Light Language


Light Language is a universal language which surpasses any social barriers we have self-imposed, and touches every being in a healing and loving way in accordance with their personal journey. It is a healing language originating from ancient civilizations that is channeled, and it is often accompanied with symbols. It is similar to the chanting aspect of the Karuna® Reiki in that the Light Language practitioner is a conduit for the healing sounds and healing symbols to pass through for the recipient. The symbols have healing energy and we have been asked to call this Lemurian Reiki by the Masters of Light.


The origin of the healing via the Light Language is from the Creator and the intermediaries are Higher Beings which we can term the “Masters of Light”. These Masters comprise council members representing many different civilizations including the Lemurians, Lyrans Ashtians, Sirians, Pleidians, Arcturians, Andromedans and Orions.

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My Light Language story 








For many years, before I started to speak Light Language out loud to others around me, I was consciously aware of my innate ability. I use to chant phrases in the forest or in private, but I used to fear what others would think and if they would judge me. Over time and through my process of deep healing, I started to speak Light Language more fluently. Around November 2014 , I stepped into my power and started to speak Light Language regularly. As a result of this multi- dimensional Language, I started to notice many powerful positive changes occurring within myself and others with whom I gave Light Language healing sessions. The energy shifts which I feel during Light Language sessions are powerful and have an overriding sense of well-being, unconditional love, and empowerment.

During this time, since late 2014, I have channeled vast amounts of information and symbols and many past life memories have surfaced of my time as a teacher, teaching these same symbols to millions of others. As you read this, know that you are not alone in seeking this Light Language, and when you hear the energy that pours forth from the Light Language activations, if you are ready, you will feel your vibration rising.

Here is a Light Language Symbol Called: ZUELLE


ZUELLE : converts electromagnetic frequencies or  sound waves into healing energy.
ZUELLE goes into each chakra,  aura bodies,  DNA,  RNA,  cells,  meridians and into your entire
body systems.  ZUELLE breaks down,  filters and converts sound vibrations (noises)  into healing
  hertz for your entire  bodies systems.  These specific hertz frequency’s heal,  restore,
  rebalance and  upgrade specific parts of our emotional,  mental,  spiritual,  and physical bodies.
If there is a Harley driving down by you or a baby starts crying near you, ZUELLE will convert the
sound coming from the Harley and the baby into usable healing sound energy.  Say you need
hertz of 390 Hz (to liberate fear) from your root chakra but the hertz around you is 741 Hz
(expression of truth) from throat chakra,  well ZUELLE will covert the 741 Hz into 390 Hz so you
can liberate your fear from your root chakra.
ALL the planets, trees,  rocks,  plants,  animals,  stars,  galaxies,  universes,  and even our own
planet give off hertz waves and with ZUELLE it will allow you to incorporate these
electromagnetic frequencies into healing energy for specific areas of your being.
I like to go under a tree and meditate and ask the tree to admit a healing sound vibration that
would best serve me and at the same time I run ZUELLE.
If you would like to be downloaded with the Lemurian light language symbol then just say yes
and now be open to recceive.  And so it is.

Please come to your session well -hydrated and ready to make positive changes in your life!

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