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I warmly welcome you to my website. My first message to you today is that you have been divinely guided here and you are in exactly the right place!

My name is Chris Parr, and I am an empowered, intuitive Lemurian and Sirian Light Healer and life Coach. I represent Creator, the alliance of light, the Lemurian council, the Sirian Council and together we will heal each other home. You have been brought to me today because, I have a unique gift, in that my life’s calling, soul purpose and innate passion is aligned for healing and empowering others. I assist with unencumbering, healing and coaching people to reveal the greatest versions of themselves. I enjoy a whole, blissful and exciting experience in this lifetime and I will help you achieve this too. After years of dedicated training, I am certified in Forensic Healing®, Theta Healing®, and I am a Reiki Master in several styles of Reiki, Usui Reiki®, and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki 1®, and 2®, as well as I, offer a unique healing blend of all my modalities, called Lemurian light Creator Lead Healings, that I developed with Creator to offer my clients. I am not here to change any one’s mind, I’m Only here to offer the wonderment, beauty and bounty for those that desire them, that come to pass. Let me find the blocks in all aspects of your life including your finances, health, relationships, business, intuition, creative power, and more, and release them so that you can live the gift that is a life lived in your power, with purpose, joy, and infinite abundance. To All  that you are. You are a defining moment of love  now active now real.So it is

For more information about Theta Healing®, Reiki and Forensic Healing® please visit the “Services” link in the Menu bar. I also offer Light Language and Oracle Card Readings.


If you are stuck in life, and believe you need to heal past lives, want to remove toxins, or activate your psychic gifts and abilities; If you want to reveal your life’s purpose and find out why you are here, and if you truly want to change your life for the better, be ready for truly revolutionary, life-changing results. Stop putting off your new incredible life right now, and contact me today to book a session.

Many blessings.

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Merakilight Healing
To Awaken This Third Eye Center’s True Nature And Bring Illumination To The Whole Of The Body And Mind. One Of The Highest Images Of God-Goddess Is The Single all-Seeing Eye. New Daily Inspirational Write Up For Tuesday March 22This power within ourselves projects outward into the reality that which we are witnessing, the physical reality we see around us. The third eye, the cyclops eye is the projector to your reality. This spinning wheel projects outward into your reality of what you want to see, experience, and create in your life. The third eye is the chakra in the center of your head and It is this spinning vortex wheel that projects out what I want to see. Also, the third eye sees things and then you manifest them into your reality. It's like magnetic energy that draws to your reality all things it needs to make that reality possible for you to experience it. Every time you think of something, you are creating an electric charge that starts to bring it all together into your reality and gives it life. The vision you project, through this doorway, the third eye, is a vortex of energy electric energy that gives the energy to cause and effects. EX, take static electricity, it causes things to cling together to form something we can, touch, feel, see, hear, and experience. This charge brings things together so we can experience them In our reality.One of the highest images of God-Goddess is the single all-seeing eye. The Enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and imagination for the quest and visions of life will awaken the third eye again. What is real In your world? God gave you five senses right, to experience the world. These five senses make the reality you are experiencing seem very real indeed. These five senses allow us to explore our world and bask in the many sights of this reality as God /Goddess in physical form.What you see, hear, touch, taste, etc., is any of it truly real? , nope, it is all an illusion. Then you may ask what is real then? What lies behind it, the essence is really not the perspective. So what is really real, well what is really real is the feelings, what you feel when you experience something. This is real. What you see is not real but the feeling that is produced from what you see is that which is real. Same with hearing, touch, taste, etc., so what you see, touch, taste, hear, taste, etc. is not real but what is real is the feelings behind it all. The feeling that touching produces is what is real.Your five senses are the doorways, the gateways, and the channels in which the feelings come in and go out.The chakras are the same, they are the doorway to allow in that which is real, the real feelings.If we do not have any of the five senses how do we experience life? It is through the five senses and chakra systems we feel and experience our reality. If we do not feel then we are termed brain dead.Chakras are the doorways that allow us to touch feel, see, hear, taste, explore and feel life. Chakras allow us to connect and tap into the Infinite creative power within ourselves.The five senses give you the illusion of being real in this reality. Pretty cool rightThe physical you is an illusion and it is through your chakra centers that you will experience the many feelings of life. We as a whole are spiritually evolving and creating an expansion of Creators Consciousness, A reality that is of a higher light frequency that is for the betterment of all. Awaken Third Eye To awaken this third eye center’s true nature and bring illumination to the whole of the body and mind. For me I listened to third eye chakra meditation every day, I merged my pineal gland third eye and 6th sense chakra, which activates the third eye, removal of fluoride and mercury, and start practicing meditation, yoga, breath work, color therapy, sound healing, nature, sit in a dark room and focus on the third eye, I call forth the holy spirit to give life to my third eye again by blowing the presence of the holy spirit on the burning hot coal (third eye) starting to take the image of creative fire within my being. etc.When I see my third eye, it's a bright light, very bright, I close my physical eyes and I see a bright eye, and it sees all.I activate my third eye now. So be it Blessings sweet ones of light and love.Chris Parr Sirian And Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings Galactic Council Of Light And Love Agartha Shambhala WWW.MERAKILIGHT.COM WWW.MERAKILIGHTHEALING.COM ... See MoreSee Less
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