Fear Is A Constant Companion And Fear Is An Automatic Response Of Our Humanness



FEARS’ definition of boundaries is, it is a constant companion of failure, let downs, heartache, pain, warnings, threats, excuses, and is also a constant companion of motivated success and negative ambition.
Fear is the universal Planetary wake-up call that is ringing in most but not all of our ears and vibrating at the core of all our beings. This is where we as an individual and as a collective produce change out of necessity, or to produce change out of the pause, or to produce change out of reflection, or to produce change out of the friction, or to produce change from change.
Fears function can twist, alter and distort, fear can destroy, fear can change but also, fear can also expand and grow because fear is very real indeed. You see, Fear exists past the illusions of your reality.Fear is a real energy a real force.
If we abandon our character, our dignity, or love, or integrity and our consciousness we replace it with fear.
Fear’s functions can be negative but also fears functions can be positive as well.
Since fear is real, fear does exist beyond your physical reality and illusion. Why because fear is very real indeed.
Fear’s functions can be contracting and restricting but also on the other side of the pendulum fear can be expanding. Fear’s functions can be negative of course but can be also positive.
The function of fear is an instinctive reaction and response and automatic response of your humanness and instincts.
The limbic system consists of an almond-shaped gland called Amygdala (responsible for fight or flight and processing emotions) in the brain triggers electric magnetic energy, FEAR, the Fear bypasses the thought process, bypasses the word process, bypasses all logical and reason of thinking and instead triggers fear instinctively.
The Limbic brain with its varies ventricles, with its various glands, hypothalamus, mamillary, Hippocampus, Pineal, pituitary, corpus, etc., all response instinctively to fight, flight or freeze.The limbic brain Feeds and reproduces instinctive fear responses. Neurol pathways have been formed, dedicated lines, of a direct line of fear.The very chemistry and electromagnetics create an instinctive response.
That is fears function to bypass everything and instead create a fight, flight or freeze to protect you. This has been ingrained, rewired and built-in fear throughout your lifetimes on planet earth.
When the functions of fear are negative they function as a substitute, as a motivator, as an anesthetic and as manipulation.
Negative fear imprisons and numbs you. Negative fear putrifies into bitterness, resentments and then into an addiction.
Negative fear numbs and disables you and leaves you dysfunctional, all tied up in knots. Negative fear fosters control over you and leaves you powerless. Negative fear impedes you, suffocating you.
The old fears did generate this sense and feeling of separation, with its struggle, with its exhaustion, with its paranoia, with its overprotectiveness, with its avoid this and avoid that, with its jeopardy, with its threat.
These old fears threatened with loss, they threatened with exposure, they threatened with confrontation, threatened with rejection, threatened with judgment, they threatened with punishment, and they threatened your very existence in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way.
Your existence of doing, your existence of having and your existence of possessing. This is what the old fears did
The new fears also yes threaten too, threaten your very existence but they threaten your existence of being and of presence that is beyond what you do, beyond what you have, beyond what you possess, that is in the realm of who and what you really are.
Fear is the thought and the feeling of separation, alone and therefore lonely, forever.It is the thought and feeling single and plural of thoughts and feelings of being separate. If being alone and therefore lonely forever, eternity.
This is the core, this is the seed, the seminal central energy of all fear. This is not the fullness nor the dimension and depth of fear, it is the core of the seed of fear energy.
In order for this core this seed, this seminal energy to truly manifest, to truly become fear two other conditions must be met. That is this thought and feeling of separation and being separate, alone and therefore lonely, alone and lonely forever, must threaten your very existence, and it puts that very existence in jeopardy.
When you feel separate and alone, you will be feeling ostracized, alienated, boycotted, disoriented, confused, misplaced, abandoned, rejected, etc. When you feel lonely, that could create a feeling of depressed, sad, left out, not good enough, unworthy, etc., could be a wide variety of feelings but does not necessarily make you afraid.
Sometimes being alone is a grand and glorious thing called solitude. Those that want to be alone and want to live a life separate from the rhythms, cadence, the beats, the flow of events, rhythmic patterns of consensus, such as your self, magicians, healers, looking for that self-imposed exile will definitely experience that sense of alone not necessarily lonely.
Just that thought and feeling of separate, lonely and alone, generates fear, especially when those very same thoughts and feelings threaten your very existence and put existence in jeopardy.
When you are standing out on a street corner, and you see a thug all dressed up with knives and guns, tattoos, rings, piercings, etc., and he comes at you. You have a certain sense of separateness rising within. Before they walk by me I can be very alone and lonely. My very existence feels threatened and is in jeopardy. That’s fear.
It’s time for Transforming fear into a magical success
The point of readiness and being prepared, the fact that you stand ready will generate new fears.
There are also, several other factors that will generate these new fears.
The first is the phenomena of resonance or the phenomena resonate causation. The old paradigm of causation, the upward causation, or causation or causal theory or The Cartesian philosophy.
Let us take “Newtonian physics newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force” An ex, is a billiard ball colliding type causation that does general these new types of fears.
But resonate causation new paradigm of causation increases its influence as the days and weeks, months and years unfold can generate fears and new kinds of fears.
If you have a resonance of fear you will attract more Fear
Fears that you have been using perhaps even pretending you are not conscious and perhaps convincing your self your not consciously using.
Fears you have been using get Forced to the surface. fears have become your avenue of least resistance over the years and your automatic response of your humanness, instinctive response and survival needs of fight flight or freeze. Resonates will push the old fears to the surface.
You see when your current resonance and frequency, vibration or standing wave of the various components of self that are you. That current resonance has a place and space for your fears. When that resonance rises, when that resonance increases, when it becomes rarer, deeper, more real, those rattles of fear come up the surface to be exposed.
The flatheads, the sharps, the jagged ends, the broken pieces, the half pieces, the little pieces, the hard to reach pieces within, etc., that are not supposed to be in your harmony, tranquillity, inner peace, etc., all of a sudden become irritatingly, annoying and squeaky. As your resonance rises, these that can not be sustained that cannot be suspended by your suppression techniques, these fears that you have been using however secretly or openly. These avenues of least resistance or least effort come to the surface to be faced and cleared out.
It is like the immune system that searches for foreign elements or alien energy. Your immune system finds them, then encapsulates them and then moves them out to the surface.
Resonance like your immune system seeks out finds these pieces of viruses, jagged pieces, of fears and encapsulates them and moves them out the surface to get rid of them.
Fears that you have been using all of a sudden will show up even though they have not been a problem in your resonance. Certain fears, yes and old fears that you have not completely released, been avoiding, that you have done some of the work on, let go of most of, have not fully released, haven’t fully ended, like residue. Gets shaken, vibrated, and gets brought to the surface to be vented, revealed and healed. Some of these that are yet to be finished fears, as a result of resonance, become conscious.
The forms of fear you know and there are many techniques with which to work with.You see the forms of fear you may know too well.
This is what you know, is there will be fears and it is up to you now to face them or run from them.There are fears that are not intended to be ended though but instead intended to move beyond.
You see, there are blockages, entanglements, hooks, etc., that are there to be revealed, released, handled and healed. However, there seem to be those blockages and entanglements that never seem to go away no matter what you do or how much healing you do they are still there. Why is this? because they are not intended to be left, or intended to be disconnected but instead they are intended to be transformed from enemies Into alleys.
Facing your fears is essential now to your growth and development, it is part of your evolution, they are essential to your growth from the you who was to the one who is. To the you who possess to you that is at a state of being and mind.
With certain fears the new fears are not intended to be obliterated or ignored but instead intended to be faced, used and are intended to be a part of your growth, expansion, depth, mix of who you are as a being not by who you are by what you are, or what you do, or have, but defined by a state of being.
These new fears will arise and will emerge partly by what we already suggested as a result of readiness, the result of proximity, that fact that you stand ready.
There are many new entanglements with new names but with new functions, new forms, new reasons, etc.
It is time now for greater awareness and understanding of the fear that is within and around you. It is time For deeper knowing and it is time now to explore deep within you. Let us explore these new types of perpetuating fears with new names, new functions, new reasons, etc. Together
Let us dive into learning new techniques to heal impeding fear that has you stuck in quicksand hiding you in your addictions, short of breath, chest tightness, wanting to fight, freeze or flight from your dreams.
The old forms, the old fears are ending the new forms, the new fears are forming and are meant to move beyond not to be hooked upon. It is time now to learn new techniques that will change your life forever. Are you ready lightworkers?
You have all become so beautiful and powerful experts at working in the past, your past. You have also, mastered these techniques and applied them when needed. The techniques have been your antidote to your ambiguous, not simple but easy and fun to love past.
Your task divine one, way seer and magician of loves embrace are to learn how to work with the ever-changing tides of the future And that means learning how to work with and heal these new entanglements that most but not all are hooked up in and can not see a way out of.
The way to work with the new fears is not the same way you have learned in the past but a new way and techniques bound and born of the past but instead a technique generated and born of the future. Born of Sirian and Lemurian love.
Therefore, you have gathered here beautiful rays of love and we have gathered with you. Let us begin to untangle the past, the future guilt, and fears together as one love. Take your self through a tender trust healing method to heal deep Fears. Let us move beyond these entanglements that have been hooking you up for all years and for some lifetimes now.
You divine one is ready, ready to search for greater depths of love, power, greater heights of success, and happiness. You divine one is ready to accept new levels of depths, truths, achievements, accomplishments, and reality within reality, new dimensions of miracles, forgotten magic, forgotten love, and magic with fantasia dreams and visions. Just look at you, how far you have come you are so ready to embark on this journey, this new journey of beginnings. Let us embark on this journey together.
Fear is nothing fear is a perception, change your Perception and fear goes away. Heal the fear through the principle of God/Goddess in man and woman, that you are enough, the love within comes from the father and mother, and the will of love and you will release the fear.
IF you would like to heal any of your old fears and new fears that are rising to the conscious surface then feel free to contact me.
Peace is a result when one conquers his/ her deepest fears
This is Chris from MERAKILIGHT

Sirian and Lemurian wisdom teachings

Galactic Council of light and love

Agartha Shambhala