Don’t You Ever Doubt Your Self

If You Don’t Get It the First Time Then Don’t You Doubt That You Can’t Ever Do It. You Can Do It

What Kind Of Reality Do You Create When You Create Doubt?

You Have A Good Reason To Genetically Carry Doubt. Let Us Look At Why?

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Don’t doubt what you do love what you do with all your mite.

How tight is the self-doubt rope around you? How many layers of self-doubt have you put around you? How much have you encased yourself in self-doubt to protect yourself against anyone who would take advantage of you and try to change you?

How many of those layers, How many of those webbings and How many of those loops of rope come away and be unbound so the butterfly can fly away from self-doubt.

You are bound up in a cacoon, ropes tied around you, layers of them, the caterpillar and the butterfly is the most wondrous analogy of an initiate or a human being in the process of initiation. Because somewhere they have to make that crossing from being the caterpillar to the winged beautiful butterfly. Somewhere something has to happen that the transformation occurs and it is In a cacoon.

You entered a cacoon but the doubt, shame, guilt, fear, unhealthy anger, self-pity, addiction, etc., are the threads as silk and layers. And as long as they sit there in you, they will forbid your evolution. Because doubt inhibits evolution don’t you understand, if you doubt your self you will stay stuck where you are, a caterpillar wanting to fly but can’t for it is cocooned with doubt.

You see Lemurian star seeds consciousness and energy is your jailor and you alone have made it so. You have tripwires that if something doesn’t go right or goes wrong you are ready to throw it all away and bound yourself up again in self-doubt. Every time you have doubted your self you have thrown a tripwire over you and now you have to cut those tripwires.

IF you don’t get it the first time don’t you doubt that you can’t ever do it. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, smile, give yourself a sense of remorse, sorrow, willingness, and positive thinking and feeling. You do it the second time, you push further, with more aggressiveness, more determination, more commitment, more devotion, a deeper love for yourself and others as you learn and grow, and more divine will. Merge your will with God-Goddess will and keep pushing, don’t stop because of failure or fear of failure, or rejection, or humiliation, or because you feel not good enough. Keep going and try a different approach.

If you doubt, then your destiny is to be a mere human body subject to the demons and possessions of this plane, the pain and suffering, trapped in lower emotions, the erosions of time, diseases and sickness of all kinds, hardship and struggle, self-sabotage and self-sacrifice and all kinds of addictions. IF you doubt your self you will only produce misery heartache, pain, lack, failure, not being good enough, low self-worth, a temporary frame from commitment, a scapegoat to avoid responsibility.

If you doubt you are keeping yourself from the kingdom of heaven, you are keeping yourself from being healed and Assisting others with healing, you are keeping yourself from all that you are destined to become, you are keeping yourself from your gifts, Abilities, wisdom, knowledge, attributes, and spiritual powers.
Although, Misery has its path and is a great teacher. When you have enough you will stop doubting yourself

Don’t throw your destiny and purpose and teachings away because you doubt it. You will never be able to throw it away. Do you mean you can’t doubt your destiny and teachings? Yes, you can doubt them but at what cost to you. Keep teaching your teachings even if it may seem no one cares. You are here to be you and who cares what others think.

You can’t escape your destiny. You see Once the brain opens it doesn’t close again. Once you’re awake you can’t go back to sleep. Once a rose opens you can’t close it again.

When you no longer doubt what you are. When you come to terms with that, all the energy that is taken to bind you up, to protect you from your greatness, to protect your health, to protect you from being healed, to protect you from growing strong, to protect you from pain to protect you from change, to protect you, will be released. And that powerful energy will do miracles. You will do miracles. Your body and health can be healed in the blink of an eye. When you no longer doubt what you are.

Chris Parr
Sirian And Lemurian Wisdom And Teachings
Galactic Council Of Light And Love