service, light, healing, coaching, heart on my sleeve, and apply my own free will to the betterment of all as a divine intervention? Throughout your life, you have all been given opportunities to assist another with divine intervention. I know most but not all may have used the opportunity to assist another but there is also the ones that instead blamed, said I don't I have time, they are not like me, they are to broken, it's to complicated, etc. How can the destruction of another God Goddess sit with you God Goddess ? You are both God/Goddess and God/Goddess is a giver, not a taker. Your innate human gift is to give and recieve love. The one that needs the help the most are the ones society rejects the most, like us star children, the light barriers, the way showers, the lightworkers, the autistic, the psychic, etc. Society as a whole rejects us and disowns us the most. But not to the galactic council of light, their divine intervention is to assist the ones that society rejects, the miss fits, the gifted, the talented, the drug addicts, the labelled, the God /Goddess spiritual warriors.How many of you had an opportunity to help another beyond your own politics, beyond your own anger, your own hate, your own jealousy, your own prejudices, your own envy own your hate, your own assessment that they are too much this and too much like that, etc?When you let go of your constraints and restrictions to make a life for another human being better, the Sirians will be interested in you. People who do this, reach out to assist others with divine intervention are what the beings of light, Sirians, Lemurians, galactic council of light are interested in. Acts like this are seen by divine light and seen by the divine council. The beings of light are not looking for selfless beings but instead they are gathering and forming divine beings who look past their own judgment and programs. Believe me divine ones, there are eyes watching all of you from Above and maybe beside you right now in a Merkabah. The silent observer gathering spiritual warriors. These beings of light are gathering the ones that want to preserve humanity, want to rise in wisdom, want to make their spiritual journey number one, and wants the ones that offer help where others would just say no and walk away. The one that looks past judgment and instead wants to divinely intervine, is what the higher brothers and sisters are intrested in. How can you assist another in need today? How can you assist another to rise into their power? How can you assist another in remembering they are enough, they are pure, they are loving, they are needed, they are valued, they are seen, etc., How can you uplift another today?One thing is for sure to not undermine them, but instead uplift them. A being that pushes all judgment away and takes action is what the Sirian and Lemurian council is intrested in. We assist each other home but first align your will to assist others with non judgment.The Sirians have evolved past the current human consciousness , evolved past the transition phase, have risen into higher states consciousness and they see how and who is in alignment with this ascension of assisting Humanity. The Satais planet in the Sirian Star system Has ascended, the whole planet ascended, and they are here now, with their divine intervention will, ready to assist all those who are ready. I am living proof of this. Which side does divine intervention work on, on the side that wants what we have to offer and wants to assist Humanity into the ascension process. You are the revelation of the diven kin of the star brothers and sisters. We welcome youWHY DO WE NEED A DIVINE INTERVENTION BROTHERS AND SISTERS. When we come into physical form there is a good chance we will lose our way, not saying we have lost our way here, not this, no one is truly lost to say and we are all rediscovering our own unique path to self-empowerment but What I am saying here is when you want to awaken, when you want to work on your self, when you want to unencumber your self, when you want to refine your self and deepen your magic, love and metamorphosis into a new you. Just know there are big brothers and sisters or higher brothers and sisters here to help and assist where needed with a divine intervention. You see on planet earth, We tend to become more physical and not that much spiritual, More cause and effect, More need it now then later, More need to be entertained, More desire for material possessions, its mine not yours, maybe they will like me with my new phone, Lack of patience, They need to become so much more instantaneous, they need to make a real impact now with very little effort or work, lack of compassion, They become the animal that hunts to feed the hungry ghost that can never be full ,Etc., these are acts of a physical.The acts of God/Goddess, however, are beyond human reasoning for example if you intervene to help another, another person, one person will say why would you save someone like that, can't you see they are beyond hope, they are gross, they have a loud voice, they have this, they are bitter old, they do that, they did this to this person, they hurt this animal, they hurt this person this way, they will never be there for you, they will only use you, etc. Why would you even take the time to save them? The true God /Goddess in you will comfort a sick person through the night for no reason, this is God-Goddess. When you go about your day, how you think and what your attitude is, is what we know about you. Not too much on what you say but how you think, how you live, how you act is what we focus on. If you are thinking and doing things from inward kindness, inward compassion and acts to assist your self and Humanity for a better life, this is the inward journey, the journey to refining the self. How you dream of a better world is what we dream of too, how you think and feel of love for another and your self this is what we do too, how you want to intervene in another's life with unconditional love is what we do too, how you wish the whole world was healed and you are thinking and feeling how this can be so this is where we divine intervene with you. We the council of light and love seek the inward goodness, the God /Goddess innate nature to assist another God/Goddess with no hidden agenda or negative ambition. This is what the higher Galactic brothers and sisters focus on.It's not so much on what you say it is what you do. Someone can talk all day but how about your wisdom and knowledge in assisting others with impartial judgment. Can you look at another who is completely different than you or is a homeless person on the streets and see the God-Goddess in them.We the beings of light see all and we see the inward kindness of your nature. These are the beings we join with and divine intervene with. How can you offer your bounty, your love, your defining moments of love, your joy and your wonder, your future sparks of dreams, your passion, your imagination, your hope, your love, your visions for a better world? How can you bring your unique treasures of kindness and love to the table with the galactic team of light?The virtues are known to the one who is going to do the divine intervention on. You see you are known, you are not just a number down here, not just an outcast, a misfit, a write-off and God /Goddess is not playing the slot machines with your life, you divine one is known and you divine one is known to us from the galactic council of light. We love you. MAGIC IS CHANGING REALITY TO COMPLY WITH YOUR WILL. Everybody works magic.Not everyone is a magician but everyone works magic. Magic is changing reality to comply with your WILL. To comply with your Imagination, to comply with creativity, to comply with your passion and to comply with your love and everybody does that.Those that have the will to prove that the worlds a rotten place, change reality, comply, and in their reality, its all rotten no matter what they do and if you talk to such a person and ask isn't there anything good or nice in the world or your world and they will say no no nothing is good, It's all rotten to the core. Those that have the will to be the victim. I'm going to be a victim, I'm going to be taken advantage of, I can't do it, because for whatever reason I think that's valuable, that is important, that is real.Then there is those that play martyr, they say I can not win at anything, why try. I'll never find love no one wants me, I'll never have a decent relationship, never catch a break, no one cares about me, I have always got to struggle, and push upriver, everything is going to be hard and tuff in life for me, nobody wants to help me, that's the way it is, rocks are hard, water is wet and that is just the way it is, its tuff. That's your will.Then there are those magicians that merge their will with God-Goddess will to comply in accordance with divine wills wishes, requests, etc. These are Inventors, dreamers a tactical strategy specialist, and or a magician of loves embrace who have the ability to utilize and unite forces around you to bring about the desired outcome. Who are here to dream, create and imagine to bring about a course of action that benefits all life in this realm. Now if you merge your will with God's/Goddess will you will see you are one WILL and God/Goddess and you have always been, you have never been separated. If you see God/Goddess is inside of you and God/Goddess is a loving God/Goddess and you can now trust God/Goddess and ride the divine will and dance with God/Goddess as you create the ever-expanding moments called life with the Mother and Father and You divine one as one. "TIS the Father within me that does these things as it is the father in you. Yeshuwa Ben-JosephSurrender now into creators will, you and creator are one will. Be that will. Merge your will with God's Goddess will and see you have always been one. Trust God/Goddess wants the best thing for you and merge your will with God's Goddess will and use the magic of God Goddess to comply with your will In reality, change it to comply in accordance with your will, wishes, requests, etc. You see people In the world using magic all the time.How can you assist another in need today? How can you assist another to rise into their power? How can you assist another in remembering they are enough, they are pure, they are loving, they are needed, they are valued, they are seen, etc., How can you uplift another today?When you ignite your self to assist another with no hidden agenda. When you ignite the innate God /Goddess ability in you to assist another. You become an individual capable of remarkable things.Are you ready for a divine intervention? ARE YOU READY DIVINE ONE.Chris ParrSirian and Lemurian wisdom teachingsGalactic Council of light and loveAgartha Shambhala WWW.MERAKILIGHT.COM this is Chris Parr from merakilight. Over and out. ... See MoreSee Less
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