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My name is Chris Parr, and I am an empowered, intuitive Lemurian and Sirian Light Healer and life Coach. I represent Creator, the alliance of light, the Lemurian council, the Sirian Council and together we will heal each other home. You have been brought to me today because, I have a unique gift, in that my life’s calling, soul purpose and innate passion is aligned for healing and empowering others. I assist with unencumbering, healing and coaching people to reveal the greatest versions of themselves. I enjoy a whole, blissful and exciting experience in this lifetime and I will help you achieve this too. After years of dedicated training, I am certified in Forensic Healing®, Theta Healing®, and I am a Reiki Master in several styles of Reiki, Usui Reiki®, and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki 1®, and 2®, as well as I, offer a unique healing blend of all my modalities, called Lemurian light Creator Lead Healings, that I developed with Creator to offer my clients. I am not here to change any one’s mind, I’m Only here to offer the wonderment, beauty and bounty for those that desire them, that come to pass. Let me find the blocks in all aspects of your life including your finances, health, relationships, business, intuition, creative power, and more, and release them so that you can live the gift that is a life lived in your power, with purpose, joy, and infinite abundance. To All  that you are. You are a defining moment of love  now active now real.So it is

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17 hours ago

Merakilight Healing
The Second Cause Of Shame Is Abandonment We Would Suggest Each Of You Here Who Is Caught In The Prison Of Shame, Were Abandoned In One Form Or Another. Abandonment By Death In That Early Period And Or By A Divorce In That Early Period Of Time. Not That Such Deaths Should Not Occur And Or Divorces Should Not Take Place But Don't Pretend They Don't Have An Impact On You. New Daily Inspirational Write-Up For Friday Jan 21That abandonment can take obviously the physical form where a parent leaves where mother and father desert. The single household where the father just upped and left has within it, shame-based children.Now we know several women are choosing to bear children as single parents but that is a whole different matter they are going in knowing there is not going to be a father. They are going in knowing I am becoming pregnant without a husband and I intend to raise this child as a single parent. No, we are talking about the woman who got married thinking that this was going to be her prince charming or her ticket out of her shame and after one or two or three kids he is out of there. He is gone. Or the mother who is out of there. Happens less that way but it does happen to the mother who is gone.It can also be associated with death when a parent dies particularly when that death comes between 18 months and 3 years old. It is a grand source of abandonment. You see a child does not have logic at that age you don't start to develop reason or logic until you are about 4 or 5 years old. Therefore, when mommy or daddy dies at 2 years old you can sit down and talk to that child till you are blue in the face, explain about death, that mommy or daddy has gone to heaven and all they are going to understand is mommy left me. That's all they are going to know because that is what happened to them. Logic doesn't count it doesn't matter. You can say do you understand and they will say yes, which simply means I don't want to talk about this anymore. It doesn't mean they understand. Well, I explained it to them and they said they understood but they didn't.Death that occurs, mothers sometimes die in childbirth the child is going to experience a sense of abandonment. Many of you who were adopted. You know people who weren't adopted can't quite understand it. The adopted children grow up and discover they are adopted and they then feel a terrible sense of why their real mother did not keep them. Others of you say that's alright At least you were chosen and at least the parents who raised you chose you. They must have loved you even more. If they have just given birth to you they would have to take you by default. Yes, that's there but you see the shame based on that abandonment. I have been abandoned and I need to know why. But there is no answer. So I internalize it as shame. Something is wrong with me. Abandonment by death in that early period of time and or by a divorce in that early period of time. Not that such deaths should not occur and or divorces should not take place but don't pretend they don't have an impact on you. Don't pretend you are not producing shame because they are. Because of the physical abandonment.When that abandonment comes later in life in the physical form it is often tied back to emotional abandonment. When a child is abandoned emotionally, I didn't want you and you were a mistake. Even before those words were ever spoken the child knows it and they understand it. Those children that were born out of spite out of vengeance, I'm going to get pregnant just to get him. I'll get that so and so by getting pregnant. To make him stay to make him support us. Or the emotional abandonment that simply occurs because two shame-based people are so concerned about covering up their own shame they don't have time for the child. You see an infant needs between the child is born at 18 months an infant needs virtually unconditional love. They need total love. When they mess, dump in diapers, when they cry all night, when they behave the way they do. None the less. Between zero and 18 months an infant Needs unconditional love. Nobody tells the mother that. Nobody tells the fifteen-year-old who has gotten pregnant that once this child is born you are going to need to love it unconditionally for at least 18 months no one tells the mature woman who gets pregnant oh by the way this pregnancy thing lasts nine months then it's over then the real work begins. Now you need to give total love and devotion to this child for 18 months. Beyond that, it doesn't need unconditional or needs to be so complete, but at least it needs to be and it's not there. That produces that emotional abandonment in so many.Each of you can say I didn't get that for the first 8 months but you see it impacts some of you differently. Standing alone is not going to produce detaining shame but it's going to be an ingredient and when you combine that ingredient of abandonment with the overachievement that you're supposed to accomplish, now you have something that can become devastating it is that this abandonment physically and emotionally.The alcoholic parent has abandoned their child, the drug-addicted, the gambling-addicted, the obsessed parent has abandoned their child emotionally. I haven't abandoned my kids I am there for them after school, yes and you're drunk. Well, just a little no big deal. Your drunk and they know it and they feel abandoned. I'm there but I'm working my third job, they feel abandoned. Does that mean every mother has to stay home, no? We are not saying it has to be absolute. We are saying that this sort of abandonment, emotional abandonment, as well as physical abandonment, produces a sense of shame.If that shame is not dealt with it becomes imprisoning. If that shame is combined with other ingredients it becomes imprisoning.Then there is the abandonment that comes with abuse. Abuse produces abandonment. When you beat a child you abandon that child. When you are mentally and emotionally battered, you have abandoned that child. When you sexually abuse a child you have abandon them. Those of you who had that abuse occur to you, you were abandoned. The second source of shame is abandonment.Chris ParrSirian And Lemurian Wisdom And TeachingsGalactic Council Of Light And Love Agartha Shambhala WWW.MERAKILIGHT.COMWWW.MERAKILIGHTHEALING.COM ... See MoreSee Less
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