Below are some of the many endorsing testimonies I have received for my work.

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Testimony – I got healed from my allergies and other stuff – great guy chris parr, he is on … facebook!….he can balance anything in your body – and finds out where it comes from to fix the issue, not just allergies, he helped my back, my nightmares, he does it all – hes amazing.


I am very happy that my sister found Chris. The healing sessions we have had have been nothing but amazing. Most importantly Chris is one of the warmest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. It takes a huge amount of trust to open one self to the whole process and Chris makes it […]


Chris. I’m a different person thanks to our sessions. A whole new world has opened up for me. I especially found the examination of my past lives helpful in explaining so much of who I am in this life. My healing sessions with you have inspired me to be a better, happier person in every […]


I truly feel wrapped in wings! Thank you for amazing healing session last night


I will be the first to say that this works, 100%. Chris is one of the most amazing healers I have met. I was allergic to everything for many years, nuts, seeds, lettuce, spinich (anything green leaved) tomatos, citrus fruit, whole grains, pineapple, raw carrots and apples, pretty much anything healthy. I was carrying my […]

Robyn Kinghorn

When I went for my first session with Chris my energy was very heavy. I was very asthmatic and had a bad case of all year round Colds and allergies including food allergies. I can one hundred percent say that all allergies are gone. I am now able to eat things I could not eat […]


Hi there. Here is my experience with Chris after five sessions. My gluten, dairy, almond, chamomile, additive, soy, allergies and sensitivities are all gone. I had been on strict diets for years due to neurological and digestive issues. I can eat anything I want and my digestion is better than I can ever remember. I […]


Chris works rapidly and effectively with energies, Light Language and symbols, skillfully blending healing modalities to bring about positive life transformations for his clients by weeding out the root cause of any problem.


Hi have had two healings from Chris and have never felt better. Chris is a gifted, holistic and a wonderful healer who uses his gifts and talents to empower and allow people to be in their power. I would recommend Chris to everyone who wishes to live their life from a place of love joy […]

Leonora Chestnutt

I highly recommend Chris L Parr he is a remarkable ancient soul and energy healer. I’ve done so many kinds of healing for many years and all I can say is he is such a very special heart and soul. If you are drawn please contact him for a healing session.

AnaShay Boucher


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  1. Luke John Murray

    I was guided to Chris due to a very strange illness which would not improve no matter how healthier I made my lifestyle. Chris assisted with shifting some quite complex past life and ancestral issues pertaining to black magic and dark interference. If you know or suspect you are dealing with such issues then Chris is 100% the right healer for you, he deals with each issue with care and precision leaving no stone unturned. I must say my life has begun to shift drastically since my sessions with Chris. His is a wonderful being and one of the best at what he does!

    Infinite blessings to all!🙏
    Luke John Murray

  2. Deepak Prasad

    Chris is probably the best healer I have come across. I spent years seeing so many healers but still felt as if there was a dark cloud over me, something impacting my life in very negative way. Chris quickly found what we needed to work on and I have felt a huge shift in my life like I’ve shifted timelines or realities. I feel this inner strength pulsating out of me and feel very centered and grounded. I’m very grateful to have found Chris as no one else seemed to understand what I was going through and I had run out of ideas on how to improve my situation in life. Thank you Chris!

  3. Siqi

    Chris’ healing was truly effective. I followed my intuition to do energy healing with Chris and released parts of my adulthood and childhood shame that blocked me from living with a higher vibration. I had a lot of perspectives shifted when I shifted energetically and started to do automatic writing after the session and as I gained so much from the session! Plus, he was also generous to me as a client, by sharing what he writes about shame work and even did free oracle reading for me at the end of healing. I highly recommend Chris if you felt like receiving energy healing and quit doing healing all on your own.

  4. Tuan Nguyen

    For my 50th birthday, I decided to treat myself by enrolling in Chris’s healing sessions. The sessions contain a lot of material, but like anything else, you have to have the discipline to work on it and on yourself to see the benefits. Chris was able to identify and work with me through a through a lot of deep rooted issues. He was also able to answer to lot of questions I had for the longest time about my supernatural, metaphysical experiences and how it all fits into my ascension process. The biggest takeaway that I got from the sessions was that it reignited my passion and purpose and gave me the confidence to believe in myself to pursue my dreams.

  5. Sharisse

    Working with Chris has been a profound transformational experience. Throughout our sessions together, he always held a compassionate space of nonjudgement. He always sees you as your DIVINITY and not your traumatized human self. He’s helped me to reconnect to myself through retrieving lost aspects of self. He listens to your concerns with an open loving heart. If you have any questions (which I always did) he takes the time to answer them. Overall, working with Chris was a good experience, would recommend.

    Thank you Chris
    It was nice to reconnect with you in this lifetime.

  6. Lorna

    Wow thank you Chris for the healing Yesterday, I was surprised how you managed to go so deep into my past.
    I won’t be anything like you captured my attention.
    As like I said to you my always had an untidy dirty house.
    And I always said to myself I would never bring my children up like that and I would be caring and nurturing.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥
    God bless you for sharing your divine love and light of your utube guidance I will watch them.
    Beautiful blessings unto you
    🌹 🙏 🌹 🙅🏼 XXX

  7. Carol Tripathy

    Chris is a highly intelligent, powerful healer, mentor and teacher who understands people and life’s problems. Chris always intuitively knew what I was feeling and worked diligently to help clear past issues that occurred in my life so that I could release it and step into a more intuitive and powerful version of myself. Chris goes the extra mile and makes sure to accomplish his goal to help each person become everything that they dream of so that they can also move forward to help and heal others and pay it forward. It is really a fantastic experience to be on his schedule and know that he is there to help you get where you want to be. If you are interested in upgrading your life, stepping out of difficulties and into your fearless power that can only come from within, then Chris Parr is the person that will make sure that you get there! I couldn’t be more grateful that I somehow stumbled onto him and his teachings. 💕

  8. Michele Z

    Since I had my first session with Chris, I started noticing that problem areas in my life started clearing up. I had been dealing with 5 years of insomnia and since the very first session, I noticed improved sleep. Because of all of the clearing work that happens as a result of the sessions, I was letting go of old, unquestioned habits or ways of coping that were not serving me. I also noticed that my relationships with people that I cared about seemed to be improving, and I was even being treated better by others. I felt like they were able to see me more for who I really am since I was letting go of old programs. Thank you Chris!

  9. Jules Livingstone

    Chris worked over a series of healings to shift and reset old programming that was leading me to self-sabotage and remaining blocked. Chris’ energy work had a powerful effect on my body, mind and whole being.
    I was so happy with the changes in myself following the healings that I requested a second round. Chris worked on my unconscious drivers and he then activated the amazing energetic work he does to clear those imprints from my field. This was totally amazing.
    The results from Chris released and healed more than many years of work that I had done with other professionals (psychotherapists and counsellors). It moved me into a completely new and more free space.
    I am very grateful and feel really lucky that I was able to experience Chris’ unique gift.

  10. Debbie RedHorse

    Chris, you are an amazing soul! Thank you for sharing this healing journey with me. You gave me the tools I needed to release past trauma and negativity. You gave me clarity, along with insight and healing energy; you guided me back home to myself❣I look forward to each new day with insight, love, energy and power.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with me Blessings to you and your family. What an amazing journey!❤🙏❤ Deb in Alabama

  11. Mona

    I came across Chris on Facebook and started reading his daily blogs. I was able to understand a lot of what was happening with the awakening process a lot better thru his explanations. I felt his energy healing one day while sitting in the living room which was absolutely amazing and contributed highly to my awakening process. That was when I decided to start his healing sessions which have helped tremendously. Highly recommend his expertise in healing.

  12. Nadia

    Chris is the most amazing healer I have ever met. After my healing I woke the next day feeling a renewed sense of happiness that I haven’t felt for about 2 years. This feeling of happiness has stayed with me. I also have a feeling of expansion and freedom within myself, its such a great feeling! Chris has an ability to dig down to the core issues and move patterns of early childhood conditioning that run in the background and sabotage your life, much like a computer program and your not even aware of the program/s that are running. Chris is a blessing to all that seek his help, he truly has the ability to transform deep issues. Thank you Chis you are so gifted, I am so grateful. Blessings and love to you.

  13. Jody Freitas

    I highly recommend Chris Parr for all your healing needs. His gift is amazing and creates results. He truly cares. He has the tools to find how to work with you and thru you for your healing. He is blessed. Thank you Chris for helping me find what was blocking me. 🙏💙🙌

  14. Eva Marie

    If you aren’t able to shift a situation, it’s probably a challenge you wrote into your pre birth plan, however, you can get help. Allow a gifted healer you trust help you to clear the blockages in your life. In November when I was suffering and I had a lymphatic blockage that was around my heart area and very swollen, I contacted Chris L Parr to help me. I was so frustrated, I’d been in some kind of agony for a month. The doctor thought I must be covered in cancer so he did scans. After a session with Chris, my scan was clear and I’m healing. I’m continuing my sessions bc what he does works. I highly recommend Chris Parr. ♥️🌟🌟♥️🌟♥️🌟♥️

  15. Nancy Lawson

    I first met Chris about 6 months ago when I had my first session with him. I had been attracted to him as a healer due to the info he generously shares on Facebook regularly. I could tell he knew what he was doing.

    I embarked on a healing journey with Chris that lasted several months. I was determined to be thorough in releasing anything that was holding me back. I ended up having around 15 sessions with him. That is a testament to how much I enjoyed the sessions, and how much I got out of them.

    During each session, I had a shift that resulted in a healing; sometimes a very deep one. I released and cleared a lot during the sessions themselves. For the deepest healings, I spent days afterward fully integrating the healing.

    Chris has many healing modalities that he uses and he combines them as needed. He is very intuitive. There were times when we had a plan for what we were going to cover that day, but Spirit had other ideas. Chris is able to tune in to what is needed at exactly the right time and make adjustments on the fly.

    During my sessions with Chris, I always felt well-cared-for, like I was in good hands. I knew I could trust him to do what is for my highest good, and I could trust him to keep my information confidential. I can talk about anything with him. And as a bonus, we shared many laughs together.

    If you are thinking about booking a session with Chris, I highly recommend that you do! You won’t be sorry.

  16. Nancy Lawson

    I have had several sessions with Chris over several months. Chris is a gifted healer. He has many healing modalities he uses in his work with clients. He utilizes and combines them in a session as needed. I feel very comfortable with Chris, and I trust him completely. I have had radical shifts during a session, and sometimes afterwards as I fully integrate the healing. Chris is very intuitive. Sometimes we have a plan for a particular subject to tackle for a session, but Spirit guides him in another direction. Whatever transpires always ends up being perfect for me at that time. I feel Chris is definitely Divinely guided, and I highly recommend his services. I am so much more emotionally healthy than I was when I first started working with him.

  17. Ley-anne Sims

    Chis is amazing! He has gotten to the root cause of issues. He found the issues that I couldn’t. I have had 3 sessions with him and my life has changed so much that I cant even express in words. I am really looking forward to the next couple sessions with him. Chris you are so blessed with this powerful gift. Thank you for everything. ❤

  18. Rousseau

    What a great feeling it is to find someone so true to themselves and to others! Chris is an amazing friendly, yet very poweful soul. His presence makes you feel at home and at ease right away. This was a magical session for me and I also felt a feeling of strong brotherhood connection with him. Thank you so much Chris. Looking forward to speaking with you again soon!

    Big love!


  19. Bob Frye

    Chris is an amazing healer,he is so connected to source and the divine.I could not recommend him more highly for anyone that needs a healing/deepening session.I will continue to work with him and will be getting an attunement to Sirian/Lemurian Healing in December.I have been working with Chris for seven months now.Thanks Chris!
    Bob Frye

  20. Siqi Xie

    I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Chris. He is truly AMAZING! I was depressed and in a very low vibrational state while I came across Chris and he helped me cleanse up my karmic contracts and heal through my shame from infancy to adulthood, which transformed me completely!! The energy change I felt physically was real during the session. Over six months, I saw myself become lighter and lighter, coming into my empowerment and my own integrity. With him, I built up my confidence in healing with someone, which didn’t happen before (like I couldn’t trust people who would actually help me over my issues) and he strengthened my beliefs in my own gifts and abilities. I couldn’t describe how many positive changes have happened in my life thanks to his help and support in this ascension journey! I am also thankful to myself to have followed my intuition to work with him!

  21. Shawna Henderson

    Chris is an amazing high-frequency being and my sessions with him thus far have been incredible. So much is shifting and so quickly. A lot of things make more sense to me. I am coming into a place of deep love for myself, and the rememberance is beginning. The awareness of the many aspects of the Self coming through, it’s amazing. During our sessions I experience so much synchronicity, things clicking, making sense, connecting dots, and ‘how did he know that!!??’ hahaha. I really like how efficient he is in his work, how he can clear so much in one session, while on my own it can take an hour to days to weeks to clear something and some things i still can’t clear I know to bring those up in the next session. I always feel lifted by the end of the session, I feel balanced and centered and calm. I do my homework to maintain this state, or at least stay close to it. I feel the beautiful loving frequency of Yeshua when I am in his presence for a session. It’s incredible how much this man has overcome to be of service to us at this time. Thank you so much Chris!!

  22. Hillis

    Chris is a special being! His ability to guide others to heal and nourish themselves is beautiful experiance. He facilities the soul in the releasing of what no longer soul and nourishment to connect to the higher realms of the Universe. There are currently no words to articulate the experience of such frequencies. Chris truly enjoys what he does and guides others to to the same. I appreciate the tools given to me and love shared in Oneness. Thank you

  23. Jenny

    Chris is an amazing healer. I’ve worked with many healers and none of which has been able to see through all my blockages, and fearlessly address any “darkness ” hiding the way Chris has. He is someone to go to who will work with you at the core level where the spiritual tumor is. Working with Chris is a transformational blessing. All love. Highly reccommended.

  24. Barbara GL

    Had a free healing from Chris, at the beginning I felt i was swelling like a bubble all of myself than as we progressed it went down. My eyes, after the session was over I felt my eyes glow and they were bigger, even my boyfriend noticed my eyes were different. I know this is a begiining of a great friendship with life with myself and the world. I have been following Chris for a while now and always read his stuff, by the time the healing came I had cleared a lot of stuff on my own by listening to his videos and reading his wonderful messages, he told me i disnt have many blocks, but it was because I have been working on me for a while. I thank God for putting this man on my path he is truly a blessing.

  25. Nicole L

    Thank you very much Chris L Parr for the very real and very beautiful healing session. You are incredibly gifted and I highly recommend you to anyone who needs the gifts you have of seeing into the very aspect of who someone is so they can release and heal all that holds them back. Bless you ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you Divine for leading me to him. Forever grateful

  26. Yvette Dahlman

    I am so greatful for the healingsession with Chris, he is such a divine powerful healer!!
    All I can say is that he is reaching the core of what you need to heal and from there magic and miracles happens!!!
    So blessed…thank you Chris❤

  27. Linde Griffis

    I have a testimony to Chris’ services. I had been watching his free healings since July of this year. I immediately could feel his energy and the shifts. Fast forward to November and I win a healing from him for December. I was and am beyond excited! I received my healing today and I can say that Chris has created a huge shift for me. As if a veil has dropped, or many I may say. I am very thankful for the services that Chris provides and am looking forward to more healings from him in the future! Thank you for everything that you do Chris!!

  28. Maree

    I feel blessed to have found Chris.
    I have had a profound journey of self discovery. Chris reveals so many facets of who you are. I fell in love with myself.
    One of the greatest investments is YOU! Finding out who you truly are because when you do everything else falls into place.
    Your life will never be the same when you start on your journey with Chris by your side.
    It’s truly a privilege and honour.
    I am forever grateful and blessed.

  29. Terri

    Hi Chris,

    I have been so blessed and grateful to have crossed your path and I’ve had the opportunity to work with you. I was able to complete all the sessions you so graciously do. I just finished my last session, gifts, powers and abilities.
    I look forward to utilizing everything I have learned, healed and been graced with in my daily life. Thank you! I have seen many changes in my own life and intend to refer many clients to you. With light and love for all you do! Many Blessings Terri

  30. Kari Wagner

    There aren’t the words for the powerful healing sessions that I’ve had with Chris. My interactions with him have changed my life. I have been able to take back my power and truly heal the deep core issues that have been holding be back for lifetimes.

    I am able to be the best version of myself since we have worked to remove the blocks that I had. Physically down to a soul level, Chris has assisted me to heal. One by one the people I am closest to have also gone to Chris for healing sessions, because they see the results. I feel whole again.

    As I go on embracing my mission- I am forever grateful to have Chris on my team. Chris is the truth. I encourage anyone who is ready to embrace that truth, anyone who might need assistance healing or clearing those blocks, breaking those lifetimes of cycles, collecting those soul fragments– trust that Chris can help you to get there. Eternally grateful for Chris.

  31. Kyla

    I worked with Chris for about 2.5 months, and I can say that trusting him was the best decision I’ve made so far. I came to him a sobbing, shell of a mess, and by the end of our last session, I had a massive smile on my face. The biggest gift I received from working with Chris was the sense of empowerment that I don’t think I’ve ever felt in my life before.

    Chris is incredibly kind and nurturing in his approach. He makes you feel incredibly safe to face your traumas and hurtful parts of your past, to finally make that shift within yourself. Chris is so incredibly gifted that when he heals you, you can literally feel your body and your spirit changing.

    The beautiful thing about working with Chris is that he doesn’t just heal you, he empowers you. The wealth of knowledge he has is so profound, but he’s so generous with it. He will teach you multiple ways to take control of your life, your journey.

    Chris has become a great friend and he’s changed my life. If you’re reading this, and you’re unsure about booking a session with Chris, please don’t hesitate. You are more than safe in Chris’ hands.

  32. Anneli Svahn

    I was guided to Chris on Facebook once I realized that I was going to need healing that reached the deeper layers. I watched his videos and was truly amazed by the great wisdom and diversity he posses.
    I hesitated at first because English is not my first language, but Chris encouraged me to continue regardless and it’s never been a holdback. It’s clear to me that it reaches beyond the language barriers.

    Chris has the ability to see your karmic patterns, your pain, implants and imbalances of any kind that need to be healed and restored, that prevent you from stepping into your true authentic self. He told me what I needed to work on to be fully healed, and he’s always been honest.

    He peeled off allt the layers one by one with great integrity, playfulness and love. His knowledge and trust is unquestionable.

    I have felt healing energy flow through me, caused lucid dreaming and many things have reached the surface for me to recognize. It has included numerous aspects of me that’s now been restored.

    I’m forever thankful for this journey! It’s been a life changing experience that I couldn’t have done without.

    Allt this put together has allowed me to grow and expand with great confidence and faith, and Chris has always been there for guidance along the way. He has shared invaluable tools to support me on my further journey. Looking in the rear view mirror I can see clearly that all this had a higher purpose. I’m lighter and happier than I’ve ever been, I’m a different person. I would recommend you to anyone.
    Thank You so much Chris!



  34. Rosemary Burns

    Testimony for Chris L Parr
    Thank you for the amazing healing sessions that I had with you. Chris is an amazing and gifted healer. Thank you for all you did for me, and thank you for all that you do for others, including your free youtube videos. I recommend you to any who need healing. Blessings Rosemary Burns

  35. Franziska

    I can’t thank and recommend Chris highly enough!!! First of all his enthusiastic spirit is refreshing, and fun! He has a great focus to REALLY get the stuff done!
    His work is, was, and will continue to be an absolute life-changer!

    Around beginning of November 2016 I watched a video on YouTube about removal of implants. This is when I for the first time experienced his energy transmission. Within 10 minutes I wrote him, and booked a Skype healing session. This was one of the top 10 decisions in my life.
    His intuition is 100% spot on! It was mind-boggling (and luckily funny) how correct he saw, and described blocks in me, identified curses, dark energy, trauma. When he removed all the things, that hold me back, and stand in the way to my highest good, I could clearly feel the energy leaving my body. The energy Chris is working with is very, very powerful. (I had experience with other energy healers. And Chris is joining them on a very high rank!)

    My whole life turned upside-down, inside-out within 2 to 3 months & so far 3 sessions with Chris. I am unbelievable grateful to him (and myself for choosing his service;-) ) It all started when I couldn’t function anymore. After 7 years living down-under I came back to Germany. Depression hit me, psychosomatic symptoms, I had no idea anymore what to do, etc. All sessions I had with Chris were after shamanic ceremonies. These have shown me a lot, but I couldn’t make the shift myself. Now I am back to my old spirit, full of joy, enthusiasm, most importantly back in charge of my life, and connected to myself. Every session is different, and absolutely the right on at that particular time. I am looking forward to keep on working on myself with his help.

    Chris, thank you! I love you. I love myself again, and love my own path. I love all the contrast I had to experience over the life times! Thank you for unearthing, for the clarity, for restoring faith, for your compassion, and understanding, for your gifts, for the light you shine, for simply being you.. So many words, but to be honest, they can’t really describe what I feel.

    May you have a blessed life, beautiful soul!

  36. Paula


    I’m not sure I will ever truly be able to translate into words the immensely transformational effect you have had on my life. You came into my life at a time when it seemed everything was falling apart. I’d dropped out of university, been jilted on my anniversary and left to figure out how to be a single mother to my 10 month old baby, and my mother was practically kicking me out of the door. So there I was on welfare, seemingly broken, wondering where I’d gone so wrong to end up in this seemingly endless mess. Then in came you. You beautiful divine soul. You took the pieces of my soul and healed them piece by piece, working through past lives, health conditions, sexual blocks, trauma, and all the pain of my life on every level. Your openness with me allowed me to open up to you and release those long held beliefs, blocks and hidden damages that were preventing me from freedom. You helped me to find self-love, to heal the relationship with my daughter, to release sexual trauma and find love and adventure in the world. Through your guidance I have grown, loved, learnt, expanded and become free. I am uncovering my life purpose, free from the chains of serial procrastination, self doubt, and sheer disempowerment that have held me captive for many many lifetimes, and now that I finally emerge I am free. I am empowered. I will now be able to live. To love. To help. All of which are gifts with compensation beyond monetary value and so my heart will be eternally grateful to you for the profound effect you have had on my life. I love you and everything you have done for me, and for humanity as a whole. Thank you, you wonderful being of light, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  37. Toni

    I have had two past life healing sessions so far with Chris. He is a great healer and very kind in helping me get affordable sessions. I am sure I have more work to do with him, in our sessions we unravel my past lives, pulling out the many negative implants that have been destroying my soul, healing my current self. He is helping me to love myself again and with Chris’s help I now understand why the patterns Occur and I can see a lift at the end of the tunnel. I will be back to finish my sessions soon with Chris. My aim is to be a healer and help others as Chris has helped me.

  38. Kathy Sanderson

    Hi Chris,
    I met Chris when he offered a healing. I was immediately amazed at how much he knew about things that had happened in my past and he still continues to surprise me. Things I had buried deep down away. Working with Chris has enabled me to free the old me. The one who could have fun. I now am the first to jump in the swimming pool with my kids and play on the inflatables rather than saying I was too tired. I have unlocked my healing abilities and now can heal with light language as well as trained in ThetaHealing. The work with Chris has removed so many blocks to this path. I am a spiritually lighter person now. I am now on my path I chose before taking my body and for this I thank you greatly Chris

  39. Joanie

    The Light Language workshop facilitated by Chris & Fiona that I attended was simply phenomenal! There was a prerequisite group healing session which was my first in a group setting and I could feel us supporting each other’s healing throughout. Chris has the ability to hone in on core issues that need healing, and the healing modalities he uses has rapid results.

    The Light Language workshop itself offered many meditations, exercises and activations that I found truly helpful. I was able to connect with my Galactic Families quickly, easily, and without much effort. It was like an internet connection running through a fiber optic cable. Although I had previously spoken Light Language at random and intermittent times, this workshop gave me the clarity and confidence to speak it more fluently and to incorporate it in my healing practice and personal ascension journey. Would recommend many times over. Thanks, Chris & Fiona!

  40. David sanderson

    Hi, I’ve had such an mazing time with Chris. Through the Creator he has enabled me to walk a path of life that I had previously not imagined. I will continue on a righteous path through my life.

    Chris has a gift, if you work with him you will be amazed at how in tune with the works he is.

    On my 1st session with him, he released a heart lock that I had had since I was a young boy. After that day I found my self smiling ( for no reason), laughing more than usual and loving! Not to say that I didn’t love certain people befor but I loved strangers. Not in a get married love or brother/ sister love but in a I trust you love ( if that makes sense?!? )

    I’ve now began to believe that creator is guiding me through life and that I can trust that he will guide me to where he wants me to be.

    Befor I had a session with Chris, my wife had began her sessions with him. At 1st I thought that what I was hearing from her sounded rediculous, although I have always believed in a higher guiding power. I even began to think that she was being scammed over the internet. How wrong was i👻, after my 1st session I knew that Chris Parr really was a brilliant man.

    Thank you for helping me on the path. My journey will be blessed.

  41. Justin Hills

    Transformational is the word i use to communicate my sessions with Chris.

    I have been curious about past life regressions for many years but never really felt ready. When i was recently feeling ready i was introduced to Chris. Our sessions were over Skype and incredible powerful. Each session itself was very unique. Some of the directions we went in the sessions resulted in us identifying old wounds that took me by surprise, others were more obvious to me. Either way the impact was profound and in many cases immediate.

    I feel different, like something is missing, but not something i will miss. I have a deeper understanding of some deep, core, wounds i have been holding on too. We cleared those wounds and through that process it helped me recognize patterns in myself where i feel like i hold myself back. I potentially restrict myself. I wanted to get that out of me, for good.

    I won’t lie, healing like this can be really tough. It is about showing up, following through, committing to the process, being open to process and nonjudgmental. It can be scary, very emotional and sometimes very hard to look inward, and analyze.

    I feel incredible for it. And i am positive there is more work to do.

    Thanks Chris! I truly appreciate all the support. See you again soon.

    -Justin Hills

  42. Jacklin Atencio

    I have had a few sessions with Chris, one building off of the other. I’m so grateful that there is a person and a process out there that can help me with energies that traditional avenues are unable to help with.

    In each session we addressed issues and released energies that have been running in the background of my life my entire life. I seemed to be stuck in repeat mode and not able to move beyond my current circumstances. My sessions with Chris brought to the surface areas hardest for me to see and address while at the same time dissolving them. My relief was immediate and I am now optimistic and look forward to my future knowing that no matter what the future holds I am now better prepared to deal with events with greater love and understanding hopefully helping me to clearly make the choices that will support joy and happiness, emotions that have been nonexistent in my life for a very long time.

    Thank you Chris, from the bottom of my heart. – Jackie

  43. Nick

    I would sincerely like to Thank Chris for truly opening my eyes to self discovery. After my sessions I can honestly say that I feel awakened, which is something I was quite sceptical about when my partner first introduced me to it. My life has improved tenfold and opportunities, as well as my personal growth has drastically improved. Thank you Chris for showing me the light. Most appreciated.

  44. Natalie Aguilera

    I’d like to thank Chris for his wonderful work as a healer, the sessions I’ve had with him had been amazing and truly empowering, they have exceeded all expectations and have helped me transform my life in very positive ways. It’s been a wonderful experience! His unique style incorporates various healing techniques that get to the root of the issues and and bring deep healing at all levels. I feel very happy and immensely grateful.


  45. Amanda

    I have had 5 sessions with Chris and what he has done was phenomenal! He is one of the best energy healers I know. Chris really gets down to the root of the causes of any issues and can truly help guide you to healing fully. He even addressed some of my issues that I wasn’t consciously aware of before and now that it has been healed I can really feel I’m heading towards my greater self! I am so blessed to have met Chris! I highly recommend energy healing for everyone as we all need some kind of healing, you may only need one session or a few, your time and investment is worth it! Thanks Chris you are amazing!
    Peace, blessing and much love!

    Amanda 🙂

  46. Rachel Gascoine

    After watching and connecting through Chris’s FB page and videos, I knew he was the healing guide for me, when the time came.
    I had 3 sessions with Chris that were spot on every time!
    Chris has this amazing ability to get straight to the core of a block without it being confronting.
    In my eyes and experience Chris’s gift is “his way” to gently and lovingly guide you to self discovery and release, whilst holding a space of love and support.
    It was an absolute joy working with Chris and he has helped me to release blocks for my healing business to go forward and I’m seeing the positive results weekly now.
    I would highly recommend Chris. He keeps it real, he is pure in heart & from the light.
    In love & gratitude,
    Rachel Gascoine
    Natural Ha’i

  47. Ker

    100 percent works! I am a completely different person now. I have so much resentment in my past always feeling tired but after several session with Chris I felt better ! Cried for hrs because I finally let go of all the resentment in my past and forgive those people who hurt me. Thanks Chris u are so much blessing in my life 😊

  48. Tanya

    Hello! I would just like to say that I feel amazing after my very first healing session with Chris. I am looking forward to my next session. I am so greatful for this blessing . I knew my session was going to be life changing , but this exceeded everything I thought. Chris , you are a very gifted healer and I know that I have been blessed with God working though you. Love and many blessings to you!

    1. Nikkia

      I couldn’t appreciate more the work that Chris has been doing with me because my life has been improving so rapidly every week, I was so lost and in such a dark place but all of my past hurts are being peeled back away to reveal the REAL ME

      All of the lies I believed for so long are shifting away and yes it’s a hard journey because it is the real deal, this is it, I’m shifting, I’m ascending, and Chris is helping me release what I’ve been holding for so long to reveal a shiny new me who I see glimpses of and I LOVE HER I love me!!! And I have never been able to say that in the past and mean it!!!
      Thankyou thankyou thankyou I am so looking forward to delving deeper and releasing more of my demons, and I am so grateful to have the privelidge of being healed by, a powerful in mind heart and spirit mentor who I feel blessed to be receiving such support guidance and healing from

      Would highly recommend

  49. Liz Ndegwa

    I had never heard of DNA activation before. My friends being much more advanced in all things spiritual, spoke about their sessions with Chris all the time and with such fondness…there was an unspoken you must do this too!. I remember comments like… “I’m feeling taller” ” I feel so light” “it’s like i’m a whole new person” I wanted to feel all those things… but I was afraid. Was it a Godly process? I finally succumbed to the pressure…lol gathered my courage and booked for my first session. The first question naturally was, is this godly. Thinking about it now I laugh… My first session was amazing. I remember going to bed and hearing myself for the first time. All the noise and the chaos in my mind was gone. I continued to take more sessions, and the person I am today is not the one who asked that night… Is it Godly? It is the most godly thing I have done for myself. I feel great and such a big disconnect from the person I thought I was…and that’s a very good thing. I am very grateful for this process and for my friends who found Chris. To Chris, Thank for being there for such a time as this. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used and for sharing your gift with us. Love and blessings on this Godly journey.

  50. Barb

    Well having been diagnosed with an allergy to chocolate at least 15 years ago or more, Chrise used his special gifts to remove this allergy. Before if I had any form of chocolate, my throat wouldd close up immediately. The other night I had a tsp. of ice cream with chocolate cookies in it – ZERO RESPONSE. Confirmation that I am now free of the allergy. Thank you Chris.

  51. Wanjiku

    I have had several sessions with Chris, and I must say that after each one, I have grown—as a person, in my career, even my confidence has soared. I can honestly say that my life has/is transformed. Also it’s the way I have felt after every healing, very light, as if my burdens have suddenly been lifted up, and now I know its because they have. Its helps greatly that Chris is very kind, with a great sense of humor, so during the healing sessions there is laughter too. Which makes it easy for me to ask questions, to relax and allow. I recommend anyone who wants healing to try Chris. Thank you Chris!

  52. Myriam Laroche

    Hello Chris,
    I would like to thank you, for your help. You are a very Talented Healer.
    You were very helpful in your through explanation of the things I was experiencing.
    And, I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

    Many Blessings to You & Yours!

  53. Arisai Maldonado

    I am so grateful for having the opportunity to have healing sessions with Chris. By the grace of our Divine Creator he has blessed Chris with an amazing gift to heal. After each session, I feel empowered, joyful and clean. Very happy with my progression.

  54. sexyker

    I would like to thank you for a powerful healing Reiki in my tonsillitis. At first I was skeptical because as a health care worker I thought I only need medication to relieve the pain until I experienced your healing abilities through Reiki. You are an awesome and amazing healer. Thank you so much for your existence. This world need u so much. I’m so happy our path across. Much love

  55. Cameron Coelho

    Hey Chris!

    I had posted this on your Facebook timeline on June 12 at 2:40pm and as the lau8nch of your website is completed and you have requested any testimonies to your passionate healing gifts, I now share this message freely to those who view your website. I joyously post this message on your channels consciously and with intention that those who see this may know that I post this with love as my appreciation for you and your work in which you have complete mastery and passion in doing. By the way, everyone, I sent Chris this message the next evening after we had our first session together:

    “Chris… OMG, OMG, OMG. Starting from before I woke up, all day, now, & ongoing throughout, this day has been the best day EVER! Before I woke up and what woke me up was ejaculation. Talk about starting the day off right! LOL!!! Then, I drove my mom into work, so I had a car to myself all day. While I did, I was able to sell my entire Star Wars action figure collection in one day. This has been a 1-thing-after-another kind of task that kept getting pushed to the bottom of the daily to do list for more than 5 years. One day; done. I also had a chance to stop at a local farm stand and get at least 5 pounds of fruits and vegetables for less than $30. This amazed me again and again all day: throughout the entire day, almost all traffic lights I approached were either already green, turned green as I was getting closer, or I waited less than 20 seconds on any red lights. That was simply amazing. Other than all that, the entire day has flowed effortlessly like a waterfall. Just “Thank you” seems too crude to truly appreciate what you’ve done in helping to clear out of me, so I will say it this way: I love you so much that if you were in front of me I would give you the best bear hug you could imagine that you would be asking me to let go! grin emoticon Thank You… So much, my Dear Brother. You are a Living Miracle. I am so happy!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ^.^ c:”

    Love, Light, and Blessings to all of You!

    Semper Amare,
    Cameron Anthony Coelho

  56. Kaz Johnson

    Hey Chris <3
    Something really cool happened to me at 3.33am….I had a visitation from an ex boy friend who scarred me very badly nearly 30yrs ago…
    I haven't thought about him for so long because it would always send me into a blind panic…..so I had to piece together WHY, after I've been awoken @ 3.33 & then fallen back to sleep, I would dream of him coming to me, glimpsing across from a crowded street & walking towards me….with his arms outspread?….I didn't run, instead I dropped the heavy bag I was carrying, opened my arms in return and hugged each other tightly…..I could feel a warm radiating energy open & pass through my chest, filling me……I then realised, he'd come to finally return the Soul Fragments he'd taken from me so many years ago!!! This morning I feel a long forgotten but familiar groundedness in my step, my solar plexus & heart chakra…a home-found peacefulness….
    So I Thankyou for a wonderful session yesterday Chris! You are truly a beautiful gifted Soul, filled with Source Light & Energy….a Powerful Enlightened Being & Healer.
    Unconditional Blue*Light Love & Blessings to you Always my Friend <3×8
    Kaz Johnson
    Temple of Blue*Light OverSoul


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