Why Is Adolescent Shame So Difficult?


What Was Unique In Your Adolescent Years Around Teenage Shame?

Why Is Adolescent Shame So Difficult?

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What is so unique at those adolescents years? , why are those years more than the preverbal shame, child shame or adult-onset shame? Why are those years, so distinct and unique? Then we need to know, what shame does during those years that is, different than previous or subsequent times?

The uniqueness of Adolescent shame at the time?
The profundity ( deep insight; great depth of knowledge or thought) of the shame itself at Adolescent years?
Recognize and Acknowledge the Difficulty of your shame?

– to recognize and acknowledge it’s Self Perpetuating and just to Shameful to Face,
– to recognize and acknowledge not just what you Think but the Way you Think.
-To recognize and acknowledge you Tended to Ignore the Most Significant area of shame of ALL. Whether it was infancy, child or adolescence,
-or the Intensity was just to Frightening just yet with the gut tightening feeling
To recognize and acknowledge any of those examples or your reasons.
-Or your Own Reasons, Independent of those reasons of why shame is genetically intricate and interwoven so tightly together and too complex for you.
-To recognize and acknowledge what was Unique in your Adolescent years the loneliness, the Withdrawl, the hiding, the avoiding, the wanting to run from everything, the feeling of being flawed and defective, not good enough, stupid, the pressure, scared, or how you withdrew from school pressures to drugs and porn to find freedom, how you cheated your way through, only focussed on escape, not growth,

Some of you as we say, you did not have too much Panic of Growing Up but High school was a Nightmare Trauma . At either way of the spectrum.

Some of your high school maybe it was the Trauma of mom, or no dad, or a drunken good for nothing idiot beating stepfather, that affected you because you were just in your teens,
-Maybe some of you were late bloomers 18,19 may be carried on Into the twenties.
-Maybe the Trauma of high school did not HIT you till you went to college when you thought it would be easier but at college more was expective of you and all maybe you know how to do was run to drugs, cocaine-like I did, to deal with the pain.

You need to define for yourself, which combination has twisted and distorted you and is unique to you, a unique setting for you.

Maybe it was the trauma of school or high school or the war of trauma within?

Maybe it was the panic, maybe it was the panic of growing up, to get good grades, or the rush of hormones, the shift in biology and psychology, sex, sexuality and Identity that really messed you up.

For many of you who have discovered your adult years, your sexuality was different from what the consensus tells you what it ought to be. You knew it then, maybe you would not admit it. Some of you didn’t know it then but many of you did, you knew, you preferred women as a man or woman preferred men or men are supposed to want women and women are supposed to want men, you may have denied it and played the wrong role and performed but new maybe it was the panic around this growing up.

Or maybe the wounding itself that was so profound or maybe it was just the fact of accumulation of shame finally showed its ugly face with the potency and causes of the power of the impact which made you want to run shrink and hide when too many problems came up. Maybe shoplifting, sex, drugs were your escape from the panic, the pain and the ghosts of the past.

Maybe it was the absence of a father all through childhood, the beatings, the denial, the heartache of no dad to only get another ass hole stepdad in your teens that went out of control and snapped on you when tension around the house was too much and how they also resorted to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain. Maybe you could not talk to stepdads or your mom so you found refuge in drugs, alcohol and sex.

Maybe the constant fighting with mom. Over how she fucked you up. Or how she was stupid for not understanding. Maybe how she stood up in court and told the judge I don’t know what to do with my boy, and you felt abandoned, rejected, belittled, ignored and snap you broke.

the rebelling to show mom she was stupid for all her ass hole stepdads. To show her how much of a fuck-up I am because of how she allows them all to beat me.

Maybe it was the constant grounding for bad so-called behaviour when all you wanted was a listening ear but none were to be found. Only drugs, sex and alcohol.

Maybe the rebelling or the shoplifting for attention with so-called friends or the lack of money at home to feel like you can have nice things too. Maybe to break and enter houses for nice things to feel not poor.

You need to define for yourself, which combination has twisted and distorted you and is unique to you, a unique setting for you.

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