BluePrint, DNA, Oracle, Aura, Chakra, & Crystal Work

Blue Print Activation:

Your blue print carries your divine gifts, life’s purpose and soul’s mission for this lifetime
here on earth. This activation involves, Forensic Healing, Sacred Activations alongside a wide variety of powerful Light Language symbols so we can remove deep hidden blocks that are preventing you from downloading and re-awakening your divine blue print. Sessions are approximately 60 to 90 minutes long each and full activation may require multiple sessions depending on how many blocks you have.

DNA Light Language Activation with Symbols:

This powerful Light Language activation will repair, restore and rebalance your DNA. We will activate your youth and vitality chromosome, activate your 12 strands of DNA, re-awaken your dormant DNA, carry out gene replacement and run an age reversal using 24 or more symbols and a specific symbol just for your DNA frequency/vibration. We will also remove all harmful environment toxins, repair vaccine damage, remove harmful bacteria, remove all possessions in the DNA, balance your nutritional levels and run an overall balancing in all areas of your DNA structure. This Activation includes Forensic healing to remove blocks that are preventing you from re-activating your 12 strands of DNA. Sessions are approximately 60 to 90 minutes long each and full activation may require multiple sessions depending on how many blocks you have.

Oracle Card Reading:

During this three card channelled reading, we will address your current situation, channel messages from your higher self, spirit guides, angels and other multidimensional guides, assess the actions you are required to take and the out-comes. Sessions are approximately 30 minutes long.

Here is a sample card reading

Aura Cleansing, Restoring, Repairing, Rejuvenating Activation:

There is an energy, a unique energy, for that which is you and this is your Etheric body.

This Etheric body creates its own energy field and expands outward and forms its own aura. This aura consists of light body elements such as the Etheric body, the Emotional body, Mental body, Astral body, Etheric Template, Celestial body and Ketheric template. This aura which consists of all these layers of energy makes up you, the physical dense you. Think of an oyster or claim which can form a pearl. The shell is the Aura and the physical pearl is the physical you.

During a healing session, we will scan all layers of your aura, look for tears, holes, cracks, etc., We will find what is causing the tear, crack, hole, etc. ,In your aura,  get to the root cause, heal this area, and then renew, restore and replenish your life force energy field back to its original vitality .We will also look for energy drainages such as  psychic vampires, negative alien agenda, hooks, etc., that may be draining your energy through your aura.

Sessions are approximately 30 – 45 minutes long.

Chakra Balancing, Clearing and Activation:

During a chakra balancing , Clearing and Activation We will be addressing all of the 12 main chakras, and all 196 chakras on and around your body. See detailed explanation below.

The seven main  chakras in the body  are called the spiritual chakras.

Let’s Talk in depth about the chakras

These chakras start on the back of the body and protruded outward spinning clockwise, counterclockwise, in and out simultaneously. These chakras are dense to condensed but reach out Grandly.

There is 7 chakras in the body and five chakras on the outside of the body, 1below and four above. These 12 chakras are in tuned to the 12 tones. There is also, 4 systems to the 7 main chakras in your body. Upper body system, upper limbs system, lower limb system and the whole body system. This Creates 28 chakras in the body. There is also 7 layers to each chakra within the body 7 x 7 equals 49 and 49 x 4 systems equals 196. This Creates 196 chakras in the body. Below I have just explained the 4 systems for now.

  1. Earth star chakra -connected to mother earth
  2. Root Chakra
  3. Sacral Chakra
  4. Solar plexus Chakra
  5. Heart Chakra
  6. Throat Chakra
  7. Sixth sense
  8. Crown Chakra/Third eye
  9. Soul Star Chakra
  10. Stellar Gate Way Chakra
  11. Universal/Cosmic Gate Way Chakra
  12. Divine Gate Way Chakra


1. ROOT CHAKRA, located in the cocycx tailbone region of the body, Color is red.

2. SACRAL CHAKRA, located in lower abdominal, below the belly button, Color is orange.

3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, located in the solar plexus region above belly button below the rib cage, Color is Yellow.

4. HEART CHAKRA, located in the center of chest region, Color is green.

5. THROAT CHAKRA, located in the throat region, Color is blue.

6. SIXTH SENSE CHAKRA, located in the midbrain,
Color is Indigo, purple, blue, red majestic color.

7. CROWN CHAKRA, located on top of the head under soft spot, Color is Violet.

For example,

1. Your hands and tailbone are the first red chakra.

2. Your Wrist, and naval area are the second orange chakra.

3. Your Forearms and Solar plexus are the 3rd Chakras,

4. Your Elbow and Heart are all the 4th Chakra.

5. Your Shoulders and Throat Chakra are the 5th chakras.

6.Now Your 6th chakra, the sixth sense is located in the midbrain below hypothalamus gland. not located in any other area of the body.

7. Your 7th chakra, crown chakra are just located in the top of the head, not in any other area of the body.

Just the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th are located in the Arms and Legs and join at the throat and then 6th and 7″ the Chakra go from neck up.


1.Your Feet and tailbone are the first red chakra.

2.Your Ankles and naval area are the second orange chakra.

3.Your Calves and Solar plexus are the 3rd Chakras.

4.Your knees and Heart are all the 4th Chakra.

5.Your Pelvis and Throat Chakra are the 5th chakras.

6.Now Your 6th chakra, the Six sense located in the midbrain below hypothalamus gland. Not located in any other area of the body.

7. Your 7th chakra, crown chakra are just located in the top of the head, not in any other area of the body.

Just the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th are located in the Arms and Legs and join at the throat and then 6th and 7″ the Chakra go from neck up.


Let’s break the body up and show you.

1. Now, Your feet and Ankles are the first chakras.

2.Your second chakra is below the knee.

3.Your third chakra is knee to thigh.

4.Your fourth chakra is in the pelvic girdle the division between upper body and lower body.

5.Your fifth chakra being the whole upper abdominal chest region of the neck.

6.Your sixth is the mid brain forehead and seventh is the crown.


1.THE FIRST CHAKRA, by the tailbone, coccyx region. This chakra is red, a ball or sphere of red. This chakra is associated with fear of death, multidimensional self, surrendering, fears, addictions, neglected, setting boundaries, unworthiness, guilt, darkness,
All maters and means of Security whether it is Etheric, mental, emotional, physical bodies, etc. Fear the rug will be pulled out from under us. Afraid you will fail and fall flat on your face.

Have you ever heard the expression, Putt your best foot forward or you will not be able to reach what you are going for or is my grasp secure, or you can not quite put your hand or finger on it or you will not be able to hold on to what you have for you may have a fear of losing it. These are all root chakra, a matter of security. This is fears, unworthiness, lack, not good enough, etc. To put your best foot forward or put your hand on it, or how is my footing. Root chakra in hands, feet and coccyx bone. Security and feeling worthy. Am I secure and safe to put my best foot forward? Now your feet, hands, and coccyx are all about putting your best foot forward or putting your hands on it with security, safety worthiness.

Now if you have hemrouds or colon problems, athletes foot or sprained foot, or hand pain and arthritis, you probably have issues of security, issues of safety, issues of worthiness.

2.THE SECOND CHAKRA is located in ovaries region and around the belly button for men. This Sacral chakra is also located in Wrists and ankles. This chakra is orange. This chakra is associated with Creativity, Manifestation, Fear of new, change, Abundance, Connection, Self Hatred, Money problems, Flow of energy, Sexual energy, lack of Pleasure, etc.

This chakra is to do with the pleasure of life. Anything to do with pleasure is associated with this chakra, not just sexual pleasure but all types of pleasure to reading, writing, walking, creating, vacations, going to the movies, etc., are all associated with this pleasure chakra. Ankles, wrist, and naval area, all have to do with pleasure.

Now we can feel guilty or shameful around pleasure and if so we block this chakra and in turn create problems in our life. When we lack sweetness and pleasure in our life we can develop a combination of problems. When we feel guilty about taking a vacation or doing something nice for our self or someone we develop problems. We may even reach a point that no matter what we are doing whether having dinner, going to the movies, taking a walk In the park, etc., just did not bring us any pleasure. No matter what we do it is just not pleasurable anymore. We also will do whatever we can to protect our selves from PLEASURE.

Some problems we develop when we block pleasure is, Fatty Ankles, Sprained Ankles, Sprained Wrists, Tendonitis, Akeles tendon, etc. Basically everything to do with pleasure, whether reading, writing, sex, going out for dinner, vacation, movies, etc., is all to do with the sacral chakra and if we block this chakra we will lack pleasure in all areas of our lives and in turn develop problems in and on one or multiple areas of our body around ankles and wrists were the sacral chakra is located.

3.THE THIRD CHAKRA is located in the solar plexus region. This chakra is a brilliant Yellow color of light, Above the belly button. I see this chakra larger than the rest of the other chakras, maybe around like 8 inches in length whereas the other chakras are smaller in size. This chakra is associated with your Forearm, calves, a portion of the knee to hip, and solar plexus. This Chakra is Associated with your Personal Power, Self Identity, Self Esteem, Honesty, Wisdom, Blaming, Control, Manipulation, Co-Creating, Dominion, etc.

When we attempt to control situations, people and places to feel safe and secure, such as avoiding humiliation, avoiding rejection, never wanting to admit your wrong, always wanting to be right, narcissists, terrible two and no one understands me teenage behavior, etc., we are manipulating not co-creating. This type of manipulative control will only hinder, block, and slow down your personal soul power and block your, passion, creativity, and imagination which is the way to rise to soul power. This 3rd chakra is associated with Your calves, Forearms and Solar plexus.Problems associated with this area are Shin Splints, Keep hitting your shin, Rash on the forearm or calve, Sprains etc.

Now the more we break free from manipulative control, basically old ego mind games and teenage behaviours (no one understands me), and in turn claim our own dominion as co-creators with the shining ones, built on trust, vulnerability as a strength, visions, imagination with wisdom, Dignity, etc., is when we will rise. Blessings

4.THE FOURTH CHAKRA is located in the heart center in the center of the chest. Near Thymus Gland. This chakra is also, located in the knees, elbow, pelvic griddle and center of the chest. The color of this chakra is green. Just focus on the chest area, in the center of the chest and you can not miss this chakra. This chakra is Associated with Love, Balance, Openness, Loneliness, Defensive, Gratitude, etc. From the love of an infant, to life, to Creator, to all that is, etc., comes from the fourth chakra.

Any Problems with love give these symptoms on the body associated with heart chakra are tennis elbow, arthritis conditions in elbows, sprained knees and elbows, Frozen Hips, impotency, Heart Attack, Heart failures, etc.

Now, the heart chakra is also in the pelvic griddle, now for some, they get this confused with love and love and pleasure. When two people make love, one may say I did not receive enough love and the other will say we just made love.
What’s going on here, One is focussed on the heart chakra only in the pelvic griddle with the sacral chakra sexual energy in the abdominal , whereas the other would like to expand into all the heart chakras, knees, elbows, pelvic griddle and chest for a deeper full body, mind, spirit, soul tantric lovemaking. I’m not trying to stereotype here, but most men but not all just use the pelvic griddle heart chakra and sacral chakra when having sex, or making love, if they know what that really is and feel and say we just made love. But in actuality, you did not make deep soul heart love. If men always do this, this will not create romantic love. Now if a man uses all heart chakra locations, knees, elbows, pelvic griddle and chest you will fill your women’s emotional bank needs and have a soul to soul tantric fire love.
I use to do this, let my tool in my pants, with my self-centered ego mindset, do all the lovemaking for me, yep this did not work for me. Now time for a change in perspective, time to change the concept of pleasure and love, and that is to use all your heart chakra love locations, and by doing this, you will engage in a deeper soul, heart, body, mind, lovemaking. You will fill your wife’s emotional bank when you connect to all heart chakras instead of just the one in your man parts. Time for awareness. It is not all about what’s in your pants, that is only a small part of it.

Now when two people first start having sex they will just use sacral chakra, but over time they awaken the heart chakra in the pelvic griddle, which creates a deeper lovemaking. This is where some get confused, we did make love, we just had sex, I felt love. You probably just activated the heart chakra with sacral chakra in the pelvic and abdominal region, not heart chakra in the chest. Open up now and activate all heart chakras, and you will experience a deeper love.

Also, in this area be aware of things you may say you love but actually you like. For example, I just love this cake. You may like the cake but I’m not sure if you truly love the cake. Do you go on dates and grow a deeper love with your cake, go skating, skiing, hiking, swimming, diving, skydiving, have children, marry your cake, etc., together with your cake to develop a deeper love. I think not. You may bring a cake with you, to eat. So you like a cake not love cake. Confusion of pleasure and love here. This goes with lovemaking, confusion with love and pleasure.
So be it

5.The FIFTH CHAKRA is located in the throat region. This Chakra is Associated with the thyroid and larynx region. This chakra is also located in Your Pelvic girdle, Shoulders and Throat Region. Also located, in Your whole upper abdominal and chest region to the neck.

The color of this Chakra is Radiant blue.

This chakra is Associated with all forms of Communication, Language, Expression of security, even Expression of Control to Manipulative Control, Even love is Expressed through the Fifth chakra, Difficulty or Fear of Speaking your Truth and embodying your truth, Inspiration, being inspired, energy, etc.

When someone says they do not want to speak or is told to be silent and just listen, this person has not only blocked communication but has blocked communication to their security, love, harmony, expression, love, turmoil, peace, sexuality, etc., Basically blocked communicative expression of all emotions.

When this chakra is blocked it means you will not ingest what is said around you, you will also not want to express anything in your life from within to without and you will just want to be done with it all. Example, Why to bother, every time I speak up or let out what’s going on in the side of my self, I’m shut down, no point, no one cares, I don’t matter, no one listens anyway, my voice means nothing, etc. Everything we do to express our self to expressing what we desire or expressing our deep inner pain all comes through our throat chakra.

Every form of expressing our selves is through the throat chakra. When someone is fully expressing themselves, maybe in a rally, speaking up for one’s self, teaching, coaching, painting, drawing, public speaking, tantric love, etc. , this person’s throat or fifth chakras spin and grow and usually the person who freely feels comfortable in expressing them self, whether through teaching, writing, reading out loud, etc., all fifth chakras lite up and this person’s Aura goes blue.

Now, The throat Chakra is also in the pelvic griddle, pelvic region, just like how the heart chakra is in the pelvic region and also the SACRAL and Root Chakra are in the pelvic and abdominal region.
Therefore this chakra region is responsible for expression, love creativity, sexual, power.
We can also, have a miss communication around the expression of love. A lot of us, but not all of us express our selves through sex, maybe just sex is your way to express your love, make love and share your love. A lot of people but not all do this, live and are guided by the sexual region of their body, the second chakra, SACRAL chakra. This area can be a highly addictive area if one stays in this area and functions their whole life from the sex organ region. It seems all they can talk and feel about is sex. When we are stuck here we think and feel the only way to communicate, bond, share love, share pleasure, etc., is through sexual relations. Most people are stuck here, but not all. Guided by the heart chakra, throat chakra, and SACRAL chakra all in the abdominal region, guided by sexual pleasure.

Also, when you have been sitting in a gathering, listening for a while, then your friend or family member asks you to speak, you clear your throat, this is a sign of being uncomfortable in expressing and/ or getting ready to express one’s self.

All forms of expressing one’s self-come through throat chakra regions, from sexual pleasure to pleasures, to love, to your soul truth, etc., all come through throat chakras.

6.The sixth chakra (sixth sense) is located in the brain and is associated with the pituitary gland, a pea-sized endocrine gland, which governs hormones, regulates and maintains the bodies functions, ex (growth hormone (GH), prolactin (PRL), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).
Some say but not all, say this chakra is on the forehead but in actuality, this chakra is in the midbrain below hypothalamus gland. This Chakra is Indigo in color, purple, blue, red majestic color. This chakra is Associated with Life Lessons, Soul Development, Spiritual guidance, Creative Thinking, Telepathy, Understanding, intuitive center, sixth sense, psychic awareness, your psychic antenna, intuitive connection to God, your internal vision, etc.
However, this 6th chakra is not your third eye chakra that everyone says it is, the 6th chakra is your inner intuitive center and psychic cente, but it is in Your seventh chakra that you activate the third eye, the doorway to your spirituality, the all-seeing eye, the seat of the soul, the door way home etc, You see light enters your retina then travels down the optic nerve to your pineal gland, not directly but indirectly, to the seventh chakra, pineal gland.
Now, For The third eye or all-seeing eye to function both sixth and seventh chakra connect, vibrate together and then optic nerve on the pineal gland (which transfers visual information to and from eyes to the pineal gland or skin to the pineal gland ), in the seventh chakra region is activated to create third eye visions, all-seeing internal eye, God vision .

7. The seventh chakra is located below the soft spot in the region of the pineal gland.
The seventh chakra is the third eye the place the soul and mind meet up. The captain’s seat of the soul. The temperature of this area is slightly hotter than other areas where chakras are located. This chakra is Violet in light and color.
The Pineal Gland, Gets the name pineal from pine cone shape of the gland. ( The pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin that helps to regulate the human sleep-wake cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm or seasonal cycles).
This is optic nerves that run from vision (eyes) to the pineal gland and from top of head to pineal gland. Scientists now conclude that we can sense if it is day or night out by the nerves that are on the top of our head that connect to our pineal gland, all-seeing eye. These are called biological rhythms or bio rhythms that Influence what you do, cycle rhythms we do throughout our day, ex is circadian rhythm, which lets us know when it is day or night outside. These are nerves in or on top of our head or in our body that connect to the pineal gland, that let us know if it is day or night out. In day time we are usually awake and function better whereas for cats the day night sensor is activated at night,cats function better at night.
This, 7th Chakra is Associated with Connection to the source, Pur knowing, Deals with all God/Goddess of all that is, Divine Awareness, Mastery, Transcendent, Connect to all chakras, unification or separateness, clairvoyance, (the third eye sees the true world—a unified whole with an unyielding connection to God.

I know this sounds different then what we were taught, but the third eye is not just your 6th chakra, it is the pineal gland within the 7 the chakra that is your third eye. Also, it is the combination and connection between the sixth chakra and seventh chakra that creates the all-seeing eye.

This is how I activate my all-seeing eye, I merge the two chakras together 6th and 7th, which. Creates a connection to God, to all that is and gives me vision, sight, knowingness, and imagination to assist all in healing.

Summary, the pineal gland 6th chakra is your intuitive center , psychic center, psychic awareness, sixth sense, connection to creator, not the third eye. The pineal gland is the 7th chakra which is your third eye and this chakra also connects to God/goddess of all that is. Now, to activate your third eye visualize your 6th chakra and 7 chakra merging together to activate third eye optic nerves. Both 6th chakra and and crown 7th chakra connect to the Creator of all that is. So be it

Now we have chakras outside of us ass well. There is the Earth star chakra, around the feet area, to 12 inches below the feet and 4 chakras above our head.

Sessions are approximately 30 to 45 minutes long.

Crystal of your Choice Activated:

During this crystal Activation we will download your crystal with a powerful Lemurian, Sirian and Antarians  Light Language frequency that will best serve you on your ascension journey.Sessions are approximately 15  minutes long