Past Life Readings








One of the gifts I am so blessed to have is the ability to see and know a past life of a person who needs healing.

I put the enquiry into the Universe and the past life shows up clairvoyantly. At this point, healing can be sent into the past to ameliorate my client’s feelings surrounding that event in the past, so that it no longer impacts them negatively in this current life. This creates a powerful energy shift and brings about healing. This positively impacts the health (mental/ physical/ emotional/ spiritual) of the client in the present life, and into the future in very powerful ways.

In addition, if a past life carries important information for a client in their current state, in their current life, it will be revealed to them. I do this is by asking for guidance so that the healing qualities of a past life of a client can be revealed to them via me. Through my connection to the Creator and Higher Beings, a brief “video” shows clairvoyantly. I then share this with my client for their healing and empowerment. It is a very simple thing–remembering a quality or a skill from a past life that can be brought through and implimented in this current life- how empowering!


Remember: only you can truly heal you!

Past Life Reading and Removal of Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional Blocks:  During the past life reading, Creator will take me to a past life and age that needs to be addressed the most. We will bring this Past life to the surface in order to heal it on all levels.  I have witnessed and assisted hundreds of clients with past life blocks. In my experience,  a typical client usually has two or more unresolved past live issues that need healing. By healing your past lives, you will free your self in many positive ways.  Approximately 60 to 90 min long per session.

Contact me for a past life reading and and finally receive closure from on-going illness or trauma that has had no conventional resolution.

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