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I warmly welcome you to my website. My first message to you today is that you have been divinely guided here and you are in exactly the right place!

My name is Chris Parr, and I am an empowered, intuitive Lemurian and Sirian Light Healer and life Coach. I represent Creator, the alliance of light, the Lemurian council, the Sirian Council and together we will heal each other home. You have been brought to me today because, I have a unique gift, in that my life’s calling, soul purpose and innate passion is aligned for healing and empowering others. I assist with unencumbering, healing and coaching people to reveal the greatest versions of themselves. I enjoy a whole, blissful and exciting experience in this lifetime and I will help you achieve this too. After years of dedicated training, I am certified in Forensic Healing®, Theta Healing®, and I am a Reiki Master in several styles of Reiki, Usui Reiki®, and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki 1®, and 2®, as well as I, offer a unique healing blend of all my modalities, called Lemurian light Creator Lead Healings, that I developed with Creator to offer my clients. I am not here to change any one’s mind, I’m Only here to offer the wonderment, beauty and bounty for those that desire them, that come to pass. Let me find the blocks in all aspects of your life including your finances, health, relationships, business, intuition, creative power, and more, and release them so that you can live the gift that is a life lived in your power, with purpose, joy, and infinite abundance. To All  that you are. You are a defining moment of love  now active now real.So it is

For more information about Theta Healing®, Reiki and Forensic Healing® please visit the “Services” link in the Menu bar. I also offer Light Language and Oracle Card Readings.


If you are stuck in life, and believe you need to heal past lives, want to remove toxins, or activate your psychic gifts and abilities; If you want to reveal your life’s purpose and find out why you are here, and if you truly want to change your life for the better, be ready for truly revolutionary, life-changing results. Stop putting off your new incredible life right now, and contact me today to book a session.

Many blessings.

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Merakilight Healing
Are You Stuck In Adolescent Image-Based Ego How About Are You Stuck In Am I Learning, Changing Or Growing Enough Ego New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Sunday, May 15There are those caught in the adolescent ego of the image-based ego am I good enough, you didn't compliment me enough, you didn't tell me how great I looked, you didn't tell me I look better than last time, you didn't give me more feedback, you didn't tell how good it was how good was I. I need feedback. Also image-based is concerned about clothes are they brand name or generic clothes, are they better than others, look at me look what I am wearing, clean, no stains and if stains it's the end of the world. Statues oriented got to have the best things, got to have the most modern things, got to have current trend, can't have last year, anything in that sensing because that means I'm not good enough, you see people like that. Some of you shrinking in your chairs maybe people like that. What he talking about that's ridiculous, nobody is like that. Then there are those who am I learning enough, am I growing enough. You are doing wonderful, yay but it's not enough, got to do more. When through college taking multi programs at once, and you took other courses and keep going back to school for more degrees. Or I am going to take more on-the-job training, don't know enough. I'm not doing it because I want to learn more I'm doing it because I haven't learned enough. I'm compensating for not being enough. You see there is a distinction we are not saying you should advance. But why are you doing it? Am I doing it because I am not good enough? Or am I doing it because I want to learn more?. Those that get caught in that sensing grown-up ego if you will in that am I learning, changing or growing enough ego, they get caught there. Very few ever really reach that positive ego of knowing I am enough. That's one thing that goes wrongChris Parr Sirian And Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings Galactic Council Of Light And Love Agartha Shambhala WWW.MERAKILIGHT.COM WWW.MERAKILIGHTHEALING.COM ... See MoreSee Less
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