Learn How To Channel

What Channeling will and will not do for you.

Channelling will assist you in making a difference in the world.

Life will become earlier unless you still choose to struggle and have self-pity for yourself.

What reality do you want to choose for yourself?

That does not mean you can learn to do things effortlessly either. Channelling will push you into new areas to expand and Assist your growth.

We will learn together es.

5). Channing with your guides

Opening to Channeling

Steps for channeling with your guides

What Channeling will and will not do for you.

How to achieve a trance stat

How do guides communicate with you?

Attracting your high-level guide

Channeling yourself

Strengthening your channeling

Predictions and the futures

How to look into the future

Channeling for other people.Giving readings to other people

Giving yourself a reading to get personal questions for yourself.Giving readings to other people

That does not mean that everything will come to you either.

You need to do the work and work for your guides. You need to apply yourself.

This does not mean you will gain a greater sense of what you want to create or bring about.

Channelling will not solve all your problems. It will only change you in ways you want to change yourself. You are the one who will make use of your wisdom. When you are channeling you still have to learn your life lessons yourself. They will teach you but you will have to study it too.

Sometimes you may want to be working on something and they will want you to work on something else and that will most likely be the best thing to benefit you now, later on, or to build a more solid foundation.

You will still be responsible for your life.

You have to work and apply like being a soldier for the light.

If you follow the advice from your guides, changes will occur in your emotions and emotional responses, you will not feel any lower emotions for example depression and anxiety, and in turn, you will feel you have ignited a deeper purpose in your life.

The higher-level guides do not take over you.

Channelling is not the end-all or cure-all either. It does fill you with pure light and your body will gradually Come In to balance and harmony. Channelling will give you what you need to learn and apply to be healthy. Channelling will simply accelerate your growth opportunities in your life and lessons. More lessons, more opportunities, more growth. You may have a lesson that is year-long but is crammed into a month, so it can be intense.

They want you to get ready for that leadership position. You must be ready for your soul, spirit and channelling guide to push you in ways you haven’t been pushed before.

You may find that you will be cleaning up old issues that you had in life.

Also, some of the experiences may not be comfortable at first but will better themselves and bring you

greater joy and power in your life.

If you are interested in learning how to channel please contact me for more info.

Chris Parr