Do You Suffer From Anxiety?

Do You Suffer From Anxiety?

How Do You Process Anxiety?

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How Does Anxiety Impact You?

What Gifts Are You Robbed Of When You Have Anxiety?

How Do You Function When You Have Anxiety?

How do you Process Your Anxiety?

Do you All of a sudden experience a rush of anxiety that can Suffocate you then you can barely function?

Do You Process Anxiety Through Depression, Righteousness, Blame, etc? Are you short-tempered?

Do you find yourself easily impatient?

Do you struggle to sit still?

Are You Worrying And Not Sure What You Are Worrying About?

Do you appear to be zoned out?

Do You Dream about screwing up?

Do You Procrastinate When You Process Anxiety

Do You Have Unprecedented Joy, kindness And Fun When you fill With Anxiety?

Do you have difficulty making eye contact?

Do you struggle to make plans for the future?

Do you want to leave an event earlier?

Do you sweat when you get Anxious?

Do you struggle to leave the house?

Do constantly get shaky and scared?

DO you have difficulty talking to random people or can’t go near people.?

DO you have difficulty starting a new project,

Do You Fight, Flight Or Freeze When Your Entire Being Fills With Your Anxiety?


What Is Anxiety?


Let’s Talk about Anxiety One Of The Most Invasive And Insidious, Entended To Entrap, The Most Elusive Problems That Each And Every One Of You Will Face Many Times Throughout Your Life. Let’s talk and find ways to deal with the suffocating ways of ANXIETY or your Anxiety.


Despite Anxieties intense Frequency, It Is Often Ignored, Denied, Pushed aside, Never looked at, Discredited as not important, Or Buried And Therefore Its Insidiousness, Its Invasiveness And Its Elusiveness Continue to be On Checked.


You see Anxiety is so elusive, it is, very difficult to define anxiety. Anxiety is such a loose term. Anxiety has so many different aspects to it that it becomes one of the most difficult emotions with feelings of tension, worried thoughts, physical changes to define.


Anxiety lacks a detailed concise definition. Most people just dismiss anxiety as a loose term and express or cover it with the least words as possible. It’s just anxiety, nothing to worry about. You see most shy away or from confronting or encountering the mystery of anxiety that anxiety holds. It’s just Anxiety, I can’t deal with this anxiety right now, no time, or I’ll just keep busy or ill just stay depressed because of my anxiety.


Anxiety is so invasive because at first glance it appears to be nothing more than a necessary wrinkle in the hectic fast pace fabric clothing of life. This is considered a necessary product of a technologically advanced driven world.


At the surface, anxiety appears to be no more than just as innocent as any rash but when one looks deeper into Anxiety and truly examines it, anxiety can be very serious and even as deadly as deadly viruses.


Therefore, Anxiety is so insidious because, everyone, each of you analyzing and understanding this feels at varying rates, daily, weekly monthly throughout your year throughout your life and it comes without warning, it comes like a silent fog or mist that all of a sudden anxiety is all around you suffocating you. I can’t breathe, focus or think, or talk. Anxiety seems to grab hold of you and embrace you and shroud you in webbed cloth at times. Then anxiety out of nowhere seems to disappear as it came. I’m not feeling anxiety now.


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