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I warmly welcome you to my website. My first message to you today is that you have been divinely guided here and you are in exactly the right place!

My name is Chris Parr, and I am an empowered, intuitive Lemurian and Sirian Light Healer and life Coach. I represent Creator, the alliance of light, the Lemurian council, the Sirian Council and together we will heal each other home. You have been brought to me today because, I have a unique gift, in that my life’s calling, soul purpose and innate passion is aligned for healing and empowering others. I assist with unencumbering, healing and coaching people to reveal the greatest versions of themselves. I enjoy a whole, blissful and exciting experience in this lifetime and I will help you achieve this too. After years of dedicated training, I am certified in Forensic Healing®, Theta Healing®, and I am a Reiki Master in several styles of Reiki, Usui Reiki®, and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki 1®, and 2®, as well as I, offer a unique healing blend of all my modalities, called Lemurian light Creator Lead Healings, that I developed with Creator to offer my clients. I am not here to change any one’s mind, I’m Only here to offer the wonderment, beauty and bounty for those that desire them, that come to pass. Let me find the blocks in all aspects of your life including your finances, health, relationships, business, intuition, creative power, and more, and release them so that you can live the gift that is a life lived in your power, with purpose, joy, and infinite abundance. To All  that you are. You are a defining moment of love  now active now real.So it is

For more information about Theta Healing®, Reiki and Forensic Healing® please visit the “Services” link in the Menu bar. I also offer Light Language and Oracle Card Readings.


If you are stuck in life, and believe you need to heal past lives, want to remove toxins, or activate your psychic gifts and abilities; If you want to reveal your life’s purpose and find out why you are here, and if you truly want to change your life for the better, be ready for truly revolutionary, life-changing results. Stop putting off your new incredible life right now, and contact me today to book a session.

Many blessings.

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Merakilight Healing
The Sixth Thing To Develop A Positive Ego is Which One Of The Three Windows Are You Viewing Your Reality With. There Are Three Classes Of Windows To View Your Reality with, Ego, Subconscious And Higher Consciousness And Many windowsa Within Each Class. New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Monday Aug 8 What we would suggest is to evaluate your point of view, and where are you looking from. As well as where are you looking to, the reason we say that is this if you look at yourself like this bubble of consciousness you as a conscious being as a soul or a spirit is inside. There are many windows in which to look, you can look through a victim window or you can look out a happy window, or you can look out everyone's out to get me window or I am being attacked by dark lords window or you can look out any window you choose. You can look out the window that every woman is my mother and every man is my father you can do that. There are many windows to look out.There are three main groups of windows. One group of windows is the ego, Another group of windows might be called the subconscious window and the third category of window which would be called the higher consciousness because that is where the unconscious mind is in direct route too. There are three classes and many windows which in each class.When you look out the window of the ego you are not looking forward in your life oh you may be talking of a future such as one day I am going to. But your not looking forward you are looking backward in your life. That future you are talking about is based upon the past. Your not looking out the front of this particular vehicle, capsule or spaceship that is you. Your looking out the ass end of it. What you ate seeing there are a lot of promises of a future but no future at all. What you are instead seeing is the stuckness of the past and you are caught in a web of it.When you look out the subconscious window in terms of understanding and analyzing and logically dealing with the subconscious you are very much so looking at a metaphysical view of reality. Seeing things for what they are metaphysical.The most advantageous window to look out is the ones that look forward the windows to the higher self, the windows that go beyond your physical, not to exclude it but go beyond it.You are in this particular capsule that's flying through space and because you don't want to look and void out there you drop screams and create the illusion of reality out there. You can look out those ego windows all you want to and pretend you have a future when you know you don't and be stuck never getting anywhere other than a Destructive place actually destroying yourself only to come back and do it again.We would suggest turning completely around and looking out the windows to the higher consciousness and look out to all that you can be and more. Let yourself have hope, let yourself have love, let yourself have joy, let yourself have the sense of being more than just a mere mortal a mere physical being, a mere animal that stands around, let yourself appreciate that moreness, let yourself go for that and to stretch for that. That opens feels the void and opens to the positive ego. The positive ego can then function harmoniously delivering rapidly the messages of the information that you need that you can form and contextualize your life with.Chris ParrSirian And Lemurian Wisdom And TeachingsGalactic Council Of Light And Love Agartha Shambhala WWW.MERAKILIGHT.COMWWW.MERAKILIGHTHEALING.COM ... See MoreSee Less
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